Bolsonaro banned from politics—is Trump next?

Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has been barred from holding political office for the next eight years. The country’s Supreme Court ruled on June 30 that he had abused his political power, attacked the electoral system and misused the media. Analysts say he’s likely to suffer more consequences, as this was just one of more than a dozen cases pending against the former president.

The ruling has left some wondering how Bolsonaro could be stripped of his right to hold office in Brazil, while his idol, Donald Trump, in the United States is still a leading candidate for the Republican nomination next year. For legal scholars, the answer comes down to the differing role of free speech rights in each country.

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46 thoughts on “Bolsonaro banned from politics—is Trump next?

  1. Biden has been the MOST AUTHORITARIAN PRESIDENT, Trump is NOT the problem. It is the real facists, the Marxist Progressives who are the real threat. Obama & Biden ATTACK whistleblowers & The Press who report the truth.

  2. It’s a banana republic, just as the US has now become. Effectively prohibiting or trying to imprison political opposition is totalitarian. Both countries are a disgrace to the ideals of democracy, a,though I’d argue there is never democracy without proportional representation anyway.

  3. So this is the way that the oligarchs and big business is going to control the world this is a travesty of free people to hold free world elections

  4. Hopefully we who are most affected by the policies of the class which Bolsonaro is part and parcel of can see in Brazil a small though for the Brazilian people especially a significant victory against those who rule without true consent of the majority and against their interests with lies and populist rhetoric. I hope that the American system of judicial processes can move with celerity and without undue hindrance to perhaps find the ways and means to show that D. Trump is unfit for any political office by his criminal activities (I'm certain many Americans feel that there could be many more malfeasances which might be added to the reasoning for banning him from holding political office) before he is able to barge in where he doesn't belong once again.

  5. This is a dangerous precedent. The allegations are weak. Politicians should be allowed to allege that elections are fraudulent because sometimes they are. It doesn't matter whether this one was or not. Balsonaro and his pet judge used lawfare against Lula and Dilma Rousseff years ago. The left-liberals now use such a weapon against their adversary which legitimizes it. This won't have the effect they think it will have. This is the same short-sighted thinking that has much of the left defending online censorship because some "Not Sees" say the N word sometimes. It's not in anyone's interests, especially the left, to allow the neo-liberal-corporate oligarchy to censor our speech, though. This is madness and I have to wonder what has happened to Lula.

  6. They shouldn't have banned him. They should have given him the death penalty to set an example. He completely tore the country apart, leading to misery for millions. Similarly, Trump needs to go to prison or get the death penalty.

  7. Who decides what is truth and is not? The real news network or myself? Community or myself? Those who benefit from the (true) statement or myself? Maybe the statement which best benefits myself. Is this the real measure of truth for myself? After all, a thought process had to be introduced to me before adopting the thought. Was that thought process a benefit for me and/or a benefit to the teacher?
    Who teaches truth which is not a benefit to the teacher? This would be unbiased truth … so rare as to be missed by the masses. Rare, unbiased truth has little competitive chance to spread until its time. Then, it cannot be stopped … god help us all !

  8. That’s called the weaponization of the “legal system.” Tactics most communist and banana republics use. Don’t be fooled. You don’t want to live in a country that employs such tactics. Wake up and quit being manipulated.

  9. LOL, didn't the same supreme court overturn Lula's conviction so he could be reinstalled as president!?!?!? Millions of people protested and no investigation ever……

  10. The saboteurs of democracy are active in EVERY ONE of the world's democracies. AND THEY ARE ALL ON THE RIGHT. These days, simply restoring the fair and transparent democratic process is revolutionary.

  11. When u start to ban ur political opponents then it is not democracy. U say u believe in it..u even took it as part of ur name…lets see if u are as big a hypocrite as I suspect u are.

  12. The US should learn this from Brazil – it's not that complicated to ban Fascists from running for public offices in government.

  13. Okay for one thing I do not support any political party until I know all of the facts. And that includes Trump, Biden any of them it doesn't matter, I look for their actual honesty, what they actually do when put in office, then I can figure out if the moving lips of a politician truly are one of liars like most of the time or did they ever actually fulfill any of the promises that they ran their campaigns on. Were they true to their word to the people on what they ran on now that they are in office whoever it may be that's what should be truly looked at. Someone starts acting outside of the law then yeah it's time to get them the hell out of there! That's the whole point of the system that's how the system should work. Without an informed citizenry you do not have a democracy.
    I don't know what they have is so-called free speech, but that's not real free speech! No, I don't know what this guy may have done, but disregarding all that. How can you have a true democracy without real free speech that cannot be violated by the government! That is the mark of a true democracy! Without real free speech then you don't have a real democracy! The world is in a sad State of Affairs! Now none of this means that I and defending Trump or Biden for whatever happened nobody really knows that's the whole point of having free speech is so you can ask the question to find out what's really going on and investigate (that don't mean a government can investigate itself, that never Leads to a "Just Outcome") what's really needed in all cases of any government corruption, what IS needed is an External Investigation Made of a coalition of the actual Current Citizens of That Country find the Truth! That's what complete free speech enables a Free and Informed Society to do so they know the totality of information so the citizens of a country can make an informed decision when they vote for who to put in office! What has happened here is a real travesty to democracy! You cannot limit free speech for any of something that someone may have said, regardless if it's true or not that's up to the citizens to discern that information, as long as it's not some type of actual hate speech something that is already illegal, disinformation whatever that is, which is just another form of saying lying (All Politicians Lie, thats part of the so called game), so unless the people think the government can discern what is legal for someone to say that isn't hate speech, that's up to the public, the people to decide not a government entity or government worker or any of that, Free Speech has nothing to do with the role the government plays, they should have their hands off of free speech because without it you do not have a free democracy and informed citizenship that can elect an informed way then there's no democracy, it's not real, you have to have Informed Consent of The People for the leaders to actually be leaders! Free Speech shall not be infringed in any way by the government.

  14. Trump can not be banned from politics cuz there's a Constitution and a Conservative supreme court. Brazil and Lula….really?? Even if Trump is sent to prison, which will not happen, most will still vote for him and if he wins he will govern from prison. Trump is a man of firsts…well, this would definately be a historical first.

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