Body Cam: Grand jury Cleared Detective Fatal Shooting. Florida

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Florida – Detective Daniel Siemen who was fired October 3, 2019 from the Pensacola Police Department for violating the department’s use of deadly force policy, now will not face criminal charges for an officer Involved in the fatal shooting of Tymar Crawford 28, on July 5 after he grabbed the taser of another officer.

A grand jury on Friday Oct 25-2019 determined there was not enough evidence to criminally charge former Detective Daniel Siemen.

Here is the Jurors report: file:///E:/VLP%208%20AVRIL/432036605-Grand-Jury-Tymar-Crawford-Case.pdf

October 3, 2019
By Officer Mike Wood, PIO

The July 5th shooting involving Pensacola Police Department officers that resulted in the death of Tymar Crawford has been concerning to everyone involved.

It was imperative that PPD conduct a thorough and in-depth internal investigation into this incident. Today, PPD notified police Det. Daniel Siemen that he has been terminated for violating the department’s use of deadly force policy. The action comes after the completion of an internal investigation into the shooting death of Tymar Crawford. Det. Siemen was the only officer to discharge his weapon during the incident.

“We work hard to develop and maintain trust in our officers by all members of our community, and if an officer violates that trust, we take appropriate action,” Police Chief Tommi Lyter said. “We want residents to know that this incident is not reflective of the training, policies, procedures, or culture of the Pensacola Police Department. The men and women who work in the department also live in this community and have a passion for providing professional, high-quality police service to the citizens of Pensacola.”

The internal investigation followed an independent investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the results of which are with the State Attorney’s Office. The State Attorney’s Office announced that the incident will be reviewed by a Grand Jury to determine whether this was a criminal act, and the evidence cannot be released until sometime after the Grand Jury completes its review.

“The Pensacola Police Department is grateful for the patience of the Crawford family, the citizens of Pensacola, and the members of the Pensacola Police Department during the course of this investigation,” Chief Lyter said. “Pensacola Police Officers hold themselves to a high standard. Our core values are Courtesy, Integrity and Professionalism, and we believe in them wholeheartedly. We are committed to continuing to foster strong relationships across our diverse community, and we ask our community for continued patience as we await the findings of the Grand Jury.”

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36 thoughts on “Body Cam: Grand jury Cleared Detective Fatal Shooting. Florida

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  2. also the police need better non lethal.. ones that actually work, maybe a new setting on the taser… one for normal 50,000 volts (by the time it hits you , it's about 1200volts).. so the new setting for larger or drugged up people…100,000 volts… you know when you get hit with it when sparks fly out your ass…

  3. The police need this , they need to do that.. they need retraining … WTF? NO we need these bone headed people to follow simple commands and also the police officers need MORE MONEY… highly underpaid in MHO…

  4. 4:00 He got out with his hands up, but the dude who put his hands around his neck sent him into "fight or flight." He was reconciled to being arrested, so long as no one touched him. Even so, why was holding the taser (a non-lethal weapon) so dangerous that they used lethal force?

  5. Aibo so many times the police gave indication for this driver still acting like an idiot!Learn To Listen!Don't Do Drugs Don't Be Thug Don't Be In Gangs Don't Be A Wild Human!Parent's grew you'll up in the good way when you'll come to adult's you'll do as you'll please!Now when they die blame the police cause all the wrong you'll do!

  6. Grabbing the taser is absolutely a deadly threat escalation that must be addressed by a dominating force.
    What the hell are we thinking? We should be demanding compliance of all these people instead of demanding that the cops keep giving in!

  7. I been pulled over hundreds of times. 6times in a day. I always held my own. I know I did nothin wrong. Heavily discriminated against. Even coming out of a store. If I have nothin to hide. Do your thing! But, why resist and go thru all that trouble….???????? 🤦‍♂️ Trust me. I been pulled over hundreds of times!!!

  8. Why don't these people understand, if they just would obey instructions they would not end up dead. And probably not even have a problem. What the hell, listen to the officers and you will not die

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