Cops arrested him for filming in public, but things took a bizarre turn when the case went to court

The arrest of a Texas cop watcher for filming in public is the most recent chilling example of how law enforcement across the country is attempting to roll back auditors’ First Amendment rights. Jack Miller, also known as Texas Sheepdog, was filming outside the Olmos Park, Texas, City Hall when police arrested and charged him with multiple crimes. The ensuing five-day trial and jury verdict reveal that citizens’ ability to film in public is facing new obstacles and concerted pushback from the government. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

Pre-Production/Studio: Stephen Janis
Post-Production: Adam Coley

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21 thoughts on “Cops arrested him for filming in public, but things took a bizarre turn when the case went to court

  1. I hope "the Texas Sheep Dog" has lodged an appeal on those guilty findings.
    From what I saw on the video of the arrest, you gotta ask how a jury came to that conclusion.

  2. It blows my mind how dumb people are in this country. Please tell me there's A WHOLE LOT MORE other than this video, because none of his charges make sense. I can see the air rifle, but even then, that could be explained away. Every single juror must be "slow" mentally.

  3. The People need to became the HUNTERS instead of the HUNTED by the TYRANICAL LAW , But as you can see in this video the TYRANIC LAW ATTACKED before the Armed CITIZEN had a chance to protect his self from ILLEGAL TYRANTS ! It was a shame that he didn't have time to PROTECT himself from these STREET TERRORIST that are often called POLICE, Which they most definitely are not POLICE, PIGS maybe, But not POLICE !

  4. This is a flat out blatant lie. There is no jurisdiction in this country that would allow those types of sanctions place on a person on probation. The charges that was placed on him did not add up with the camera footage. This guy is flat out lying.

  5. What kind of arseholes made up the jury. Were they all cousins to the bully boys? Did they find the most obedient cowards in the city? Seems corruption in that town. As for the cops I hope they get what they have given.

  6. This case should be retried by more competent jury and judges!! The guy didn't resist. They injured him and there's a clear violence against him and he wasn't even resisting. He was exercising his right to film not blocking anything.

  7. Great show, watching police misuse their authority is disgusting to watch. Same as a criminal assaulting a police officer. Police have an oath to uphold. I spent 9 months in jail to have them dropped. Lost my animals autos and almost home. Police automatically made me guilty no questions. Sucks

  8. So istead of those officers bieng held accountable for the crimes they committed against that person, The idiot bootlicken judge , went along with the perpetrators.,These people are disturbed.

  9. You know what? With all of the terrorism going on in the world today, we need to eliminate this particular “protected activity” from the 1st amendment.

    Why? First, because the founders of our country could not have predicted that video recording could or would be so readily available to every citizen. Like it or not, in spite of your Liberal leanings, there is a need to protect some information about our police and military resources, capabilities, personnel, and arms. It has become a ridiculous “us vs them” game for these so-called “auditors” and this leads to less security for ALL OF US. Many of these people are doing this silly type of video for nothing more than YT clicks. But tell me, when you have terrorists at your door, wielding guns and knives, will you want and need assistance? Yes, I already know the answer. You are playing foolish games with ALL OF OUR security. Because when you do something illegal, you want a way out. You want to blame the cop.

    Just wait until it is you. When those bloodthirsty, baby killing terrorists show up, kick your door in. Slaughter your children, and behead you, will you be wishing for help? Will you be such a cock of the walk, then? NO. You will not. And you will regret the degradation of our system, our police force that protects us, and our democracy.

    So THANK YOU for effing it up. Thank you for being a big sensation on YT.

  10. Coming from Canada you did nothing. Your system has failed. Why are you on a one man protest. Their is only one thing you learn from a failed system. It failed period.

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