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original video from “Picture Perfect”

my phone call to sgt book:

according to Picture Perfect, the Claremore Police department NEVER got in contact with him despite what deputy chief cocks said.

Stan Brown
Chief of Police

Police Department
200 W. 1st Street
Claremore, OK 74017

Phone: 918-341-1212
Fax: 918-341-1643


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Author: rafael.nieves



  1. Happens everyday in northeastern Oklahoma. Claremore , is just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s usually a baggie or a pipe. That’s what the police in tahlequah mostly use

  2. This is how you make law enforcers nervous and follow up: Contact the D.A.'s Office with a letter or complaint form. Follow up with a phone call to that office. Also, send a copy of your letter/complaint form to the State Attorney General's Office and/or to the state Inspector General's Office. Make sure you send a copy to your lawyer to be on file. OR have your lawyer send copies to all the aforementioned agencies. IF you send it to 1 law enforcement entity (for example, a local P.D.), they'll crap can your complaint form OR shred it!!! Only when you furnish a copy to a few law enforcement agencies does anything get done. THEY CAN'T IGNORE YOUR COMPLAINT WHEN YOU SEND IT TO OTHER AGENCIES and time-stamp it so they won't get back to you 6 months later. That's how you do it, guys. I like what you and James Freeman are doing, Johnny 5-0! You, gentlemen, make a really good team.

  3. The balance between seeing dumb degenerate cops in the beginning are balanced with that professional and dutiful police officer Officer Jenkins just shows that auditing is very useful in showing the public what our tax dollars go to. I would GLADLY help pay officer Jenkins quarter of a million salary, its the turds in the punch bowl, the fat rude ones that deserve nothing. Officer Jenkins is a priceless gem in any community

  4. That DUI cop must be "JUUUUUST UNDER THE IQ LINE"
    But his mom got to know the Chief and VOILA!…..he made it to police aca…course……

  5. It sounds to me that you have been roundly ‘fobbed off’ by the Poo-lice. A classic case of ‘It’s not my problem, pass it on to someone else’.

  6. The sheriff won’t shit on one of his own from the band of brothers. He said that a member of the public would of been cited but with the police its different.
    I bet he he wishes he didn’t walk out to talk now, but if he fucks up, his pension will still be safe as looking at him, he will be getting it next month

  7. I love these guys. They are no bullshit and they have balls of steel….. except when it comes to large factories that produce lots and lots of steam.😄😜 that was freakin hilarious. Would love to have a beer with them.

  8. i can tell u guys a secret there is no contract between the "public" an the police at all as far as i know this is the problem. i know for sure it is the same for banks the scam is so deep.peace and love you guys it's all contract law and civil law is roman law

  9. The Sheriff won't do anything. Based on what someone in the know told me 3 decades ago, these politicians, sheriffs , police chiefs. judges, all courts etc. are compromised & will not speak up nor do the right thing for the Citizens or they will be bodybagged. My God-father Rev. Dr. William H.(Deceased) mentioned that the Jesuits/Mossad/CIA/MI 5/CESIS are the most vicious evil entities/demons on this planet. He said they are the Military arm of the Satanic Catholic church & Monarchy & they answer to Lucifer the devil, their father & master. He described this Entity who are our rulers as Parasitic Pedovore Vampires who feed off our energy through LOOSH & ADRENOCHROME. He said they are the children of Cain who killed his brother Abel and this cursed by God bloodline still rule over us today. He said they are only 50% human & 50% Reptilian/Starseed as Eve was beguiled by Lucifer and allowed him to plant his starseed in her. He said the book of Enoch which had this info was removed from the Bible so mankind would never find out who these evil rulers are. I was told that Politicians promise the world everything but when they get into office they are forced to advance the Globalist Satanic Agenda. I was horrified at what he revealed next. He said the people in power are kidnapped by the HYBRIDS (children of Eve & Lucifer) & forced to rape young children while under duress. Others are drugged and unknowing to them children are placed in their beds. This is then filmed by the Globalists and throughout their lives these tapes are held against them & they live with these threats as they know their families would be assassinated if they talk. These dastardly deeds are held over their heads for the rest of their lives & they are counselled on how to vote etc. Hybrids are the Bushes, Clintons, Obummers, Monarchy, UN, Most of Hollywood, Media, Pharma, Publishing, Food & they are placed in higher up positions especially in media & in every industry around the world. Some are Opra=, Elle=, Madonn=, Gag=, Biebe= & Tom Hank=. They hijacked our world, have no empathy for mankind & all their time is spent tirelessly stripping away the rights of the people, making up bad policy, bringing about poverty while destroying the middle class by shipping away the jobs, destroying the Culture, breaking up the family unit by incarcerating the males in black families & offering welfare to black mothers if they would split from the fathers etc., running the drug trade, funding all terrorist orgs & most of all at the top of the list was to destroy Christianity. He said they did this by the Satanists infiltrating the Catholic and all Christian Churches with Satanic Popes & pastors. Their sinister agenda is one worldwide communist government with a population of only 500 million which is carved on their Georgia Guidestones. That means the culling of 7 billion people. It is happening right now. The Covid swabs have at the end Nano Tech which has memory. If anyone allows this in their nostril, this demon will attach itself in the skin, travel to the brain because of the memory and take it over. I was told all the Vaccines are also toxic and cause many diseases & is part of the depopulation agenda. You will then become a CYBORG which will be controlled by the Globalists. I was also told President Kennedy was assassinated because he promised to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces & 7 days after that speech he was dead. The Reverend was privy to this Satanic agenda & said they refer to it as "the great work" He was saddened at the end of his life as he said mankind is under their BLACK CUBE witchcraft spell as they listen to the fake news, buy the propaganda & parrot all the falsehoods from the Satanic Media. What is worse is he said the demonic/hybrids are already installed at several levels everywhere in every Gov't & industry for the destruction of mankind.Their Motto is "out of chaos is order." And their goal is to create as much suffering & chaos as possible then offer us the silver spoon, THE KILLER VACCINE. I am an elderly senior & do not have much time left on this earth & feel it is my duty to help to awaken the sleeping sheeple before it is too late as I was told they will never change because of their DNA. No empathy soulless demons they are. This is in the Bible somewhere. U can google it. And Jesus pointed to them and said "Your children are your food and you belong to the Synagogue of Satan." Yes folks, he was warning us and he became dangerous & you know what they did to Him after. The Rev. Dr. said the original Bible is in the Vatican and some of the books were removed and pertinent info manipulated, changed and removed so you would never find out the truth.

  10. The only reson why they conduct their own internal investigation on these officers, is to cover up their (criminal misconduct)
    and sweep it under the rug.

  11. You guys actually got an apology out of a police officer on duty you are so lucky That's probably only the second time in mankind's history that that happened

  12. Get it James and jonney they don't work for the people got for bid ,the people who pay them ,nope the corporations is now in charge now running the police and the elite, sick of this nazi's government and its everywhere

  13. I know this town extremely well and you really have no idea how horrible the police here are. It took me a long time to realize that fully crooked cops could work in a small town.

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