24 thoughts on “Aretha Franklin’s Family Was Disgusted By Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.’s Eulogy

  1. I didn’t see anything wrong with the eulogy, because a lot of times the people that come to funerals won’t even come to church to hear uncomfortable truths! I agree it was a time and place, but when will be the right time, to make people think about their souls. That’s all that matters anyway

  2. I agree with the definition of a eulogy but she was larger than the queen of soul because she was very instrumental in the civil rights movement. She was representative of what black women should stand for; there in lies the title queen. She had a lot to say about this generation and it wasnt good. And dont think that her and him never had any discussions about this generation. I personally liked the message because and he had a very large audience that needed to hear it. I agree to disagree but looking at this mess we are in right now it seems his message was quite timely.

  3. Love what the preacher said. Black people love to be pacify instead of being told the truth. We love these race hustlers who encouraged us to blame everybody but ourselves to endanger ourselves with these protests and rebellion

  4. this entire post and 90% of the comments is disrespectful. Half y'all don't go to service, don't pray to the Lord and don't respect anything concerning those matters and have never preached a funeral for anybody, yet you are expert on whats necessary during this time and what a eulogy is. Eulogy is simply a greek word comprised of 2 parts – Eu which is a prefix meaning "good" & logy – which is the base word and is a variation of the word "Logos" – which means Word. Put it together and you have "good word" ….now to me, this wasn't a traditional "eulogy" but by textbook definition, this was definitely a GOOD WORD!!! hence, this was a eulogy by definition. Blacks, we need to let this bitterness go..always ready to criticize something. She ran close with MLK and he said at his funeral you better not talk about his accomplishments but talk about what he spent his life doing. I believe she wanted the same. If its worth spending your life doing, then its worth talking about when you're dead!!

  5. Funeral's are not for the dead, of the dead, but for the living. Does anybody preach salvation anymore. In my opinion this was flesh on parade. As a family member, I would have been pissed!

  6. He disgrace the whole entire black community on national t.v very disrespectful the whole world was watching this idiot can someone please tell me what is his church doing to help these single moms out with these children I'll tell u nothing at all he was grand standing as many other speakers were doing the same

  7. Better to have an old school Pastor like Jasper Williams deliver eulogy than have any one of these new age prosperity preachers speak. They would have requested that all celebrities in the house write a $100,000 check as an offering. For regular folk $100 will suffice. For your convenience we have set up ATM's in the North parking lot and will be accepting credit cards for today's event.

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