Commifornia and Police Use of Force

California Assembly Bill 931 wants to change use of force language and standards from “reasonable” to “necessary.” I’ll talk about what underlies this bill and why it’s a horrible horrible idea. APPAREL HEALTH PATREON

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28 thoughts on “Commifornia and Police Use of Force

  1. I mean if they want to talk about killing a cop for like executing people I would only go after said cops that was on film executing people that was sitting down on the ground handcuffed or on their knees squatting handcuffed like I have seen in the past now those I'd have to say would be unjustified killings because at the time those videos these people may have been running their mouth but they didn't do anything physically or try to make any physical moves and I seen cops straight up just put the gun to their head real quick and like I execution style f**** killing those was unjust but the s*** that they've been pulling for 2020 is by far ridiculous I call all of those justified except for maybe Freddie Gray they probably beat him the death in that van

  2. No white people of the world if you want to end racism now with us you just have to sit there and admit that you are racist and you are white now let me hear it I am racist and I am white all of us now we are racist and we are white

  3. Oh wow it's so racist because you had one white cop that you ended up suckering into to make him feel bad somehow so he told you what you wanted to hear right no doubt because you got to blame whitey on everything right

  4. It's only racist when they kill black people but it's not when they kill unarmed white people but yet they kill more unarmed white people than they do black people and there's been plenty of f**** news footage out there on how many people white people had been killed and if you look it up on YouTube you'll see all of them getting shot down and there's more white people that have been killed by cops than black people that was unarmed so there you go it's not racist you can't f**** say that a cops racist when they've killed 12 white people and two black people yeah that that don't f**** add up

  5. Sexism classism and racisms used to be very common ISMS in our judicial and beurocratic systems but i find while sexism and racism or at least biasedness are found still not to an extreme extent but classism is rooted in our laws thats about the only ism

  6. This topic has nothing to due with race and everything to do with culture..How about he address the rap culture which glorifies being a drug dealer or murderer? For example > Cardi B received woman of the year. For her song WAP which engorges young women into having sex and drug use.. What has she done for the black community?
    This political leader wants to sit there on his high horse saying that only black people get messed with by police.. What a croc of shit.. I got pulled over for a loud muffler and window tint on my work truck.. Yes, my work truck that has my big logo on the side. The police officer says>> Do you know why I pulled you over? I said I have no clue sir because I was following the laws of the road. That's when he hit me with the muffler and tint. He says I'm gonna need you to step to the back of the vehicle.. he says,, so how much have you had to drink today. Keep in mind I don't drink at all and I just got done with work and was covered in dirt.
    I said I have had no alcohol sir. He says well for my safety and yours I have to put you in cuffs. I said no problem! Before you knew it 4 more cars showed up. The guy starts searching my work truck…. Which really pissed me off because I want to go home.. I just spent 12 hours working extremely hard with no lunch. He finds one of my moms empty diabetic teststrip container and say> well well well,, looky what we got here. I said yup. That my mom diabetic test strip case. He calls another car to come investigate that this is truly my moms empty test strip container. The guy says, Yuo it is what he says it is. Now he has a effin K9 there…
    The dog wanted nothing to do with my truck so he picks the dog up and puts him in my truck. He smells around for a second then jumps out and sits down. It looked to me like the dog was telling him that the truck was clear. So he goes in my truck one more time trying super hard to find something wrong. After 1 hour and 28 minutes I got my ticket which by the way was dismissed. My good friend is a state trooper and has a tint tester. It slides on the window and reads its darkness. I can't remember off the top of my head what number it was but it passed with flying colors. I had to bring proof of this to court. Now for my brand new muffler. That was tested to and passed. All said and done I sent $50 in gas to get to court and lost a hour and a half of my ride home.. The guy was not nice even though I remained super kind the whole time. That's not the only time I have been shit on. But''' every time I was pulled over by a bad police officer I remained respectful and kind even if I was getting shit on.
    I am a law abiding citizen. All anyone has to do when being pulled over is to remain polite and respectful and everyone gets to go home safely! That political leader is a Democrat communist who is trying to cause divison in our country. That what Democrat communists do.
    People need to understand that we have good people and bad people on all sides. When you come into contact with a bad person try to kill em with kindness! Maybe this will help them down the road!

  7. California has been screwed since Ronald Reagan won that state. Now that they learned how to do voters fraud with precision. They even taught Joe Biden how to do it and get away with it. THIS STATE IS SO WONDERFUL THAT PEOPLE ARE LEAVING IN DROVES.๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Funny how this Black senator said his white friends had less problems than his black friends did with police.
    But, let's look at this Senator for a second. He grew up in a white community, meaning he probably learned how to behave around cops by his white friends. Which is why he was able to use his intelligence to rise above and become a Senator.
    He did not learn from the Black community to hate and fear the police, which turns into poorly thought out actions.

  9. I agree with your comments about CA . Its become a Socialist State with Communists Leaders with a Maxsim Attitude's.
    As long as the Black Agendas ( Rasicsm) stays the main focus they will never be able to see the truth. It appears they will continue to push the victims issue.

  10. Ahhh I had that talk before I began driving. Iโ€™m a white female from Canada. I also think itโ€™s common sense to respect an officer and not use resistance while in a position of being pulled over.

  11. I totally would not understand why someone would not follow the rules a cop would say and not to mention that why people would lash out towards someone carrying a pipe that would look like a pistol and lash out towards comments of those two people that which are not normal people because of what they did.

  12. I think legislation needs to be passed stating that all cops be issued a properly functioning crystal ball so that the future can be referenced before a call is answered. This should remove any possibility of deadly mistakes. We could tax fortune tellers to pay for the upgraded equipment load out. What do you think as a officer of the law?

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