Cop Says He Threatened Her, Body Cam Says She Lied, He’s Facing Charges, She’s Walking Free

Logan Township Police Department

Unedited Body Cam

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34 thoughts on “Cop Says He Threatened Her, Body Cam Says She Lied, He’s Facing Charges, She’s Walking Free

  1. I know a guy who was 10 ft from a female cop (back to her) and she stepped back, and then fell down a few steps. He asked if she was okay and she radios “officer needs help.” He had to plead guilty of a misdemeanor and attend anger management classes. All on a lie.

  2. Watching from the UK 🇬🇧
    More proof that the most horrendous and horrible crime any human being can commit is….
    Contempt of Cop!

  3. I mean she sounds like a cute little girl of course there’s gonna be a “proportional” response just learned about our government’s use of proportionality

  4. Asked the simplest of questions; (1).where is your allegiance? The response should tell, any good person how much danger they are in.
    If they don't have the right answer, any good person should know they are in DANGER.
    If they have the right answer, than ask. (2). Do you mind reminding me of the five elements in the first amendment? If A "law officer" can't tell you, they simply never cared about knowing, ( this is a false allegiance) to A OATH. MOST ALL Americans are being lawfull as possible, and "law" " enforcement" AGENCIES has (0%) public response to say this is wrong. my oath to the American people for their prosperity for their freedom to have a chance to prosper.
    0% allegiance to a set of rules, for all people that what to call America home that agree on the constitution to be the law of America.
    If law enforcement don't believe. You are in danger. I promise you thousands of thousands of people have gone to prison for using free speech. False accusations is criminal. Not one agency is standing against this kind of cruel treatment where is the allegiance where is the belief in an oath.
    When the allegiance lies in a brotherhood we are in danger.
    When allegiance is with a union, a brother hood, this is what happens, cover up by accusing somebody of everything they think of no matter how much the proof says otherwise. The soul purpose is to use fear against someone. The terrorists calling a citizen what he is doing . (Terrorizing a citizen with false accusations).
    With the officers own wards, he doesn't like or know about free speech, and no "law"AGENCY across this nation is saying its wrong.
    The oath means absolutely nothing. It shows the AGENCY of "law" has allegiance to something that is not constitutional.
    The future looks terrifying.

  5. It sounds like he said f'ed up, she could have heard beat up. I don't think they can hear each other very well. I don't think a threat is free speech, not sure.

  6. 13:25 Cop says about him inquiring about the stop "Unfortunately that's none of your business". If it was none of his business, why is he allowed to FOIA the body camera footage.

  7. They say that most cops are right wing. I believe it. Look how scared they are most of the time. Without a gun on their hip, they're nobody's.

  8. I get sick of hearing how a lot of cops get hurt by people walking up on them. They think they are so brave. There are lots of more dangerous jobs than being a cop, I’ve worked some myself.
    Do you know what is more dangerous than being a cop?…….
    Being a cops spouse!

  9. I admire all of the people trying to affect change and bring transparency to law enforcement but I avoid them at all costs due to the level of distrust and disdain I have towards them. The police and the government taught me in my late teens that they are a ruthless, dangerous and corrupt partnership.

  10. Sickening how cops can lie and get aeay with it and the other party's life is ruined, cop should be fired immediately, obviously she's done this other times😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. If it's disorderly speech, why repeat it out loud whilst copsplaining? It's ok for the women and children to hear you say it?

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