Can I Talk About Maryland Without YouTube Messing with Me?

I guess we’ll find out. This is a quick little blurb about truth vs. agenda when it comes to comparing and contrasting the approach the media has to incidents as described.

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I’m curious how YouTube’s channeling of “free speech” will impact this video (if at all). Time to find out.
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34 thoughts on “Can I Talk About Maryland Without YouTube Messing with Me?

  1. All who want to criticise cops might want to try taking a ride along. And yes there are a few who stepped out of high school lockers. But you have to know alot of those are weeded👀🤣 out. Lastly cops aren't policie makers. So….get off your @$$ and talk to your congressmans one ear. So it can flow out the other. Keep safe mike. God Bless

  2. Events that also get zero media coverage: crimes in progress being stopped by the presence of a firearm. 'No shots fired? Nah, we'll just go with more Trump tweets'.

  3. The problem is white men can't live without guns, they just want to be the only ones with them. It's how they stole the US from unarmed Natives and Mexico. It's how they enslaved unarmed Africans. It's how they stole Australia from unarmed Aborigines. It's how they forced their way into Africa, Japan, China, India in search of resources and riches. Now their guns are aim at the Arabs for their oil and technology. When there is talk about abolishing guns, look at who is against it and how they conduct themselves.

  4. Simple, the fascist majority Left is entirely CRIMINAL. They're NEVER in hell going to admit to anything that might be inconvenient to THEIR RITUAL TREASONOUS NARRATIVE. There can be NO possible coverage for a "good guy with a gun" whether he actually shoots the "bad guy" or just corners him so the "bad guy" shoots himself… like the cowards bad guys tend to be.
    AND for the record, no, I do NOT take the word treason lightly. It's painfully obvious at this point, with the bullying tactics and horribly uncivilized ad-hominem attacks from the Parkland kids and their handlers who help push this agenda that they're not interested in civilized discourse. It's rip down the Constitution and feed the Criminal Left's agenda to destroy social construct in America because we're REQUIRED to be THE BRAVE in our Land of the FREE. That's the price of Freedom… Bravery to live and die by it.
    Of course it's not going to be perfect, AND it's not going to be ANY DAMN BETTER just because you're trapped in the Lefties' collective Fascist State with no-neck having gorrillas pointing guns at the back of YOUR head 24/7 so you do what you're damn well told to do. Just lay there and let the nanny dictatorship deal with you as THEY see fit.
    The Federal level sees all of this as a rote to higher power, more oversight, more coverage, and more money for them… More job security, since nobody "below" them is allowed any common sensibility. If it's not expressly dictated to them, they can't be responsible enough to have it on their own.
    The most terrifying thing you'll ever hear in your life is, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you."
    …I only pray you never actually understand why I just said that. ;o)

  5. Ok, let's start with the presumption that banning the firearms in Maryland that were used in this shooting would have prevented it. Nor would universal background checks etc. etc. I agree completely. I give you the example of Gianluigi Ferra who killed 7 people at 101 California St. San Francisco with guns that were illegal in California. He went to Nevada to buy them. When they interviewed the store owner who sold him the guns as to why he did it his response was "how did I know what he was going to do with them?" Hmmm, maybe thats an argument for not selling them? The female officer that went in with others and eventually killed him was incredibly brave and courageous so major props to her. But I digress. That's single incident analysis. What your argument doesn't reconcile is the number of incidents these laws might prevent. It's the same tired argument the nra has been making since christ left Chicago. No gun law is going to prevent the really determined individual from committing some atrocity, so why bother. This is so prima facie stupid that no further comment is necessary.
    Now let's get to the weapons that you are advocating by the shirt you are wearing. Since you are advocating honesty, and I'm all for that, I'm a hunter, lifetime member in California Waterfowl and DU member by the way. I own a Benelli 20 ga. Browning 12, Winchester 28 and several semi-auto handguns. My rifle is a Remington .280. I can afford to buy quality. Nothing I hunt, or ever would hunt, requires a .50 ca round. I would never in my life contemplate spending 8 K on a rifle such as the Styr HS .50 M1. That weapon and many many more like it are for one purpose and one purpose only; killing people. The complete answer is not only to make them illegal to sell, transfer, or possess, but to outlaw their manufacture; EXCEPT for military's.

    Last thing; you are a little light on your understanding of statistics and probability. Your math and conclusion about peaceful encounters with cops and violent encounters needs a lot of work. Do the same analysis with respect to colored people as a % of the population and then correlate with the number of violent/nonviolent incidents. Next, drill down further and do the same just for black males. Then do it for black males under 40. Guess what?

    You seem interested in balance and critical thinking. Do more of it.

  6. The CIA, NSA control MSNBC and thus control what can be pounded on or not, they choose the drum to beat on. Good cops doing great things also don't sell like failed cops do, it is the sickness in our media to shine light on failures of our system not successes in return we should continue like you sir to shine light on the sucesses and the cockroaches whom ignore the truth and wish to see us fail.

  7. Part time mil. instructor
    There's a huge problem with the videos available on "self defence" shootings. It seems like the legal carry shooter panics, sprays an entire magazine into a crowded restaurant and does NOT hit what he/she is aiming for. In the military each instructor is given rather free reign on how to induce panic, and teach people how to deal with it. The only solution I can see to this problem in the civilian realm is limiting the gun laws to derringers. If the shooter knows there's only one shot, he/she is less likely to spray, and take proper aim instead. Kind of a 'sink or swim' approach. I've found that most people, when forced to control their emotions, can.

  8. Yeah gun laws here in Maryland are pretty shitty. I am looking to buy an AR, or "assault rifle" as people call it, pretty soon before laws get even worse over here in California's ugly younger step sister Maryland.

  9. Right on Mike! Mental health or lack of Mental Health facilities is the biggest crisis in America and no one wants to talk about it. It's always the "guns" fault.

  10. Ik I live in md these gun laws here and everywhere are dumb as shit like the 10 round magazine limit like the criminals goin be havin a 10 round magazine in his rifle when they gt 15 in the handgun which they mostly use

  11. I can't even wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance that is required to simultaneously view the police as racist tools of the oppressive white patriarchy of an oppressive regime, that sometimes kills people just because they don't like their skin color, but then in the same breath marches in the street to ensure they are the only ones allowed to be armed.

  12. Liberalism/leftism is a mental disorder. The same idiots you saw marching yesterday with signs and chants, calling for (duh, how else could it happen?) the POLICE to go door to door under color of law, confiscating legally purchased firearms from newly designated "criminals", and if the police tell you to do something, OK, and you say, no, make me, the only thing they can do is shoot you; were marching just a few months ago to put these same police in jail for shooting previously convicted felons using illegally possessed firearms in the commission of new felonies, because when the police said, do so and so, the felons said, no.. You can't even make that shit up, Six months ago they were making videos about how to abolish the police, now they want laws to make the police confiscate your guns. Or the police will shoot you. Da fuque?

  13. While you are listing things that didn't stop this shooting, how about mentioning Maryland's statute 609.666 Negligent Storage of Firearms, and 2016 Maryland Code Public Safety Regulated Firearms Subtitle 1 – Regulated Firearms § 5-132. Handgun safety devices? From the reports I've read, either of these would have prevented the shooter from using the weapon, if they had been properly followed. There's no doubt the majority of the guilt for this crime lies with Austin Rollins, the shooter. But if the reports are correct and he was using his father's gun, then his father may also bear some responsibility for this tragedy. One thing which has been demonstrated time and time again is that all gun owners must be extremely careful about how their weapons are stored, or more tragedies like this are unavoidable.

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