Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions They Ask Us, Cop Car Searched

asking cops the same random questions they ask us
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Lieutenant Tully Yount Collin County Sheriff Comments can be directed to 972-547-5100.

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47 thoughts on “Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions They Ask Us, Cop Car Searched

  1. This video needs to go to all police training academies. He definitely earned his promotion to Lt. He should be the chief of police where he works . Man I don’t think I would of been that professional especially when dude said “ some guy was running around in the same clown uniform “ that was totally disrespectful and I would of probably started giving the same disrespect back to a small degree . But man this cop is a true professional and I tip my hat to the man !!! Great job officer now go train the true asshole cops that forget they are a public servant . Be safe officer !!! We need officers like you doing your job well .

  2. Police forces around the country need ONLY men like this officer to hire and train the best candidates out there.
    This gentleman is the perfect representation of what police officers were intended to be.

  3. I get the point, but this poor police officer seems like a good guy. Doing this takes as much balls as the crooked police Probably wont give you the greatest reputation with certain police in the future, could be asking for trouble. Don't get me wrong though, I do get the point of this video, I just dont recommend doing this. This guy offering a ride along is awesome…that right there tell ya he's a good cop.

  4. Bravo 👏 to this police officer. He seems like a really likeable guy. Awesome job he did keeping his composer & being respectful toward the guy filming.
    I would've gladly rode along with him. Seems like a real cool guy.

  5. in my country cop would beat the shit out of him then arrest him, then atleast 10 other cops in police station would also beat the shit out of him. wtf I would beat him he is just provoking a cop cause he saw it is a nice guy if he got a slap at firs he would stand strait for whole life when he see cop . And you see lawyer then after 7-10 days in solitary and stay there 30 days.

  6. James, you need to educate yourself, bro. As much as some police abuse their powers, some officers are unprofessional and prejudiced, and training and screening methods definitely need to be improved, the fact of the matter is that police officers have an authority to detain, question and search individuals that the rest of the citizens do not have. The Tenth Amendment, the rulings by the Supreme Court, the state constitutions, the municipal codes… all of that establishes that authority that a police officer has and that you clearly do not have. You don't like it? Organize and movilize people to change it. But for now, you have no right to search a police car and you are lucky you found yourself the nicest cop in Texas.

  7. Quality of police in USA ranges from Heroes to Gangsters in Uniforms. You cannot know what any officer is until after you are engaged in the encounter, and then if the officer is a Gangster in Uniform, you are in a potentially life-destroying situation because that officer can bring down the unlimited power of the government on you, in addition to inflicting upon you unlimited bodily injury at the scene. I fear the police and avoid encounters with them as much as possible.

  8. the little fucking snippets of commentary are dumb, no shit the cops need to create an imbalance of power, at the end of the day the law is enFORCED, simple concept really, to compare it to a citizen trying to do the same thing is a Neanderthal's argument.

  9. You should ride with him one month and then you'll see what the cops have to deal with every day! Don't get me wrong. I like this video. And he is a cool cop inviting you to see what they do the whole day. There is people outside who are not as cool like you and they protect you from them. Think about that.

  10. You tried every thing you could to bring down this outstanding human being and cop doing every effort to pull the worst out of his reactions even making him look like an arrogant with the thumbnail, even telling him that he was dressed in a clown custom???? Thumbs down James Mind-in-prison Freeman. This video openly and explicitly promotes hate toward authority and Law enforcement officer and this will be reported.

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