Clearing a Falsely Accused Cop

Mike and a Tansey break down the high profile case against La Mesa Officer Dages. They also hit other popular police related news stories from the week!

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47 thoughts on “Clearing a Falsely Accused Cop

  1. ….I thought the department said the guy wasn't actually smoking, so her husband approached him and accused him of something he wasn't doing. Then he didn't turn on his body can per department policy and that was the reason for his termination. The blind support for an officer that defied policy is hilarious.

  2. Only ever listen to the audio, but had to stop and come here to comment. I had never heard of a "halfback" and come to find out I am one. Originally from the Detroit area, lived in south Florida for a few years, and now settled in NC for about 10 years 🤣. Proud fucking Halfback here 🙋🏻‍♂️. Tansey you nailed it NC is definitely one of the best states, minus the politics.

  3. I’m sorry but how does a officer pulling you over for tent for your safety? That law is a joke. And the whole I smell bullshit is a excuse to invade in your rights victimless crimes are a crime in its own right by the boot

  4. I am often amazed at how cool headed and composed these out of control violent police officers tend to be. Officer Dages seems to conduct himself very well using minimal force and maintaining composure, this should be a training video on how to handle a situation well. Christina is amazing, its awesome to see her speaking out for her husband. Is it just me or does anyone else wish that the white house press secretary was half as articulate as Chrissy?

  5. This guy is obviously a thug, but I'm not a fan of cops charging assault/battery when they initiated the touching.
    Particularly, I mean something miniscule like slapping a hand away. I'm not talking about aggressive attacks.

  6. The Military was the same way, falsifying reports, changing reports, covering everything up, throwing soldiers under the bus, just so some career guys could look good to their higher-ups, and politicians. Come to think of it, the same thing goes on in corporations, too.

  7. I support the police and Donald Trump and generally this content. However, this woman is disgusting. Im appalled by her callousness. I googled her up and knew she was shallow when I saw her 5 foot nothing ass marry 6'4" Dages.

  8. The content only keeps getting better and better! Thank you guys for what you do for law enforcement. It's a profession not allowed to have a voice anymore it seems but it's so relieving to see good folks speaking out and up for our hero police officers.

  9. Y'all need to call the Hodge Twins on this and let them know what y'all know. I bet they'd change their tune if they knew what the law was in relation to the Officer Dages incident. They may not, but they seem like good dudes.

  10. My post office box is across from La Mesa, ca pd. One day i was getting my mail and i could not stand it anymore I walked over to the police department to voice my opinion. I was met by a lieutenant she let me voice my opinion that the officer did not did not falsify his report. And that I believed he didn’t got get a fair shake and the fact that I believe that he was offered up on the altar of the BLM for political reasons. So if there’s anyway to help you Chrissy please reach out to me through this message to let me know how I can help I totally support the blue but I don’t support politicians who throw them under the bus to make themselves look better.

  11. Great episode… thank you for making this public.
    ….and kudos to such a loving and supporting wife who HAD to have been made in a lab…
    NO real woman is that intelligent, that beautiful, that funny, or that devoted to her husband.
    She must me an angel sent to defend the defenders…

  12. …but seriously, this situation should have never even happened…
    Anyone with half a brain should realize that if that Viking sized Officer could have easily shoved that piece of shit at and through that bench he was placed on. I wouldn’t even even consider that push a “block”.
    So amazing to see such support for an Officer wrongfully wronged.

  13. Why does the media keep on getting the footage of the police officers cameras? I ask because they seldom show full footage. The mainstream media is adding to the terrible treatment of police officers.💙🙏
    ❤️a Michigander

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