Cops Talk Politics and the Lesser of Two Evils

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People always say to avoid politics and religion at the dinner table (or ever lol). So of course Dave and I decide we should wade out into those dangerous waters. Nothing too deep yet but definitely would like to know if such topics would interest those of you who enjoy the podcast! I didn’t vote for what I considered to be the lesser of two evils but Dave did.

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22 thoughts on “Cops Talk Politics and the Lesser of Two Evils

  1. NOTE TO ALL: I truly do understand the difficulty of the "lesser of two evils" viewpoint. But please keep this in mind: Every choice when voting involves the lesser of two evils because we're all imperfect people. Helpful hints when choosing to vote for a candidate include…

    1. Finding out where and when they went to college, when applicable. Especially now, it will tell you how radicalized that candidate might be, though the suggestions below will help you get a more complete picture.
    2. Looking at their voting record, when applicable (Obama voted "present" nearly all the time. That should've told us something.)
    3. Researching who they've surrounded themselves with over the years. Those people's views tell you what's shaped the candidates' views. (Another Obama example is that he sat under Jeremiah Wright's teaching, which means that he heard racist, America-hating comments over and over again. And that ultimately seeps into the heart, influencing decisions he made in office and even decisions he makes today. Although Obama severed ties with Wright's church, the teaching he sat under for years impacted him, no doubt. That's just how it works.)
    3. Looking at all organizations the candidate is or has been affiliated with, whether for-profit or nonprofit

    It takes time and effort, but please make an educated decision by doing your own research. Otherwise, please don't vote. We need an informed electorate, not a dumb one. It's part of why our country is in this mess right now. 😕 Vote, but vote wisely. ❤🇺🇸

  2. Any human being can be "really smart" when they're laser focused on their desires. Trump is 100% focused on his image and self serving agenda and he's willing to lie, cheat, deceive and sell his sole for it. The deceptions he sold his supporters are unfathomable, including being a self made billionaire and a successful business man. I would call him a world class opportunist and con artists.

  3. I wish ol' Berndog would have made it. My conscience wouldn't let me vote for trump, the man is so up in the air about so many things. But at least with trump, all your bullshit is laid out for you and up front. Like Carlin said "us Americans like our bullshit right up front where we can get a good strong whiff" that being said I don't wish the president bad luck, I want our country to succeed, my values just fell more in line with Bernie this time around. It's a shame that most of his fan base doesn't vote. At least most of the guys and girls I met. "Don't you know your vote doesn't count?" Vote anyway. I like how Mike did a conscious no vote I can't blame him a bit for that, at least he gave good reasons. Not the general vote don't count bs. Love your channel Mike! Love from Dearborn Heights! I turn all my buddies on to your channel, you and your son are a kick ass team, keep up the good content brother!

  4. Hilary is a hypocrite. If any military member did what she did with the emails. They would be instantly discharged with bad conduct or less than honorable conditions, maybe even prison.

  5. The biggest issue I see is the fact that we have 17 moderate sized parties and dozens of minor parties.

    The problem we have is Media and such only like focusing on the 2 largest and don't want people to know there are more than 2 parties unless they absolutely have to and then they try and tear them down by any means.

    And this is a World Wide issue.

    Oddly if you look a lot of the parties support cops more. Even proper Libertarians support the good cops. Even if we would sooner make them privatized instead of state ran.

    But really that would most likely make the police better funded and equipped while eliminating the main issue people have.

    What would you guys say to maybe working to make another party that actually forms from the Libertarian Ideals but with Classical Liberalism tempering it?

  6. Does anybody know these guysl stance on drug legalization? When they brought it up I couldn't tell if it was a dismissal as in "obviously wwe're proolegalizatio", or a dismissal as in "that nutty idea". I'd be interested in knowing. Or if you could point me too a video where they discuss the issue more indepth. I just recently discovered this channel.

  7. So I haven’t watched the whole video but Mike said he doesn’t believe in the lesser of two evils concept I agree a conscious no vote is SO much better than a vote conceding to one of those evils. I love that response good job 👍. And you participated in local and state government

  8. When it comes to politics, I choose who I vote for by a simple standard, wich party or candidate will push democracy forward. That is it. We as a species have been on this planet for 200 000 years but we have only had Political Democray for some decades. Then there is social and economical democracy to add to that. We as a species haven´t even begun to understand the concept of democracy. Having a good balance between political, economical and social democray might very well be out of our species League. As a voter, if you want a balance between these Three types, you can´t vote purely on imediate self interest. You need to Think about what is better in the long run.

  9. Hi Mike, just took my first police test. I was somewhat suprised to find that most of the questions were personality/behavior related. Do you know how these questions are generally scored, and if there is a right/wrong answer? Thanks from NY

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