44 thoughts on “Cop acquitted even after this video! Must watch!

  1. A big part of the reason LE keeps acting the way they do, is because DA’s and judges won’t hold them accountable. We seriously need to start focusing on removing these embarrassments to Justice and Liberty, if we ever expect to fix this!

  2. How in the heck does a jury Acquit the officer for kicking a person in the fugn head like that? Our judicial system and policing is very broken..if a citizen kicked a cop like that, life in prison..

  3. The carousel of corruption keeps going in our country! Laws? What laws? This is what the great majority of law enforcement officers do! No rights, no constitution or even civil rights at all works in this country! The so called land of the free! Nothing is free but death by police! It seems like the never ending story! Then the cover ups! Until when our community is going to stop accepting this as a norm? How many citizens has to die in order to see a true change!

  4. Thin blue line supporter no doubt, protect the brotherhood at any cost, it’s so so worrying when one person can have so much power, he is a judge at the end of the day, he is not judge, jury and executioner. He should be fired.

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