Arrest of Rapper 9lokkNine by Orlando Police. Again.

From the arrest report of Officer Jordan Sites, edited for clarity and brevity: On 12/20/2018 at approximately 1:00 AM, I, Officer Jordan Sites and Officer C. Holcomb were on proactive patrol in the area of Spaulding Road and Bethune Drive when I observed a 2018 silver Cadillac XTS bearing FL temp tag #CII0251 traveling south on Bethune Drive approaching Spaulding Road. The vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign and took a eastbound turn onto Spaulding Road, again failing to stop at the Goldwyn Avenue stop sign.

Due to the traffic infractions I conducted a traffic stop on the Cadillac using my lights and siren.

I approached the Cadillac on the driver side and could immediately smell the scent of cannabis emitting from the vehicle before I got to the windows. I told the driver, identified as Jacquavius Smith, [better known as the rapper “9lokknine” née “Glokknine”] to roll down all the windows and he complied. At this time, I observed that the vehicle was occupied by three occupants. The front passenger was identified as Jeremiah Robinson and the back passenger was identified as Demetrius Cox Jr. I explained to Smith the reason for the stop was his failure to stop at the above-mentioned stop signs. I asked Smith if he had any weapons in the vehicle, Smith immediately looked towards the center of the vehicle and then stated he did not. I asked him if he was sure because I saw him look towards the center of the vehicle and he stated he had no weapons in the vehicle. I asked Cox and Robinson if they had any weapons in the vehicle and they stated they did not. I asked all the occupants if there was any more cannabis in the vehicle or on them and each of them replied that they did not.

I stated to Smith that the vehicle had the scent of cannabis and he stated he just “rolled up.” I explained to the occupants that due to the scent of cannabis I had probable cause to search them and the vehicle.

Officer J. Tournay arrived as an additional unit. Cox was removed from the vehicle and searched, located in his boxers was a clear plastic bag with a green leafy substance. Based on my training and experience I believed the substance to be cannabis. Total package weight is 27.73 grams.

Smith and Robinson were removed from the vehicle and searched. Nothing was located on their person.

I conducted a search of the vehicle and located a plastic panel attached to the center console on the driver side, where I observed Smith look when I asked if he had and weapons. I pulled the panel lightly and it easily popped off revealing a black handgun. The handgun is a Black Diamondback Firearm. I ran Smith through teletype revealing that he has four felony convictions.

As I continued to search the vehicle Officer Tournay and myself observed that the VIN number was seen on the front window and front driver side door panel, however we observed a different VIN number located on the passenger floor board and underneath the hood of the vehicle.

The vehicle was towed by Johnson Wrecker and red tagged for additional investigation.

During the search of the vehicle I located $2,793 in the center console. Smith stated that money was his. It was seized for forfeiture and placed into property. I read Cox, Smith, and Robinson their Miranda warnings via my department issued Miranda card. Each of them stated they did not want to talk, or claimed no knowledge of anything.

Based on the above factual information probable cause exists to charge Jaquavius Smith with Possession of a Concealed Weapon by Convicted Felon and Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon.

The charges against Smith were dropped in January 2019. Remarkably, Smith’s ability to avoid consequences is not limited to these charges.


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38 thoughts on “Arrest of Rapper 9lokkNine by Orlando Police. Again.

  1. You have to say they had gun drugs, but they complied gave no problems didn’t say your only pulling me over because I’m black.

  2. Any lawyer would get this whole entire case thrown out.
    Gross violations, unwarranted searches without probable cause. AND
    Its sad to see home boys out here just trying to make a living by selling dope to kill white boys and to cause more crime. They were good boys. They just wanted to feed themselves McChicken's that's why they had to do this officer.

  3. Jeremiah was smart. “ im just a suburban, like ima white kid, in a good neighborhood, I’m not a gang member, I wanna be police like you and catch people” 🤣 that’s how you gotta do it man, real Gangsta. RIP youngin

  4. First it was 27.73 grams then it was 27.33 grams, it’s not much but I mean I can see how people get jammed up for petty weed charges, they probably mis use evidence all the time.

  5. Do these people even have the word truth in their vocabulary 🙄
    This absolute b dumb dumb deserves prison time just for that hilarious NASA jacket alone, it proves just how dumb and gullible these people really are!

  6. I knew this idiot would pop up on another one of these videos. Like I said in the comments on the last one. Some people are just born to lose.

  7. As a black man, I hate when cops say you shaking like it’s suppose to be normal for us to be used to being fucked with. Like it’s normal for us to have police contact all the time, we shouldn’t be nervous.

  8. "A little honesty goes a long way with me!" Yeah…O….KAY! For what? Youlln"cut me a break?' Get real man! That cop was a dick..became an ass when he got what he wanted.

  9. I like that black cop..hes cool as ice.. hes firm but respectful. He doesn't act like they're dogshit. A little respect goes a long way. He seems to have realized that.

  10. cops lie so much during traffic stops, "if its just a little bit of weed i dont care"…"okay everyone step out of the vehicle" then they tear the car up looking for drugs and trying to see if the car is a chop shop car

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