Arrest of Comedian Hannibal Burress (New Footage)

[The footage contained in the first half of this video has been covered by other news outlets. The footage contained in the second half of the video is new, and has never been published elsewhere prior.]

On December 7, 2017, comedian Hannibal Buress was arrested in Miami, Florida on one count of disorderly intoxication after a multifaceted incident with Miami Police Officer Luis Verne. Body camera footage released shortly after the arrest showed Buress taunting and mocking the officer and repeatedly demanding to know why he was being arrested.

According to Verne’s arrest report, however, the incident started much earlier. It alleges as follows: “While working a fixed post on NW 2 Avenue & NW 20 Terrace during Art Basel, the defendant, who had red bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from within his breath approached me and asked me to call him an Uber. I told the defendant I could not call him an Uber and he became angry and belligerent. I asked the defendant to leave the premises and the defendant instead walked inside the venue located on 2000 NW 2nd Avenue. I then walked inside the venue and told the defendant he had to leave due to him being highly intoxicated. Once outside, the defendant stood by the front gate and continued yelling profanities, I then again asked him to leave the area about five times. A crowd began to gather and vehicular traffic slowed as they watched the defendant yelling and being disorderly. Defendant arrested.

Buress later stated, “I asked the [officer] to call me an Uber, and he said, “No.” He told me to leave the street. I go into this bar to get a phone charger for an Uber. He follows me into the bar, and told me I’m too drunk to go inside. […] ‘If I can’t be on the street, where do you want me to be?’ I ask him. I was in a state of trying to get home. […] I don’t really believe I was at fault.” (He left out a few things.) The case was later dismissed.

*The footage in the first half of this video was released after Burress’s arrest. The latter half of this video is first seeing the light of day right now. (The arrest report will be publicly available on Patreon tomorrow at noon PST.)


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28 thoughts on “Arrest of Comedian Hannibal Burress (New Footage)

  1. Sorry but Hannibal was being a soy boy on this . All he had to do is shut his mouth and listen to the cop for about 4-5 minutes .
    Instead he just repeats himself a million times . “Am I Under arrest ?”
    “What is the charge ? “Ect ect …. he was only being detained ..not arrested ,
    There are times with police when it’s in your favor to swallow your pride and just be calm
    This is one of those times , you got the money …so who gives a shit what petty offense the cop is trying to cite you on .u
    Quit being a bitch Hannibal . Man the fuck up and this would have been wrapped up in 10 minutes tops

  2. Cmon Hannibal. You had them coppers in the beginning. You should've just went with the cops flow and not argue. You had so many people filming. Those cops probably would've let you go.

    Lesson here is to just go with the pigs flow. Eventually the porkers will let you go. Be easy

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