Bodybuilder Cop: The Other Traffic Stop

COCOA, FLORIDA — The Rock Contardi saga continues, with a look at what happened on a similar traffic stop… with a very different outcome.



00:00 Two-minute recap
01:55 Dope
08:25 God did it
09:32 Former Officer Rock Contardi
10:07 Officer Xzevies Baez
11:55 Officer Dan Rhodes
12:49 A lie?
14:00 Sergeant Nick Moon

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  1. If you haven't already seen part one, you might want to watch that first. That video is at

    Around 12:49 in this video, on-screen text refers you here as Commander Patrick Dovale asks Officer Dan Rhodes what he thought Rock Contardi meant when Contardi stated that he doesn't want to "go in and get it" if he doesn't have to. In response, Rhodes states “The only thing I can believe is he’s doing a deeper search. Like going in his pockets instead of doing a pat down."

    That seems to be within the realm of possibility. After all, it was Officer Baez who stated that he had seen Contardi performing a similar search on other occasions. Not Rhodes.

    PACER is an electronic public access service for United States federal court documents. For ten cents a page, most federal court records are at your fingertips. As part of the process of making this channel happen, nearly everyone who appears on Real World Police earns themselves a PACER name search. Including Rock Contardi.

    Two cases appear in response to a search for “Rock Contardi.” One involved a penny stock that Contardi had for some reason invested in. The other is _Maurice Devontay Kimbrough v. Cocoa Police Department et al. One of the named defendants is Rock Contardi.

    Maurice Kimbrough is a bit rough around the edges. In response to a recent request for compassionate release from federal prison due to Covid, the United States recently wrote:

    “The defendant is a drug trafficker. [H]e was adjudicated delinquent three times for controlled substance offenses and once for fleeing and eluding. He violated probation in each of those cases. By the time of sentencing in this case, when the defendant was 25 years old, he had already been convicted in six separate felony cases as an adult, twice for controlled substance possession, three times for resisting an officer and once for trafficking in hydrocodone. He has several other arrests for serious offenses that did not result in a conviction.”

    It was one of those dismissed cases that Kimbrough was suing Contardi over. Kimbrough’s handwritten lawsuit summarized his complaint as follows (with light editing, mostly for brevity):

    “The plaintiff claims that Officer Rock Contardi violated the plaintiff’s civil rights when he undid the plaintiff’s belt and unbuttoned the plaintiff’s pants and groped the plaintiff’s private parts. The plaintiff claims that defendant number two, listed as Lieutenant Jeremy Ondo, violated the plaintiff’s civil rights when he gave Rock Contardi permission to violate plaintiff’s civil rights.”

    Kimbrough also claims to have a video of Contardi's 'in there' search. Which, by the way, found nothing. Kimbrough was arrested for resisting an officer without violence.

    I requested from Cocoa Police Department a copy of all records from that incident. The sole record in existence was an incident report. With a few minor changes, its narrative could just as easily have described the stop you are already familiar with. Down to it being a roadside strip search in response to a tint traffic stop with the odor of marijuana.

    The record that I was provided lists two officers as having been present: Rock Contardi and Jeremy Ondo.

    The case against Kimbrough was dropped, but I wanted to know why. The answer could easily have been “it’s a minor charge and we’re busy,” but I don’t like guessing. So I requested everything the State Attorney had from the case. And I learned a few things.

    Like the fact that Rock Contardi was already on their Brady list. For an incident where Contardi responded to a report of an overdose. The location was a private house, and on arrival, Contardi began screaming at the homeowner that the the homeowner needed to tell him what the victim had taken. When the partially paralyzed homeowner insisted that he had no idea, Contardi responded by shoving the disabled homeowner across the back of his sofa and across his own living room. When the homeowner said something about Contardi abusing his badge, Contardi replied, on camera, “I don’t need this badge to whoop your ass.”

    But there was something else of note in the state attorney's case file.

    The presence of another officer.

    Dan Rhodes. Three weeks before the incident about which he would claim that Contardi “going in there” probably meant doing a search of the guy’s pockets.

  2. Tell rick to get the fuck on buddy gotta look through a manual just to tell bruh he gotta fine to take care of and “stop smoking dope” c’mon man for real…

  3. About 5:35 Contardi made a comment that sounded like "G** D*** gotta write a f**** ticket. Gonna make him sweat awhile."

    It's hard to hear, and might not be exactly what was said, but it really makes the "what section is the red light law" seem very suspicious.

    A lot of cops hate doing DUIs as well.

  4. can you see how easy is to fk up your rights? that's why you need Dashcam and also I would offer to buy Bodycam that stops recording only with a fingerprint! so these ppl cant turn on or off the device. It's really sad but we need to be ready for any second ….. better to have a camera than lose your life bc of Blue Gang

  5. I thought the second traffic stop was pretty good and professional until he acknowledged he was letting a DUI driver continue on down the road.

  6. I remember watching the 1st part of this, this dude has some serious issues. He has no business being a police officer and the fact @14:05 he's got the finger tip of the glove on his pointer finger torn off and used it to penetrate this young man's anus is beyond disgusting!

  7. Two different traffic stops. This kid was completely honest. He didn’t yell and scream and make a scene. No doubt he would pass any test he is just scared. Unlike the other guy. Be real.

  8. man that the fuck just happen two guys right one with bag of weed and the man without weed . lawsuit all day long sue the fuck out of them i would be calling BC right fuck now

  9. THIS is the reason there is such a divide between civil servants and the public. They are there to protect property and persons. That’s it.. but it’s grown to power tripping and the erosion of civil liberties

  10. Oh I see what's going on. I was confused. Let white guy who has weed and probably dui level go with red light ticket. But handcuffed and jacked off a black guy who was completely innocent.

  11. Why is it so hard for them to remember suddenly a Whole Traffic stop with basically a strip search while you watch the other Officer Perform it – The Officer holding the door for the "bodybuilding cop" watches the whole time, cant remember anything, how are we supposed to rely on them as Officers when they forget what their comrades do (they lie) but can write up reports and pull us civilians over? Dudes standing there watching the Whole Thing doesn't stand up for this poor Guy Once.
    Now hes stuttering away with a forgetful memory infront of IA.

  12. That’s messed up. So how is the stoned kid speeding through lights gets a break, and the sober kid doing nothing gets his balls fondled and four tickets for tinted windows?

  13. Are they trying to imply this was racism? He pulled over the white guy on bogus charges and then accused him of having illegal drugs and wanting to immediately search the vehicle. Then complying and giving him the drugs.

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