Bodycam Shows Danville Police Officer Shooting Man After Pulling a Knife

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Danville, California — The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office released body cam footage of the fatal police shooting of 32-year-old Tyrell Wilson. The video footage that was released involves Danville Police officer Andrew Hall and took place on March 11, 2021. He was called to a Danville intersection to investigate a report of a man throwing rocks at passing cars. In the video, Wilson pulls a knife while backing away from the officer and says “touch me and see what’s up.” Hall has his gun pointed at Wilson, who then says “kill me,” while taking two small steps forward. That’s when Hall fired his fatal shot. Wilson died from his injuries at the hospital.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


24 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Danville Police Officer Shooting Man After Pulling a Knife

  1. maybe the circumstances makes it going really wild once a knife bumps up.. there were a lot of better ways to end it more professionally. for example shooting at his hand, or keeping more distance..

  2. Took the 1st opportunity he could to shoot the man in the head. Thankfully "Officer" Andrew Hall is now facing two felony charges; voluntary manslaughter and assault with a semiautomatic firearm. after being charged in a deadly 2018 shooting. I'm sure he'll be held accountable right?

  3. Internet providers hate him. This dude just got uploaded to the next life at a few thousand feet per second.

    Why would you think threatening the fuzz with a knife would go well in any scenario???

  4. Executed for throwing rocks, jaywalking and holding a knife. No judge, no jury, just trigger happy, killer cop. Hall also murdered Laudemer Arboleda in Danville in 2018. The only two police shootings that I can recall in the Diablo Valley having lived there for 25 years were committed by the same coward cop.

    EVERY Police Officers Home Address and telephone number should be as visible as their Badge number. What's the line that those tyrannist Oath abdicators always use…? Ah, If you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to worry about!
    Also, no more Police Unions – that's a conflict of interest and unethical. Also, Officers will be held PERSONALLY liable for all costs incurred due to lawsuits – no more public taxes to pay for the mistakes of crappy, cowardly cops. Also, independent investigations into police misconduct – no more cops getting the A-OKAY by their own department or District Attorney for misconduct and abuse (ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US, not against us, REMEMBER?)

    Danville used to be a nice place to live before scumbags like Andrew Hall showed up and began his sociopathic murdering spree. Officer Kim Cogo pulled a gun on me around 2010 for turning right at a red light. I made a formal complaint about that occasion. Danville was cool in the 80's and 90's before the word got out and every rich, narcissistic , nosey, self-righteous Jackwad showed up with their Range Rovers, Teslas and Mercedes Benz's and ruined everything with their overpriced, yuppie wine bars and $35 cardboard-crust pizzas. We used to have a KFC, Burger King and Yogurt Park but they're all gone now for trendy, rich-yuppy/Babyboomer, Wine-O garbage.

    Danville, CA – where the Police presence is GROSSLY overly abundant and virtually unneeded (unless we're talking about murdering people and terrorizing kids on skateboards and bicycles) I was once harassed in Danville for wearing a Carhartt jacket while walking (those cops sent units to my home while they detained me – SUPER CREEPY! I informed them that they were making me uncomfortable and that I feared for my safety – I cut my walk short and went home feeling totally violated and confused)

    Danville cops will illegally search your person without any probable cause if you're male between the ages of 18-25 and waiting for a ride. Way to go, you wastes of space. The town of Danville pays all of you trash to collect revenue by writing tickets.

    The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department routinely abuses, tortures and kills people in their custody at the County Jail in Martinez. Alameda County is no better. I was attacked, beaten, tazed, striped naked and chained to a ring in the floor by my ankles where I was left to lay in my own urine for over 12 hours with ZERO medical attention. A female deputy video-recorded the entire altercation with a handheld camera which MAGICALLY never made it to evidence or my Discovery. This was for a simple DUI.

    After they let me out and put me back in room 9 the costumed-clowns attacked a black dude, ramming his head against the concrete wall multiple times BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO SIGN A WAIVER ALLOWING THE DEPUTIES TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL TO THE SUPERBOWL… After the deputies brutally assault people they high-five, celebrate and mock the unarmed person they attacked with their 5 against 1 odds. True cowards that wouldn't last 5 minutes alone.

    Sheriff Scumbag David Livingston needs to resign or be fired (or Incarcerated) Perhaps he can lay bricks or dig holes with his little tin badge (if he can bend over with that fat stomach that is)

    As Americans we need to get the corrupt-creeps, tyrants, terrorists and sociopaths OUT of positions of government and authority. Strict, short term limits for all positions and VERY low caps for campaign contributions.

    I for one am sick of watching people in government blow off WE THE PEOPLE and cater only to the super wealthy corporate types.

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