City CouncilMan Acts Like Toddler for 25 Minutes

According to the Times Herald Record:
Newburgh city police unions on Friday accused City Councilman-at-Large Omari Shakur of making threats and using “abusive” and vulgar language toward a police detective and another officer during an incident Tuesday.

The Police Superior Officers Association, a union for high-ranking Newburgh officers, said in a statement that Shakur told a detective, “I’m your (expletive) boss,” and threatened to run over another uniformed officer, telling him to “pull your gun out (expletive) ’cause I’m getting ready to go at you.”

Shakur, elected to his council position in November, said Friday night the detective told him to be careful or Shakur will “end up like your son.”

Shakur’s 23-year-old son, Antonio “Tony” Bryant, was shot and killed by city police during an incident in 2006 that has served as a flash point for tension between Shakur and city police officers.

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42 thoughts on “City CouncilMan Acts Like Toddler for 25 Minutes

  1. Just arrest him already, he WANTS to be arrested. He’ll probably be belligerent on the way to the station and will have to be FORCIBLY detained, and will deserve everything he gets. I have no patience for jackasses like this. Kudos to the officers for being so patient, I couldn’t do it.

  2. He needs to be checked for dwi. He sounds drunk. He's just a council member, he needs to comply with with lawful instruction. Make's me wonder the circumstances around why his son was killed during a criminal act.

  3. How generations deep of his family being in the 1% is this guy? That is the ONLY reason how someone who acts like that could have been elected. People are stupid, but I don't think people could be stupid enough to conciously decide that this is a person they want as their city councilman.

  4. Actually I have no praise for these cops. It seems like they are being nice by being patient, but they aren't, they are doing him and their community a HUGE disservice by allowing him to act this way when anyone else would've been on their way to jail 2 minutes into this. They might as well go distribute cocaine from evidence to all the junkies in town while they're at it. I'm seriously disappointed in the way this was handled. I understand the how and why, but it's just wrong in every way.

    Sometimes you can do the most harm with patience and the best intentions.

  5. First black people say cops abuse their powers now all of a sudden he's a city councilman and he's abusing his power by saying he's the cops boss, which isn't even true. Bunch of hypocrites. It's like a 6-year-old blasting his music so he can ignore his parents. Can't even rap, just mumble. Ghetto low-life trash of America. Should be fired.

  6. I am from Newburgh, NY and I know Mr. Shakur's son who was murdered by the police. They lived across the street from me on Benkard when I was 13. Tony was a cool guy and thats saying something from a guy like me who is extremely antisocial. There were a number of ways the police could have handled Tony but they picked murder. The media always sides with the cops when you are black and latino and from Newburgh but you would have to be from grand st to carpenter ave to know that.
    Mr. Shakur has been very vocal about the cops inadequate "protection" to the black and latino citizens of Newburgh and he deserves respect. Also he has been targeted by the police because of his voice. These comments are misguided and show a serious lack of knowledge of the Shakur vs Police situations. Before you judge this man, buy a casket and stand over your child in it and know the police didn't have to do your child like this, they just simply picked that.
    Mr. Shakur is fighting the good fight that democrats and republicans choose to ignore, which is the fight for the poor's protection. Caucasians of all backgrounds have no idea that this is a problem and is brainwashed by the news and movies and made to believe blacks and lationos have attitude problems thanks to our sell out actors. Caucasians really believe Blacks and Latinos don't respect the police and thats so far from the truth. Its just our community is poor and not live in a house, dad and mom have crap jobs but eventually kids go to college poor, no thats the movies. Newburgh is the kind of poor that makes decision making hard because there is no jobs, there is a major drug problem, and most importantly there is an entire country that could careless.
    I hope Mr Shakur picks his battles better because he could have lost his life or freedom but keep fighting the good fight, I have not been to Newburgh since I was 20 years old and now I am 36, its nice to finally see someone care.
    To all the racist comments, grow up and take this quick newsflash, the rich hates you just as much as they hate me and Mr Shakur, the rich need us to hate each other so we can continue helping them be rich. If being Caucasian made you better, why are you not in a mansion like them, why dont you have more cars than you need, why do you have to worry about money also. The rich are using Caucasian people and that should anger you.

  7. He should have been arrested LONG before any of this nonsense happened . No other citizen would be treated like this. Government giving government breaks to this extent is just sickening. Any other citizen would have immediately been put in cuffs or gotten a beating.

  8. Do these idiots not know the cops are the only thing keeping them from getting destroyed by people who are fed up with their ignorant ass and I’m talking Asians, whites , Mexicans, Indians both feather and dot , and even blacks from Africa can’t stand this bs

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