Bodycam Video Shows Officer Track and Kill Mass Shooter at Allen Outlet Mall

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Allen, Texas — On May 6, 2023, an Allen Police Officer speaking to a mother and her two kids heard off more than 10 gunshots in the distance, at the Allen Premium Outlets mall. The officer calls in the shots fired over the radio and another round of gunfire is heard. The officer grabs his weapon and tells shoppers to get down. The officer runs across the outlet mall for approximately two-to-three minutes, and multiple rounds of gunfire are heard throughout this time. The video was edited by the department to blur out the faces of civilians and victims, and some language was removed. In it, gunshots ring out and the officer is heard saying, “Shots fired. Shots fired. We got people running.” He grabs his gun, yells for people to “Get moving!” and heads toward the gunfire.

About four minutes into the footage, the officer raises his weapon and shoots at gunman, identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia. After he fires several more times, it’s eerily quiet for the first time since the chaotic footage began. “Shots fired by police. I got him down!” The officer shoots two more times, and screams, “Drop the gun!” Little more than five minutes after the footage began, the officer had fatally shot Garcia. Another officer approaches Garcia’s body and the officer who ended the mass shooting, says, “We got him bro… we got him.” Garcia murdered 8 people and wounded another 7 people when he went on his deadly rampage. On June 26, The Texas Rangers and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office presented the evidence to the grand jury. After reviewing the evidence, they ruled the use of force was justified under Texas law.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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34 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows Officer Track and Kill Mass Shooter at Allen Outlet Mall

  1. At the last school shooting the punk ass cops waited for swat. This courageous BLACK officer ran towards the gunfire.

  2. Cop has way better self control than me I woulda emptied the clip on his ass just to make sure he understands the second amendment Mercia but still sucks that cop has to see that

  3. I love how he's so pumped , he can't even recognize that filthy dogs life has long been gone after the straight dome shot. Multiple people telling him he's down but he's still ready to go. Absolute beast , a rare breed in society anymore indeed.

  4. Now THIS….is how cops should be trained. From speaking to a family in an informative way….to an instant reaction towards saving lives…and not taking them unjustly. No doubt, THIS was justly. Uvalde cops should be ashamed.

  5. The term "hero" is so overused in our media. In this case the officer exemplified what a true HERO is. Takes a lot of courage to go after a psycho killer solo without any backup. Thank you for all the lives you saved that day!

  6. I know its hard to tell how far away the shots were but wish he would have drove towards it. This is coming from someone with zero law enforcement experience though. He still did a tremendous job taking down this POS and showed incredible bravery.

  7. THIS is exactly what a REAL hero does! This Officer is the very model of what LEOs everywhere should be, running toward the danger with the objective of protecting citizens and with little regard for his own safety. KUDOS to this brave man!! 🫡👮🏿‍♂

  8. He went from big titties to getting after it. Damn I need big breast to get as hype as this foo did, to do my job good. Make titties great again

  9. All the liberal news stations are blaming Republicans, far right extremist, Nazi's etcetera. Well I guess Ill vote for Biden then and leave the right. NOT

  10. Its pretty ballsy to go into an active shooter situation, even if you have a gun.. There could be more than one shooter, you just dont know.. Its not for everybody.. Its easy to say i wouldve done the same but as weve seen before when push comes to shove its not actually that easy.. Cops did a great job & good cops deserve the credit..

  11. So where were the law abiding citizens with guns stopping this gunman? what the fuck is the point for open carry if people aint going to be using it???!!

  12. "This is why absolutely no law abiding citizens should be allowed to own any firearms of any sort." – every liberal and especially the politicians they vote for.

  13. Thank you Officer Allen. Gosh, I can't imagine the 180, going from talking to children, meeting them at their level and teaching seatbelts to a 180, hearing gunshots and having to completely change gears and deal with a massive shooter and seeing death. Thank you for doing what you do. I hope he's doing okay.

  14. Ignorant tools saying cop out of shape. They don’t know chit. It was a life and death situation, Adrenalin going, he ran a lot, stress city. They talk like they’ve been in his situation.

  15. This man is Definitely braver than most. Possibly even more than his supervisors. Hmmm this man should earns every promotion available for this

  16. after those cops got run through the mud in that school shooting the SOP changed from wait for backup and heavy guns to act now

  17. 0:44: Round in chamber – stays calm when finding duty rifle and immediately chambers a round
    1:34: Slings weapon – while gaining more situational awareness he slings the duty rifle to get better control
    3:03: Switches to Fire – getting closer to shots it sounds like the safety is engaged here, can't be sure, but appropriate timing
    3:27: Chamber check – making sure a round is in the chamber
    3:33: first shots from officer. Sights in and takes well aimed shots, even if he doesn't hit the shooter here he is at least getting inside their OODA loop and causing them to focus less on defenseless people in order to actively seek out who is returning fire or seek cover.
    3:40: Ignores radio continues to return fire

    The Officer knew how to use their duty rifle and moved quickly to the shooter with zero backup. Amazing job.

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