Bodycam Footage of Chicago Police Shooting Adam Toledo

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Chicago, Illinois — The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released video of the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. Video footage of the shooting, released shows a CPD officer, later identified as Eric Stillman, shooting Adam once in the chest around 2:30 a.m. on March 29, 2021 in the alley of the 2300 block of South Spaulding. Adam was shot after he and another man, 21-year-old Ruben Roman, allegedly ran away from police who were responding to the area for a report of gunfire. In the video footage, Adam was holding a gun and dropped it behind a fence before slightly turning towards the officer with his hands raised. The officer then discharges his firearm, striking Adam once in the chest. Stillman immediately called for medical assistance after the shooting and also immediately rendered aid to Toledo after the shooting. ShotSpotter video released by COPA supports the narrative prosecutors gave in court. It records six to eight gunshots, which along with 911 calls prompted police to respond to the area. At the scene, police arrested Roman who is the other person in the alley seen on the bodycam video. He remains locked up on gun and child endangerment charges related to the shooting.

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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40 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage of Chicago Police Shooting Adam Toledo

  1. Despite anyone’s opinion on this matter I think everyone can agree it’s a shame the kid was out w a older male at night who was shooting a gun everyone blames the cop for reacting to a shots fired call but let’s be rational for a few seconds 1. This cop shows up and he doesn’t know the age of the person all he knows is these people are running from him a cop around the area where shots where fired
    2 the person with a gun ran even after he said he was a cop
    3 he had a gun and turned the officer reacted in a split second yes it’s sad yes it’s a kid but why was the kid out with a older male at night with a gun where where the parents this officer despite media and your own thoughts didn’t wake up go on shift n say I’m gonna kill a kid
    People need to hold the parents and this other grown adult responsible adult runs after shooting a gun kid runs adult says doing this stuff is cool kid says this stuff is cool end of the day this kid lost his life because he was doing what kids do fallowing an adults actions
    This is just my opinion but to the family of this kid I’m sorry for your loss and to the cop I’m sorry you had to make that split second response but to the “grown adult” it’s your fault

  2. Mitchell Johnson a mass shooter was around 14 years old when he killed a ton of his class mates. They managed to unarm and put him in prison for 10 years, and now he’s free walking around somewhere. This kid is practically as much as a risk as Johnson was but now he is dead. Make it make sense. Let’s be consistent guys. Use that type of force on all criminals because now it looks a bit racially bias in which criminals “deserve to die” or not.

  3. R.I.P Adam Toledo. I also hope Officer Stillman is okay as well. I wish the world were different. Kid was at the wrong place, in the wrong time, with the wrong people. And now he's dead and another man is doubting his actions for his own safety every time he encounters a call for the rest of his life.

  4. All things considered, that was NOT a good shoot. The cop gave the command to stop and turn around, the suspect complied, and as the suspect was turning and raising his hands in the air to comply, the cop shot him. The kid wasn't not turning in an aggressive, violent, quick, or similar manner. The area was also fairly well lit by surrounding lights and the cop had a flashlight on him. Yeah, the little punk thought he was bad boy of the block, but still.

  5. It does not matter what the kid was doing out there, we dont have to ask the police before we step out of the house we are all free to go anywhere we want, But since he is a minor he should have been asking the parents in this case. It also does not matter if he was a gang member or not or if he has a criminal history or not the problem here is that the cop messed up pretty bad by shooting even when the kid raised his hands up and not holding anything at that moment and he did not show any threat to the cop and he still shot.

  6. You can tell when an officer cares about people he went straight to meds by himself!! I see other videos where 9 cops shoot someone and the hover around them for like 20 minutes screaming at a someone in compacted!

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