Can Democrats meet this historic moment? Yes. But will they?

From our TRNN #InaugurationDay livestream, our own Jaisal Noor reports on the key challenges Democrats face in the Biden era and how to avoid the electoral pitfalls of past administrations. Then, Noor gives us a preview of the important stories from D.C. and beyond that he will be covering in the coming weeks and months at TRNN.

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “Can Democrats meet this historic moment? Yes. But will they?

  1. Can the two parties the same against humanity and keeping the sleeping zombies divided with evil propaganda from the evilest elites ever much longer

  2. u folks are delusional. the epidemic is a hoax. there are no surplus bodies stackin up like cord wood in a reefer van out on the back parking lot of the hospital. the death rate of 8.9 per thousand has remained constant for many years. However, corona is real, and u can catch a case of it jis like any other flu, and if the doctors purposefully apply the incorrect treatment, like crammin a plastic tube down ur throat, well, u gonna die, but ur death will remain within the expected number of deaths per year. As far as the demos are concerned, they are bought and paid for by the CHICOMS. U all better go read all of the inscriptions on the Georgia Guide Stones. Dont worry about 2022 or 2024, by 2024 there may be fewer than 100 million population in the USA. U boys aint seen nuthin yet. The real death increase starts when the cares money runs out, the unemployment compensation runs out, the food banks run out, and the eviction moratorium ends, and finally, the casino stock market on Wall Street craps-out jis like did Las Vegas, and the CHICOM Demos come after the 401K and other retirement accounts of the retired middle class and they all starve to death. And in the middle of all of this there is going to be a false flag even with a bunch of actual dead by AR15 people this time, probably at a southern high school in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama at a predominately Negro High School carried out by at least 2 Aryan Brotherhood Proud Boys White Supremacists, because the CHICOM Demos know what could happen when the truth finally slams the stoopid middle class squarely in the face, and ALL of the guns must be confiscated for keeping the slaves without any means of resistance. P.S.: Here is some real news u folks can go flesh out. If this is a real epidemic why are there about 9,000 hospitals throughout the country getting ready to close??? Would it not be all hands on deck if this is a real epidemic??? Also, if these doctors and nurses all so overworked, how do they find the time to call in Paula Abdoula and work out a dance routine in the hall ways of the ICU??? I suggest you folks get yo hed out yo ass and go do some actual investigative journalism. P.S.: I am neither a demo nor a repub, and I do not buy into the blu/red left/right conflict paradigm. I am probably a pure communist benevolent dictator like King Richard Harris in Camelot; and also like every properly functional family unit in the world.

  3. I didn’t vote for President Biden. I voted against 45. Washington is a mess because Democrats have stood by for the last 40 years watching it happen. Democrats are not playing to advance their policies, they are playing to bargain and water them down slowly.

  4. not a chance in hell, they are paid to be zero opposition. They are going to lose BIGLY in 2022.
    we will still be dealing with covid in 2022 and beyond

  5. The "Democratic" Party isn't fighting for the people. This interview is pretty ridiculous. Why don't you get folx from the Green Party for a counter point to this nonsense?

  6. People who have the ability to see
    Auras will see that Joe Biden is
    surrounded by White Light.
    He's supported and protected by
    Divine Energy and people are
    going to be amazed by what
    he accomplishes.

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