Bodycam Shows Cops Shooting at Armed Fleeing Suspect After a Police Chase in Sparks, Nevada

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Sparks, Nevada — The Sparks Police Department released body camera footage of a shooting of a suspect who led authorities on a chase from Sparks to the Derby Dam area on May 5, 2020. The suspect was identified as 39-year-old sparks resident, Joseph Patrick Williams. The sparks police department received a call from a store clerk at the convenience store at 1701 Victorian avenue. The clerk stated, Williams stole alcohol and left the store in a gray and black truck. Officers were nearby when the call was received and arrived on scene less than one minute after being dispatched. Responding officers located a dark-colored truck being driven by Williams, which matched the description provided by the reporting party. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle however Williams continued to drive erratically by periodically stopping and then driving off again. While officers were attempting to stop the vehicle, they heard what they believed was a possible gunshot coming from the truck. Officers also learned Williams had previously been arrested, for battery with a deadly weapon and eluding officers. Williams continued driving without stopping and ran several red lights. Williams eventually turned north off of Glendale avenue and stopped at a dead end on Dermody way.

Due to the Williams erratic actions and criminal history officers did not approach him. Williams refused to exit the truck and told officers to approach the vehicle instead. For over 10 minutes, officers on scene attempted to de-escalate the situation by negotiating with Williams. Williams then drove into a fence in an apparent attempt to leave the area. Officers were unable to safely contain Williams in the dead end and used a (Pursuit Immobilization Technique) or PIT, to stop Williams from leaving. The PIT was unsuccessful and Williams drove towards I-80 and entered the freeway with the vehicle headlights off. Williams continued to drive on the interstate without headlights on. Due to the danger Williams was presenting to himself, officers and the public, officers requested the Nevada Highway Patrol used stop strips, to render the Williams vehicle inoperable. After driving over the stop strip, Williams continued to drive the truck with a flat tire. NHP troopers deployed a second set of stop strips, which flattened additional tires on the vehicle, but Williams continued driving. Williams then crossed the median and momentarily drove into oncoming traffic. Due to the immediate risk to the public a second PIT was performed and successfully stopped the vehicle.

After the truck was stopped, Williams again attempted to leave the area, by driving the truck towards officers, by hitting their patrol cars. As Williams continued to drive the truck towards officers, officers fired their service weapons at Williams. Williams continued to attempt to drive away but could not due to his truck being disabled. Williams condition was not immediately known to the officers and medical attention was requested. Officers could see Williams moving in the truck, but he would not respond to their commands. Because of the Williams criminal history, the officers hearing a possible gunshot during the pursuit and his erratic behavior, officers on scene did not approach the vehicle and continued to order the suspect to exit. Williams eventually exited the vehicle and was taken into custody without further incident. Williams was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. Williams survived his injuries and was later booked into the Washoe County Detention Facility. The investigation later revealed, a black semi-automatic handgun on the floorboard of the passenger compartment of Williams vehicle.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows Cops Shooting at Armed Fleeing Suspect After a Police Chase in Sparks, Nevada

  1. I honestly don’t know how law enforcement does it!!
    I think every kid growing up at some point in their lifetime wanted to be a police man. May 28, would be a day that the narrative would begin to be pushed in the United States. The objective was to make every officer become racist, to make every officer a villain a corrupt officer against one race..
    Lies, all lies.
    But they will continue to push this narrative until the American people are disarmed in law-enforcement is disarmed. Every single officer in their state, when there is any officer related shooting that’s being questioned and you know legitimately the individual was breaking the law. You should go home. You should go home. Kill your governor and mayor‘s there’s no crime there’s no issues here you handle it today.
    I have washed live feeds and I have never been lead to feel the way I have felt to be helpless for trying to help our law enforcement. I watched a live feeds from Oregon, or police officers were consistently attacked but yet main stream media is just peaceful protest. I don’t know how law enforcement does it. I really don’t.. all we can say from those of us are no know better.. thank you

  2. Where's the LT? Right question about every officer. Also, the NHP was like nah you guys can have that, we did our job with the strips. Talk about cross fire!

  3. So his truck is completely immobilized and blocked in and they're using him as target practice? Not the best display of police work.

  4. Dummy. "Look at what YOU did" Wtf??!! What is wrong with these fools man? How he avoided all those bullets is a god damned miracle. He should of looked like swiss cheese!!

  5. Four wheels. A sterring wheel. A motor. What else you need to know? Hell with it. Fell asleep when they passed Ft. Lauderdale. They call him Smokin Joe! A living legend in them parts!

  6. Were the police shooting at him with guns or were they just making pew pew noises over the PA? How did that douche-nozzle not get perforated a dozen times? How many times can you possibly miss?

  7. if i was the officer in the video i would ram the sh*t out of that guys truck the first time he stopped and started driveing again.

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