Cops are NOT Above the LAW

While many people may think cops take the easy way out and just let bad cops off the hook, or look the other way when they break the law, you need to think twice. Listen, just because you don’t always SEE it happening, doesn’t mean it’s not a reality.

This is a fine example of integrity folks: who you are when no one is watching. It turns out, that they released the body cam footage of two Montmorency County Deps arresting a Washtenaw County MI Lieutenant after several 911 calls of reckless driving. The arrested off duty cop ended up blowing a .28, which is more than 3x the legal limit in the State.

Please know that no one hates bad cops more than good cops. More videos on this topic soon. Thanks for watching and interacting guys.
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46 thoughts on “Cops are NOT Above the LAW

  1. The only reason this happened was the arresting officer could not cover it up due to public scrutiny. He admitted as much. He didn't arrest the drunk cop because he was breaking the law, he arrested the guy because the cat was out of the bag and he himself would have been fired. This was no act of virtue. It shows, GIVEN THE CHANCE, cops will lie and allow other cops to break the laws they enforce on everyone else. Come on Mike, you know it and I know it.

  2. My heart goes out to that deputy. That must be a horrible decision to have to make. Shame on the lieutenant for putting him in that situation.

  3. Jeez! The comments about "iF iT wAsN't A cOp…" If it wasn't a cop being pulled over for DUI, the deputy probably would've gone about it the same way. Lose your "fuck the police" attitude. End of the day, the vast majority of cops aren't power mad, abusive assholes.

  4. Rough position to be in for sure, glad to see this officer doing his duty. Also, 9:43 probably not the best idea to say “let’s make a deal” to an officer😂

  5. We are only human we all make mistakes none of us are perfect. Some of us commit bad mistakes that shouldn't be committed. Though these days alot of people act perfect.

  6. Very unfortunate to see. And I completely agree; there certainly appears to be no integral correlation between reality and the majority mainstream media's supposed representation of reality.

  7. I appreciate the fact that he still did his job and did arrest him and got him off the street. But he deffinatly was treating him with kid gloves and gave him plenty of passes an average citizen wouldnt have gotten lol he lottery asks him dozens of times to get out of the vehicle lol and then hes gentally touching his arm and trying to put him in cuffs lol and he cut him several breaks most citizens dont realize like drinking while hes most likely got his weapon on him i do respect that he did his job but he was still treated as if hes above the law because if that was average Joe citizen we all know 8 out of 10 times he would have drug him out of the truck by the neck smashed his head and face into the asphalt followed by a knee to the back of his head driving his face into the ground while he twists his hands as hard as he can and cuffing him as tight as he can and then make a stupid joke about how the cuffs are new and they will stretch then he would turn his car inside out search him look through every corner of his wallet for weapons lol and then stand around for an hour talking to his buddy's while they try n figure out how many more crimes they can charge him with lol ooh and i left out the screaming of stop resisting as they twist and pry his arm around lol don't get me wrong I love cops my dad was state patrol for years but let's not pretend that they treated this guy the same or that hes not above the law lol because just the fact that they didn't grind his face into the ground after the second step outa the vehicle proves he is above there laws lol but in all honesty is grind a jerkoffs head in the pavement too if i asked his drunk ass to get out too cops got a shitty job dealing with assholes but im glad there out there

  8. You distort the reality of what cops do. There is not a cop who ever copped that hasn't abused their position in some way. Because they know there will be no repercussions, and they'll be protected by the "thin blue line" if they are caught in wrongdoing.

  9. You're citing exceptions, not the rule. It should be the other way around. Cops should be held to a higher standard. Instead they're often held to no standard at all.

  10. I've seen this happen 3 times in the 30 years of my corporate life in the private sector. Every time it was the drunk who was in complete denial that he had a drinking problem.
    This dude graduated to alcoholic before he graduated high school. And just like him; they all lost their jobs.

  11. It's "funny", or weird, to see how much a drunk man's behavior looks like a 4 y.o. boy behavior. The cop who film the scene with his body cam were impressively patient, and serious, when i think i'd be enjoyed at the beginning… less after all that useless talking. So much professionalism. I'm sad for the lieutnant because i guess he lost his job, even if i'm not sure to have well understood everything. And, if i'm right, we don't know why he did drive while being drunk. I hope he didn't touch alcoholic beverages after that and found a new decent life.

  12. just one thing….if the drunk guy wasn't a cop: would the conversation/interaction be the same? or would the guy be face on the ground in hand cuffs after 2 minutes?

  13. He's not even a bad cop. He's a drunk cop and a human. He made dumb decisions like we all regrettably do. I've made some embarrassingly bad decisions. He was a pain in the ass, but I still doubt he was a bad cop. I hope he's able to review this video later and, if he's able to keep his job, he gains some empathy for other folks who make bad decisions and that he is able to learn to handle everyone as well as the arresting officer handled him.

  14. I'm sorry but if that was me or any other citizen that wasnt a "COP" i would have been ripped out of that fuckin truck quicker than shit. thats what pisses me off. the drunk pig bleeds the same as i do hes not special but he got special treatment bc he has a pc of shiny metal he wears on his clothes for his JOB.

  15. So fucking disrespectful that he of all people KNOWS the job and still fights them. I understand that he knows that he is fucked and upset at his life being over. But he is the only one at fault for the entire situation. I feel for the arresting officer. That was difficult to do but was absolutely the right thing.

  16. I’ve only had one instance where I’ve gotten drunk and thought it was a good idea to drive luckily I had a friend of mine with me that took my keys and hid them so I couldn’t that’s why I don’t drink without friends around because I don’t trust myself to make smart decisions

  17. IMO am glad the officer said your not above the law but at the same time if it was a regular joe they would have tased him and been thrown to the ground with no hesitation, but it is good that a good cop did the right thing either way , hats off to him and staying honest.

  18. Late 90 early 91 I was part an investigation that resulted in the immediate termination of 29 of 31 cops for a large variety of crimes. The other 2 faced criminal charges. That's when I was forced to leave LE.

  19. Wow. This guy is even worse than my husky puppy at obeying commands. But, in her defense, she is so cute. How can I possibly get mad at her?

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