“Call Granny, bro! I’m going away for life!”

Regular viewers might remember Brent Gaines, the Universal Studios employee with no driver’s license who was arrested while driving his brother’s car back in 2018. At the time, the passengers in his car included his brother’s Percocet and some weed.

This time around, we fast forward to the summer of 2020, where we catch up with Mr. Gaines once again. In this installment, he is a bit more “emotional” — as the police report put it — lamenting the fact that he was caught with sale-and-delivery quantities of drugs as well as a firearm.

As a felon.

Somewhat remarkably, Brent Gaines is currently out of jail, released on his own recognizance as he awaits trial — currently scheduled for spring 2021.

Edit: I should clarify the reason Gaines was released. Gaines’ original bond was set at a solid $100,450, which he had not been able to post. Accordingly, he spent a month hanging out in jail. Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.134 states that on the 30th day after an arrest, the Court shall order the Defendant released on their own recognizance on the 33rd day, unless the State files formal charges by that date. For whatever reason, the State delayed in filing charges. That’s why he is out on ROR. Not because the judge decided to overlook the whole ‘felon with a firearm committing new felonies’ thing.


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35 thoughts on ““Call Granny, bro! I’m going away for life!”

  1. Everybody knows you carry weed in ONE bag. He was just asking for a trafficking charge. And I ain't never mess with no powders or nothing like that. I was in a lot of shit 40-plus years ago and did my time and never looked back. Not so much as a traffic ticket. And these days Lord knows we all should at least be able to have a gun if we wanted one, but not me! Even after all that good time and having a gold seal from the governor you still can't have a gun somebody could shoot me tomorrow.

  2. I mean the marijuana he may not actually be the dealer he could've just came from his dealers place and got all that weed. As for the Firearm wellll you fucked up there bud the meth was a major fuck up as well they might've let you off with the weed bruv

  3. Sovereign citizens and such going down is great, but this one is just sad. Why is the war on drugs still a thing? Who the fuck cares if people are smoking and selling weed? Hopefully it won't turn out as bad as he thinks but if he's actually facing down a life sentence for something this minor then clearly that's just a huge red flag that the system is horribly flawed and needs to be fixed immediately.

  4. It just really sucks when the PO-LEASE make you ride your motorcycle without its lights on, smoke enough pot to smell it, AFTER YOU'VE RIDDEN SAID MOTORCYCLE, and the pot you have is laced with meth. POT LIVES MATTER!

  5. These videos are remarkably similar to a past television show "Reno 911" which leads me to believe that they are staged with B actors. Somewhat real but the underlying current of scripted hilariousness is a dead giveaway.

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