41 thoughts on “Arguing with cops about providing ID Ocala Police check on woman; not kid

  1. My Attorney………. Don't Talk to Police. ……… Beat, Jailed, Cited or Possibly Murdered……….. I Live in Florida, same reason I don't put my hand in an Alligators Mouth,,,,,,I'll get Bit..

  2. Amazing,they don't go on a missing person call but harass a homeless person, lying quite on the grass.I feel if the police could they would eracate the homeless.Notice they don't offer her water or anything.There is no humanity left!Great job James.

  3. No pigs should have any exposed tattoos, all pigs must wear the hat as a part of their uniform. Standards have dropped to rock bottom.

  4. Why don't this country do something about homeless people instead of arresting them and cost tax payers money to feed them? But they want to harass them.

  5. I like these guys. I've seen them in other cities and states. Many take offence to their questions. But actually they're not doing anything out of order and just revealing citizen's rights.

  6. Good lord, WHAT AN IDIOT he had an opportunity to get a glowing commendation from an audit, and he just has to stage a pissing contest. Where are they finding so many manbabys?

  7. The Police ID is their actual Badge. It displays their name, rank, agency and their Police Chief or Sheriff if they are Deputies. The shield is not their badge, it’s a shield and provides no information about them, their rank, Agency or their Chief or Sheriff.

  8. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, just file the complaint. They don't let go of that leg when demanding to get your ID. They just keep humping it, even without any reasonable justification for it. I really liked the way you pointed out why are they issued an ID if they have no policy to show it upon request. But somehow the officer thinks his costume is all that's necessary. It appears he feels like you're being frivolous and wasting his time. However it's not a huge inconvenience for him just to show you either. I hope you followed up with the complaint with the watch commander, and hopefully the commander orders him to come in and show it to you. That would be an epic video, to deflate what appears to be an at least slightly bloated ego.

  9. Typical cop speak. hes pathetic. how many times is he going to ask you ,is there anything else I can help you with? he sucks

  10. I live a mile from where this happend so I know the area very well. SR 40 is a very busy 4 lane road. Why in the hell would these 2 bastrds block a lane of traffic and create a real hazard, 5o talk with a person who is minding their own business legally. I hate the cops in this city and I hate the piles of shit deputies even more.

  11. Do not call them "sir". They do not earn any respect from citizens. They are the enemy of humanity. They are the scum of society

  12. I work for an electric utility and it’s our policy to show ID upon demand from the citizens. We are required to wear it in plain view while on utility properties. We would receive disciplinary action for violating these policies. Why is it so difficult for this person to what’s required of him? And why are they not held to their policy? It starts at the top.

  13. Been to the salvation army in Ocala that place was a shitshow! But they do let your parking vehicle out in the parking lot if you want to sleep there

  14. File the complaint for failure to follow policy. If they do NOT substantiate it, file a complaint on the complaint reviewer for failure to follow policy. How high up can you file???

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