Cops didn’t know the law, this is how they broke it to make an arrest!

Chalk artist Joshua Hinson was finishing up a community art project in Leon Valley, Texas when local cops confronted him over his art, which they incorrectly described as “graffiti.” Hinson’s arrest, which was captured on video, has raised questions about the protection of art under the First Amendment, and the overreach and abuse of power exercised by police in regulating public space. The charges against Hinson were ultimately dropped, but the problems his case raises about the police as an institution remain. Police Accountability Report investigates.

Production: Stephen Janis, Taya Graham
Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Cameron Granadino

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49 thoughts on “Cops didn’t know the law, this is how they broke it to make an arrest!

  1. There is a systemic problem in the police force across the country, it is a fundamental problem that nobody wants to address- how the hell can you enforce the law when you don't KNOW THE LAW? It is simple- if you are charged with enforcing the law, maybe you should know the law first. I have encountered officers that had no business being "law enforcement" because they are completely clueless when it comes to the law. In these cases, they resort to bullying, needless escalation and violence. I have encountered officers that do know the law, were highly intelligent, and respectful of the rights of citizens- these encounters always end peacefully with no hard feelings on either side (and usually a handshake and well wishes). If they know the law then there is no need for ego, bullying, and needless escalation. Typical scenario- citizen is doing something perfectly legal. Someone calls the police (for whatever reason). The problem starts right there at the call- 90% of these scenarios can end before they get a chance to begin. Example- the state of Colorado has open carry (with a few areas exempt). In the city of Colorado Springs, it is lawful to open carry. Ignorant citizen calls the police "there is a man walking down the sidewalk with a gun!". Instead of asking a few simple questions, they get the location and dispatch a patrol to the area. Right there we have a problem. How about we start with "is the person waving the firearm at anyone or is it holstered?". If the person says "no, not waving it, it is in a holster on their side", the response should be "under Colorado law, this is perfectly legal but thank you for calling". End of scenario. But this does not happen- 99.9% of the time!! So, let's progress the scenario. Officers make contact with person lawfully openly carrying firearm, holstered on their side. We already have problem here because they are responding to something that is not a crime!! There is not even RAS (reasonable articulable suspicion) as the activity is LAWFUL!! But since they do not know the law, they proceed to violate the hell out of this person! When they ask for ID and the person tells them NO, they get all pissy- uh, they are not required to ID since there is no RAS. The ignorant officer will then try "I am doing an investigation"….uh, no, you are not- when there is no suspected crime, there can be no investigation. So now we have a non-investigation into a non-criminal activity that is based upon a citizen doing something perfectly legal. But because the officers do not know the law, they begin to get upset that the citizen will not give them their ID and start coming up with BS and bullying the citizen, whereas if they knew the law, they would drive by, observe and call back to dispatch and state "legal open carry" without ever bothering the citizen. But this almost NEVER happens because they do not KNOW the law!! Back to the scenario- the citizen (rightfully) refuses to ID and the officers proceed to needlessly escalate- they are doing this because they do not like the fact that the citizen knows the law and they do not, so they are going to try to escalate in order to justify their actions to this point. Again, if they knew the law, this scenario would have stopped at the initial call or by casual observation as they did a drive by.

    Here is a perfect example, one that cost the city of Colorado Springs a lot of money (taxpayer money BTW).

    THEY DO NOT KNOW THE LAW- how ridiculous is this?? LAW ENFORCEMENT and they DO NOT KNOW THE LAW!!

    It comes down to this- 99% of the police problems in the USA could be corrected before they even became a problem if the police would 1. know the law 2. follow the law 3. respect the rights of citizens. How hard is this??

  2. This is ridiculous!🤯. Love 💕 the fact, tax dollars 💸 are being put to good use 🙄. Then, the cop 👮‍♀️ proceeds after he was already warned. “Over-policing” is getting out of hand. They arrest people that should not be arrested (not to mention the fines, time, embarrassment, sometimes towed cars 🚗, lost jobs). I am not sure, if they are just getting kick backs a.k.a. the man that was pulled over for “following to closely”, committed no crime, false alert by a police 🐕 dog, and the officers still seized thousands of dollars. I think he got a third back which mostly went to lawyer fees (and that is sick in itself because they wouldn’t have given any back had they had a cause in the first place-just stealing from people) OR it comes down to EGO a& power trip (like the Stanford experiments). Something needs to change. You see videos w skid row & Philadelphia, where people are nodding off or walking 🚶‍♂️ like 🧟‍♀️ zombies, yet the police do nothing. I know many need treatment rather than arrest(s), but many crimes are being committed, as well. Over sidewalk chalk…I just bought a bunch for my grandson. This video makes me feel like going out & doing some “chalk graffiti”.

  3. What about littering? Likely could hold. However these cops that are from other countries saying they fled / came to US cause their Gov then BRING their Gov with them when they are in gov/leo.

  4. Maybe do some work on the consequences of under policing? That would be interesting too. Like how many people are treated with kid gloves and then they go out and commit a real crime.

  5. I usually enjoy your posts. But, I could have done with the Us vs Them rant re: the imbalance of wealth in our country. There is no great conspiracy.

  6. Taya is far more intelligent than all the police and politicians and we will not get any of the god given or constitutional rights that she speaks of until we elect Taya Graham for president. There is not one politician that is willing to stop the things that are wrong and stand for the things that are right. I truly believe that if Taya Graham is voted into presidentcy she could then help everyone in America have the rights we already have but are denied right now. I also believe that she could remove some of the insane laws like civil assets forfeiture and qualified immunity so that the government can not steal from innocent people or do harm without any reprocussions. It takes the people who watch, listen and believe in what she says to elect a good person to the place that needs her guidance in order to make this country great again. I nominate Taya Graham for president of the United States.

  7. Being homeless isn't a crime it appals me that even the thought of cleaning up the homeless as they call it. If you actually put the time in and stop needlessly spending money on policing them and took that money and spent it on housing them educating them and giving them employable skills training it wouldn't be a homeless problem.


    fewer cops = less crime/arrests because
    Less manpower means less actual police making arrests. Well duh!
    Yeah but police aren't making arrests based on whether a person is committing a crime or not they do it because their job depends on them arresting people. No arrests no need for police. All these crime statistics come from the people who are arresting them so in order to keep their jobs they have to show a particular need. The more crime statistics they produce the more money they get and if they don't spend all that money they don't get it next year. The more police out there reporting crime statistics equate severe getting more money. And people don't need to be committing crimes to be arrested which is why they arrest you now and then make up the story later and the people Prosecuting these cases their jobs depend on it to also the judge who answer to no one AR immune from prosecution and when there is an investigation they investigate themselves.

  9. Yeah, Texas talks a lot about the Constitution. But, I see a lot of Constitutional violations in Texas. I also see a lot of Texans applauding it.

  10. How come it's OK to smoke marijuana (which kills brain cells and makes people fat and lazy) but not OK to smoke tobacco?
    Asking for an angered friend.

  11. As a society, can we just hire the best public and capable public employees? This is sad. This cancer by the name of DEI is destroying us from having a cohesive society. There are many people of all races, creeds and religions that can do these jobs. Can we just get try to make an attempt to hire the best? Instead of hiring, incapable, ego driven, no cognitive reasoning skills, hired because you have the most professional victim points or people who got hired because of nepotism?

  12. Leon Valley cops have been ignorant, treasonous, terrorist, capital felons, for years and are known for their many felonies and capital felonies….against innocent Americans.
    That cop that aggravated kidnapped him should be fired for disobeying his superior…as well as charged for the several felonies he committed

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