Bodycam Footage Shows Female Officer Shot During Ambush in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona — The Phoenix Police Department has released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on April 14, 2022. This incident occurred in the area of Cave Creek and Beardsley Road when two officers responded to a gas station to speak with a woman who called the police about her suicidal boyfriend, the 35-year-old male suspect. The woman told the officers she came to the gas station to make a report because she was afraid there would be a violent confrontation between the suspect and police if they came to where the couple was staying.

The two officers were at the gas station interviewing the girlfriend when the suspect arrived in a light blue sedan at about 10:35 a.m. The female officer started to approach the suspect’s vehicle when he raised a gun and shot her, causing her to fall to the ground. The male officer took cover and returned fire. The suspect then started shooting at the male officer, missing him and striking a vehicle and the building behind him. The suspect took off from the scene, abandoned his vehicle, and called an associate to pick him up. He eluded police for the next 3 days, until we received a community tip that led us to a property in Scottsdale, near 66th Street and Osborne Road.

The suspect was ultimately arrested after Detectives from the tactical support bureau surrounded the location and negotiated with him for several hours. They utilized less-lethal tactics, including tear gas, to encourage a surrender and avoid an armed confrontation. The suspect was transported to the hospital for injuries he suffered during the original shootout at Cave Creek and Beardsley Roads. After being released from the hospital, the suspect was booked into jail for two counts of attempted murder, among other charges. The female officer who was injured in this shooting has been with the department for 23 years and is assigned to the Black Mountain Precinct. She remains under medical care.

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0:00 – Incident Location Map
0:16 – 911 Call
1:37 – Bodycam: Female Officer
2:16 – Bodycam: Male Officer

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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40 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Female Officer Shot During Ambush in Phoenix, Arizona

  1. She shouldn’t have approached the vehicle like that, the way he pulled up you could almost anticipate it getting ugly, 23 years on the force and no instincts?

  2. Listen folks, we all get that when you dial 911 it's probably because you find yourself in one of the worst situations ever. But please, for the love of God, you have to be able to articulate ACCURATELY what is happen. You should always start your response with
    I need ___ ( Police, Fire or medical ) at __ ( give exact address or the name of business and closest cross street ) and then in the most simple terms explain what is happening.
    Example for this would have been " Hello, I need medical and possible police at _____, my boyfriend is suicidal and I just left the house where he was hitting himself and attempting to hang himself. Hes not in a good place mentally and I believe police presents would escalate the situation ".

    Again, I can sympathize with the caller and I understand it's a highly stressful, highly emotional situation, but her call is an example of what not to do. When you can not give good information, you're literally making the situation worse.

    This has been my public service announcement.

  3. dammit man.. they should not have approached him like this knowing what they knew. props to them for quick return of fire but the first officer would be dead right now if backup wasn't there. im not sure what other way they could've taken care of this, but walking toward him like "hey here he is, hes right here" like they found a Stray cat. how frightening. this perp is such a coward. he should've just popped himself in the head and been done with it. coward

  4. Just laying there was a death sentence for her. She is extremely lucky the perp didn't shoot her more and her partner returned fire quickly enough to save her. Her partner keeps falling to the ground and gets on his radio one second after the initial engagement. He assumes since the car starts moving that the perp is driving away and lowers his guard way too fast. I hate seeing officers so eager to get on the radio. Wait till you are in a better position of dominance in the fight

  5. Damn where is the rest of this at? I know that wasn't it! How would the suspect just happen to know exactly where she is? I kinda feel like the girlfriend might have been told to go there or she'd be harmed. Especially since she said she had taken the car. But guess we won't know for a while, I'm just rambling.
    edit: Hope the female officer is going to be alright!

  6. "i mean, he's crazy, but please no cops, cause the paramedics could go in and get their heads bashed in without protection, that would calm him down, i think…" … listen sunshine, maybe your stupidity might have something to do with his mental status?! …

  7. Wow the caller is asking to send the ambulance and not the police. They are NOT law enforcement. They take people to the hospital, not arrest people. Smh

  8. Where are the full videos at! I remember when police activity used to show entire videos… Vote for Trump so we can make police activity great again

  9. Didn't seem that suicidal, shoots a cop then stays on the run for three days with gunshot wounds. If he really wanted to die, there sure are a lot of easier ways to go about it. Guy seems like a lunatic that probably went to the gas station to kill his girlfriend and the cops. Got shot then had second thoughts.

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