29 thoughts on “Cops go on witch-hunt – 3 year old handcuffed! Interrogated a Janitor!!

  1. This janitor guy should know better to ever trust any cop ever. Shame on him for talking. "Bill" wasn't there to help him. I can guarantee you that. He was only there to try to intimidate the janitor to keep his mouth shut.

  2. Sure sounds like an interrogation intimidation interview to me. And if that wasn't the case why doesn't he have a warrant or why wasn't he brought into the police station for proper interrogation with witnesses? Smells like rotten 🍅 to me. But they officer will get away with his crimes. Rarely does Daytona especially the shores and the Ormond area punish their own. 😢

  3. One of the most telling statements.
    "You're the only one outside if the chief I would have trusted. I appreciate that."
    Does the officer truly appreciate what was just said about the entire department?
    I believe that is highly misplaced trust.

  4. Flo-Duh… what the RED state Hell!!! RepubliKKKlan projection at it's finest. From trafficking children, murdering them as they sit in school… molesting, beating, abusing and RAPING them… now hand-cuffing them shackling them and putting them in cages, just like your Texas HotWheels Pal Abbott. Hey Flo-Duh.. hey Rhonda "WHITE Boots" Sadist… can't you just SIMPly leave it at Burning Their Books? STOP GROOMING The Children!!!

    RepubliKKKlans=Projection …ain't no Hate like your Christian Love… reich?

  5. Hey, NaziSgt. Bill Frankenst… Frank, We, The People do believe that You should be visiting Every local News Outlet in your city, giving interviews and having those News Channels broadcast Your wishes, along with the "lawful order" from the presiding Judge who is covering up… I mean "Sealing" this case. You know that you would get your "STORY" across to more Tax Paying citizens.

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