Baton Rouge Officer Shoot at Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Him

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana — On October 8, 2022 around 7:21pm at 5151 Highland Rd. Uniformed Officers were dispatched to the address relative to a public assistance call that involved an emotional disturbed individual. As officers arrived on scene they heard gunshots being fired from a nearby building. After investigating, officers came in contact with armed suspect, 25-year-old Malik Chavis, on the second floor of an apartment complex. Officers ordered Chavis to drop his weapon, but he refused and moved toward them, aiming the gun at them.

The video showed Chavis chamber a bullet before pointing the gun at the officer. Several shots are then fired as police fall back to the foot of the stairs. Moments later, Chavis is seen on police video apologizing to officers and asking for medical attention. According to the Police Department, one of the officers knew Chavis personally. Chavis was transported to a local hospital and spent days in there getting treatment for a gunshot wound. He was later booked into jail for attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, illegal use of a weapon and possession of firearm by a convicted felon.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer #1
7:36 – Bodycam: Officer #2
9:19 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Officer Shoot at Suspect Who Pointed Gun at Him

  1. How hes not even responding to the pain is mad crazy. And dont say "adrenaline" because Ive been down the rabbit hole here and almost everybody screams or cries… cops included. Its very few that dont, but I have never seen someone not even affected whatsoever, just having a calm convo and explaining their case to the person who shot them… WILD

  2. If cops were white he would had continued being more aggressive, he was lucky he had black cops to calm him down with their lingo LOL

  3. The lead officer that was narrating seems compassionate and kind. Great role model for an officer. Most (most) do care and want to make a positive difference, like this one.

  4. Again. For the fifth time in a week. The suspect had no idea who the were initially. They didn't identify themselves. They just started yelling commands and profanity and blinded him with a flashlight. And then he fired on them.
    It almost feels like a set-up at this point. Almost hunting. Buck fever.

  5. Conceivably, he may beat the charges. If someone else was shooting shots in the neighborhood and he grabbed his gun to protect himself. Then suddenly there's a bright flashlight in his eyes and someone saying 'drop it' but the cops did not identify themselves as police. He can't see they're cops and they did not verbally ID themselves… How's he supposed to know? I'm gonna follow this one.

  6. The calmest officer of the year award goes to…..
    That officer was super chilled and saved that incident from escalating, hats off to him.

  7. To be fair.. the cops didnt announce who they were
    The kid was blinded by lights and a voice saying put it down..
    It could have been anyone!
    He was just defending himself 😢

  8. The officer need to take this shit seriously.i don't care if you think you known him your whole life,
    You got lucky this time

  9. "calm down" and "come down" sound awfully close in the louisana accent, sounds like this suspect was hearing "calm down" rather than "come down" until the officer started saying come down….THE STAIRS. and then the guy continued to not calm down the stairs until the end. Let's also not forget it's really hard to see a person/what they're wearing when they have a 600+ lumen flashlight pointed at you. This seems like a bad misunderstanding to me…

  10. I feel double about this one.

    Besides any "after the facts", the dude was sitting on his porch/balcony when suddenly two guns come around the corner and he gets a flashlight shown in his face. And he stepped out in the open straight afterwards, realizing he made a mistake, vocalizing he couldn't see what was happening but realized in the split second after that the two guns coming around the corner were cops.

  11. That cop that keeps yelling at him to come down really needs some de-escalation training. Sheesh! The other cop was playing it right and talking calmly. I think this is why so many things go wrong with people that are mentally ill or on substances is the cops that have no idea how to handle a person other than yelling at them and barking orders rather than talking to them like human beings.

  12. Communities need to reinstate old school programs, where troubled kids can be "sponsored" by cops and spend weekends camping and hanging out with responsible adults. This whole "victim" culture has ruined a generation of potentially good kids who just need a fucking chance to be led in the right direction. Obviously they can't all be saved but we don't even try any more.

  13. Jesus christ, I can't imagine being a police officer in the USA. You say commands, repeatedly like 20+ times, and the perp is not complying.
    It's infuriating to watch, again I can't imagine being that officer losing his patience.

  14. Well I can understand the suspect situation two men come up the stairs pointing a gun at him though they told him to put it down it’s dark and anybody can fake being a cop and kill you

  15. Strange to see them push for first-degree murder charges. No shot the prosecution will be able to convince a jury that this was pre-meditated.

  16. Cops come and spook the suspect (I'd like to call him something else, but we in lala land here). Cops did not announce themselves. I don't believe this guy knew they were cops. I think he was high and just enjoying some gun play. Guns guns guns! Yay! right? psssshhhh. Anyway. Not smart to allow just anyone to have guns. I"m sure Lousiana is a pro gun allow to carry no matter what state. So then you have people like this who just enjoy their guns, stolen or not. And then this happens. Who's fault is it? Not sure. But a good lawyer could probably get him out of this one with a midsemeanor, even a dismissal.

  17. That person has made a number poor decisions that lead to him being shot. From what I saw it could be possible that at night with a flashlight shining in your face, seeing a gun in the light of the police officers flashlight and the police officer not saying he was police that the guy who was shot could think it was someone else trying to rob/attack him. That doesn’t excuse the poor decisions leading up to him being shot but could be reasonable doubt that he was deliberately trying to shoot the police.

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