Cops keep making unjustified arrests, but these victims are fighting back…and winning!

Taya Graham and Stephen Janis break down some recent cases of bad arrests covered by PAR and share with viewers how our reporting has actually lead to progress. We also explore new ways of analyzing policing to explain why it continues to lead to suffering and bad outcomes in communities across the country.

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Author: phillyfinest369


39 thoughts on “Cops keep making unjustified arrests, but these victims are fighting back…and winning!

  1. shame on you Stephen!
    we have to stop calling 'our government' a friggin DEMOCRACY! 🚨
    the People's form of government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC – -👍
    the Administrative Civil – Corporate governance is a DEMOCRACY ⚓

  2. They use your words against you. Driving is a commercial term, your not driving if you ain't getting paid. A passenger is a paying customer. Stop using commercial terms.

  3. I'm a bootlicker 😢 it's scary. I'm disabled and unable to form correct communication with new people and any authority figures even sometimes my parent or gardening.

  4. This is happening to me right now. I'm disabled and facing a misdemeanor a theft charge from a ex whom I can't get protection from. He has tried to file other charges and found to be wrong. He tried to get me evicted and was found to give false claims. I was arrested on a warrant not read my Miranda rights until I was let out on bond. They left my back door open with my service dog alone home. The female cop grabbed my private to where I jumped up in surprise and squeeled out of shock. My ex said I stole items and pawned them. It was stuff I had accumulated over years I had to pawn to help pay bills. The investigator never talked to me and no one could tell me why I was arrested. None of the courts have an open case on me. I feel so unsafe and have no means to relocate. Now I'll be evicted and not be able to get housing again for 2 years of I get a guilty charge. It's a small town, I'm not homegrown here and that family has a lot of pull. In jail in intake on a Sunday at 7 they arrested me and told me to piss in a cup and sign for medical record release that it was part of regular protocol and procedure.

  5. I'm asking you one more time please help this is very serious and if you don't help I'm wanted Dead cuz you guys didn't want to help do your job like you say you're f**** report card making me sick cuz I'm goddamn tired of f**** begging you to help me and this is serious s***

  6. Your report card with me ain't doing very good cuz I asked you to help me okay this is some serious s*** you got it all over your goddamn video the same s*** and you won't help me okay

  7. Just like the one I've got here in Larimer County I'm still fighting I was attacked by a dog and then threatened by the dog's owner and then arrested by the sheriff's department they didn't even ask any questions I was just arrested two felony charges to misdemeanor charges now I have to prove my innocence it's ridiculous

  8. Your right their the law, I personally think the government is hiring sociopaths on purpose to be cops, all the government cares about is making money, if your women or my women gets raped, no big deal, we need to make money. ACAB 1312

  9. Sir (Paul) the police know our rights, their also trained on how to circumvent (get around) our rights. Their also trained on how to make this story up or how to lie and get away with it. ACAB 1312

  10. Your work is great, needed and appreciated. Taya is perfect to appear on camera. Taya talks with the best pronunciation of the English language. It is human to show some emotion. Taya even knows when to turn off the camera if she believes there might be too much emotion that can lead to bad language. Steve, glad you are inside, if the sun cooperates. If it should be too cold and stormy then please let him in. Nobody that loves their pets would want them to stay outside, so pleeeeeese let him in! So glad to see updates. Nobody deserves to be humiliated, beaten, have their livelihood threatened, or taken away. ALL for being totally INNOCENT, by INCOMPETENT officers. Anyone who happens to want to become officers usually have good intentions. They more than anything want to be GREAT officers. Sadly the perfectionist, the real unbiased, most professionalistic ones , either turn bad, resign or lose their minds, lose their jobs. Or worst yet lose their lives. Hopefully not. Sad fact that it is part of the job description. Plus if you weed out the corrupt ones you might be left with nobody. If a nurse or doctor can be legally held responsible then why leave out police officers. A doctor or nurse or orderly even through home care can be sued personally then why leave out police officers. That alone would be incentive enough to become the best you can be. Wasn’t that a slogan for another job? Sadly anyone who becomes a “innocent victim” and becomes poor and broke due to legal representation (issues) or lack of, should win compensation equal to before it began. With continual payment when livelihood is lost. If more ex-law enforcement officers have to get other jobs to pay out half their salaries for their bad policing practices would prevent more bad officers.

  11. I find your show good. But your fighting a lost war. Cause its no so much about control or savety. The reason Police is so ridiculous in the US is…. its an Income. Your gouverment learned… its the easyest way to gain income. And that is, why you may win cases sometimes, but after all …. well… youre doomed to capitalism.


  13. I just want to say one thing and I'll stop commenting because I'm sure everybody's probably sick of it but why don't they teach the constitution in school anymore?

  14. Judges and people believe cops because really nobody knows that they're allowed to lie they are allowed to lie there are protected by The thin Blue line and they are allowed to lie. It's unbelievable I can't stand it

  15. If you do what they demand and show then your ID then what is happening is you're continuing to give them the power the supposed authority that they have because they don't have authority over US unless we have committed a crime and you didn't commit a crime you were standing up for your rights

  16. They should be publicly shamed every time they violate a citizen's rights they should be put right in the center of town holding a sign saying I violated your rights they should be not paid it should be a unpaid administrative leave and they should be put on blast they should be publicly shamed right in the center of town in front of all the people whose lives that they violated it should be given I don't understand why we're put on blast we are publicly shamed anytime were arrested or we go to jail this thing same thing should happen to them even worse because they're held to higher expectation

  17. If you sue the police department it doesnt hurt the police budget the city pays for it and they have impunity. get rid of impunity

  18. Yeah don’t call the cops on your neighbors for being loud…or playing music….only after youve asked them to stop…its a possible death sentence if you call the police. Do what i did, call the land lord instead and complain about the tenants

  19. Steven, you are so correct, I was illegally charged with felony assault of a police officer and it was amended to misdemeanor assault. After a year and a half of going to court I finally just plead out. But they didn't quit there , they kept the felony on my record for every employer who could hire me. And don't think that these people don't know what they are doing.

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