18 thoughts on “Cop busted hiding – not doing the serve and protect but the hara** and collect! #cops

  1. cops will use the excuse you must punish people for infractions to deter them in the future from repeating the behavior… so why don't we start fining cops the same way? why do they get a "verbal coaching" instead? or a suspended day that they get BACK after a years time? (many don't know police union contracts give back suspended time to the officers) maybe if cops started losing money for every policy and procedure violation they might start following them or have a strong desire to learn them to avoid paying fines… why is their logic not good enough to apply to them?

  2. AFAIK drivers are anyway informed about school zones by traffic signs, correct? How much information do you need to be aware that you´re passing a school?

  3. Totally! Protect the children? No, hit the children and pay later. If the point is to slow down and not hit the children, why hide and wait for a tragedy?

  4. We saw some Ypsilanti police do this… a road barrier was put up on a exit ramp from the highway for repair. You couldn't use that exit, had to use the next one. Someone took the barrier down to use the exit anyway. Pushed it off to the side where no one could see it. Did the cops put it back up? NO. They sat at the other end of the exit ramp and issued everyone tickets that used the ramp. Collected BIG TIME that day. People called and complained and the cops put it back up the next day. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the cops that took it down in the first place. Sooo much integrity!

  5. Cops are cops are cops! Also goes for public employees like this a$$wipe cop! Once again they cross the line to corruption and they’ll never come back! Well, I'm not quitting my day job to become a cop, lawyer or a judge! What a dog & pony show or is it a kangaroo court? Too bad these flatfoot cops,prosecutors and judge can't put this much GUSTO into chasing bad guys! Why isn't there a zero tolerance policy in every city and law enforcement dept in the country to dispense severe life altering penalties with every civil rights violation! NOT giving the administrators, judges or prosecuting attorneys ANY discretion in the matter, WHATSOEVER! If cops and public servants are this stupid, even one time, they should never have been hired OR elected. LEAVE NO out or leniency for these corrupt, stupid offenders!! This whole Blue line cop gang thing reminds us of the cops cowering in the hallway at Uvalde when 19 babies were slaughtered along with two teachers. These guys have the same mentality and are worried ONLY about cop safety!(Top 25 MOST dangerous jobs in the USA: #5 is crossing guards and #25 are cops) more than public safety and at $100+ grand a year they should have higher priorities, HOPEFULLY pass psychological Testing and desperately try to locate a moral compass!

  6. I mean, yes, but no.

    The kinds of people who speed in an active school zone, deserve tickets and to be held accountable. That never happens if cops say "Hey! I'm right here! You better not speed you scallywag!"

    Plus, yeah, the cops make more money. For literally doing their job. You'd do the same in your own job if you could, regardless of where you work.

  7. I live at a 4 way stop and the cops sit on their motorcycles next to my house behind a 4' high hedge and get people for California stopping in front of my house. After talking with them they usually expect getting the stop runners for other violations such as expired tags, licenses etc! Stacking tickets means more revenue!

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