Cop ODs On Evidence At His House? Chilling 911 Call After PD Captain Satterfield Takes Fent Home

Captain Mark Satterfield of the Moriarty New Mexico police department.

On April 22, 2023 Captain Mark Satterfield of the Moriarty New Mexico police department failed to take drugs to the evidence room, and instead took them home. Hours later he appears to overdose at home.

Captain Mark Satterfield of the Moriarty New Mexico police department. It looks to me like Captain Mark Satterfield is a junkie cop that STOLE drugs and then overdosed on them at his house, but I suppose that only a court can decide if that’s actually what happened. What does it look like to you? Junkie cop? Just a brave public servant testing the potency of the drugs on the street for the safety of the public?

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33 thoughts on “Cop ODs On Evidence At His House? Chilling 911 Call After PD Captain Satterfield Takes Fent Home

  1. It looks to me like a junkie STOLE someone's drugs with no intent to turn it in and then overdosed on it. What does it look like to you?

  2. Plaintiff: Michael Six

    Defendant: City of Moriarty, Moriarty Police Department and Mark Satterfield

    Case Number: 1:2017cv01113

    Filed: November 8, 2017

  3. I predict this won't be a popular opinion, but I wouldn't throw the 'junkie cop' language around here. A lot of people use substances recreationally and successfully without becoming dependent. This POS is a power junkie, for certain, and a liar, and a thief, and a hypocrite. He is also willing to do horrible things to people because it gives him special status and grossly inflated salary and benefits, but he is almost certainly not an opioid junkie.

    Humans like to get high. Humans like to alter their mental state (I think almost all animals do) at least on occasion and there are probably evolutionary reasons for it. I think expanding consciousness and experiencing things differently probably increases survival if done in moderation. This is why prohibition is not only ineffective, but it is evil and anti-human. I won't blame this cop for wanting to get high, though, because that is probably the most normal and human thing about him.

  4. More crooked, dirty, corrupt cops, imagine that??? Unbelievable and disgusting!!! Stole his fentanyl then OD'd on it, OMG!!! There is a reason they didn't arrest him or test him for being under the influence of drugs, they wanted the drugs for themselves. Talk about corruption. Moriarity cops need FIRED and decertified as cops. Trash cops are everywhere out there. Here's two (2) more. Makes me sick that we pay for these unprofessional, corrupt cops. TIME TO REFORM POLICING IN AMERICA!!!

  5. I just want everybody here to know in the comments section that I was actually being very very cool myself while watching the video

  6. For all you people out there that don't even do drugs or anything like that don't you dare think about taking a nap in your vehicle

  7. Satterfield just wanred to prove how dangerous the drugs actually were. Good on him for protecting that guys life, 🤣 A true blue hero.

  8. Just get this man some help. You have to be down bad to do this shit in the open, at a gas station, AT THE PUMP. Damn the world is so horrible. Also, fuck that cop.

  9. This sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME in Ironton OH. In fact, most of their calls do not go through dispatch at all. They use their personal cell phones to communicate so you can’t even get the radio chatter.

  10. Officer don't know what else that can be laced with. Probably has unprotected sex with prostitutes he bust. Might want to get him and his wife checked for HIV. Just gross.

  11. What makes this even worse, is by them letting that guy go, who is not surprisingly from California… They endangered others because he could nod off or die behind the wheel.

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