Cops Come Back For Revenge, Chase Man Across Ocean For Alleged Civil Infraction On Bicycle

Sarasota County Sheriff

Charlotte County Sheriff

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36 thoughts on “Cops Come Back For Revenge, Chase Man Across Ocean For Alleged Civil Infraction On Bicycle

  1. All funded with your tax dollars. It appears as if the victim is a targeted individual. The gov will spend millions of dollars a year to harass each target, non investigative subject covertly placed on a watchlist.

  2. Talk about retaliation on tax payers dime they should all have to repay the cost of their time and gas and be charged for misuse of authority. Should ask Ron Desantis if he supports this !

  3. These pigs are the dumbest & most irresponsible pigs I have ever seen. The fuel alone for that helicopter cost, likely, tens of thousands of dollars to the taxpayers. All so a butthurt pig can retaliate against this guy for making him look dumb, an achievement the pig makes on his own. This is infuriating. Cuffing him in a slippery boat with no life jacket?? Arr you fcking kidding me??

  4. Come on James, this was the best comedy action thriller in some time, better than "Reno 911" lmao.
    Actually, this is a disease that stems from IBFto all the way down to local guys,

  5. I say: If there is nothing else to the story, and he was literally arrested for evading/eluding after officers attempted to detain him for running a stop sign in a parking lot on a bicycle … after videoing a cop in an SUV doing the same thing, each of the officers on scene in this video need to catch some high velocity L E A D in the brain. Literally. DEAD. Do not pass go, do not collect a paycheck whilst on administrative leave.

  6. this is kinda like how if you expose the fact that in ukraine the military there are all nazis youll then get called a white supremacist yourself by the actual nazi supporters

  7. Morally good people don't pursue narcissistic police jobs that terrorize taxpayers and communities, financially destroy people's lives, and potentially kill for state profit and a paycheck… (Morally good people would be too ashamed to be a cop!)

  8. Isn't there anyone with any common sense to say, "We're not going to spend this much in resources for this small petty thing"? Absolutely ridiculous

  9. The taxpayers need to vote for a new sheriff. This is one of the most ridiculous waste of taxpayers money I have seen. Then they have the nerve to insist on an increase of their already elevated budget to hire more pigs and give raises for doing this type of shit.

  10. Hey De Santis! Do you know this is all going on on your watch? (edit) Ya know….the dude filming is just another straight #@%&&^%$@#* “I can’t let you on here” WTF? Hey dick….next time you’re on the ocean…………………………

  11. SO TRUE !!!! Pettiness– same reason cops shoot & kill teenagers/kids who are just sitting in parking lots minding their business & move when a cop comes but decide thats not going to fly with them.
    Zachary Hammond RIP & Eric Cantu injured to name a few.

  12. Just for the simple face that they hand cuffed him in the boat without a life jacket seems extremely unsafe and I would guess it’s against protocol and potentially a law of some sort! Hopefully they will be punished as well

  13. Cops are absolutely disgusting ignorant cowardly ego controlled garbage “public servants” everywhere it’s NOT some bad apples people !!! Please please please share lackluster channel, audit the Audit, Long Island audit James freeman etc. with your family’s !! Cops do not understand how bad they are ! They actually believe there “doing there jobs” it’s trained and forced into them by the more corrupt older generation of officers who actually got away with the garbage we now see on 100’s of videos EVERY SINGLE DAY ! Please be aware people “Law enforcement “ has become a standing army of road piracy against the peaceful American citizen ! Record for one another and your family!

  14. Cops have absolutely failed in every single aspect of their “jobs” they are 100% the standing army of tyranny our forefathers warned us about!! Record and share the truth for each other always!

  15. Meanwhile 2 robberies murder and assult go unnoticed because of this petty bullshit piggys aren't known for intelligence and sorting priorities…lmao 😅😊

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