Bodycam Shows 6 Time DUI Suspect Trying To Run From Police Officers

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On Monday, May 30, shortly after 11:30 PM, a South Milwaukee police officer, who was transporting an inmate, observed a speeding car that was deviating in and out of its designated lane on I-794 at Jefferson St. The officer initiated a traffic stop and called for deputies to respond to investigate at I-43 northbound and Fond du Lac Avenue. The operator was identified by a revoked driver’s license as Keith R. Christon, 36-years-old, of Cudahy. Christon said he had two beers, and had an open Corona beer in the front cup holder. He tested .14 on the PBT.

When he saw the results, Christon ran across all freeway lanes and tried to jump over the wall. Deputies caught him as he tried to jump the wall, and had to use a taser in order to handcuff him. The deputies suffered minor injuries in the altercation. Christon has five prior DUI convictions: August 2000, March 2001, August 2006, October 2006 and January 2013. He is currently on felony parole for his fourth DUI offense, and on probation for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. If convicted of all charges, Christon faces up to 12 years and nine months in prison.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Bodycam Shows 6 Time DUI Suspect Trying To Run From Police Officers

  1. He plead guilty to one felony count of DWI as part of a deal. The charge of resisting/obstructing an officer was dismissed as a result of the deal. Punishment: 24 months in prison, credit for 93 days time served, 18 months extended supervision. $600 fine and court costs. How many of you wanna bet he will go for six?

  2. In the Czech Republic, you get caught with the slightest amount of alcohol in you, you lose your driver's license. Period.

    How the fuck did he still have a license?!

  3. As soon as he finished the straight line walk drill, I would of put him in cuffs. He dead tried to be cute when he turned around trying to spin around like Micheal Jackson tf lmao.

  4. I think revoking the license is a stupid consequence. If someone has disregard for others and still drives drunk, having a license is not even relevant. Wonder how much of a deterrent it really is?

  5. I'd love to see one of the penalties as losing your car. If you drive on a suspended license… boom, gone unless there is some rare compelling argument otherwise. No chance at three DUIs.

  6. What an idiot! Why is he allowed 6 DUI arrests? Are they waiting for him to kill somebody before they lock him away? It’s scary to think of how many times he drove drunk but wasn’t caught

  7. This is just ANOTHER example of the liberal rotten corrupt government of ours failing to protect any of it's citizens while they rob us of everything we work for. What is a 6 TIME CAUGHT DUI guy doing walking around free in society????? SIX is only the number of times we caught this trash bag, and who knows the hundreds of time he drives like that and how many licenses he has had in different states under phony names and on it goes to pay greedy attorneys that will do anything for a buck and the judges that will do anything for a donation and of course those are certainly NOT BRIBES are they? Only here in a country totally without morals and ethics any more and out of control.

  8. In California its no different. The sister of friend of mine died to a 3 time DUI lady driver, who was drunk again during that accident. The DUI driver ran over my friends sister while on her motorbike. This was last memorial day, and you can only imagine the anger of my friend knowing a lady who was previously convicted of 3 DUI's still had a license that ended up killing her loved one. We need tougher laws/consequences for these criminals.

  9. In the US, we need different DUI commercials. "Driver sober. Or get pulled over." I get it, catchy limmerick. Cute. But we need a commercial showing the brutal reality. Show some drunk bastard mowing down a family or blowing through a crosswalk and hitting a couple dozen pedestrians. Get UK commercials and recreate them

  10. What the hell I lost my license for speeding 5 – 10 mph and this nigga has 6 DUIs but still has a license. What kinda shit is that?

  11. What's with those drunkenness tests? I wouldn't be able to pass half of them sober, yet there's a lot of videos of drunk people seemingly passing them.

  12. There should be no such thing as a 6 time DUI suspect. He should be in prison for a long time after the 3rd or 4th or 5th!

  13. "He is currently on felony parole for his fourth DUI offense, and on probation" – now pending his FIFTH DUI offense, and obviously breaking his parole/probation along with resisting arrest…. He needs life in jail not 12 years

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