Alpharetta Officer Pulls Over McLaren Driving 155 MPH [With Officer Speed]

In the wake of this traffic stop Alpharetta Police Department released footage of the stop, but missing from the public video was was any indication of how fast their officer was driving. Not anymore! As you watch this version, note the officer’s creative replies to her supervisor’s repeated inquiry, “What is your speed?” (The complete incident report is at the end of this video.)

For those of you who are wondering, Dwayne Sherwood Pope was driving a 2018 McLaren 720S, a car that is – to be frank – so insanely fast that Pope’s story that he wasn’t trying to elude the officer? It’s almost believable. The 720S features a terrifying top speed of 212 MPH and is one of the quickest production cars in existence, with reported 0-60 times below 2.4 seconds.

Doesn’t go that fast when you’re in jail, though.

“What is your speed?”
“In excess of a hundred.” 😂


In the words of Officer C.N. Lawrence:

On 11/12/17 at approximately 0300 hours, I was traveling southbound on GA400 approaching Mansell Rd in a marked Alpharetta patrol vehicle (#15-07). I noticed a vehicle approaching me from behind in lane 2, which appeared to be traveling at a speed that I believed to be well above the posted 65 mph speed limit. The vehicle passed me and continued driving at a high rate of speed. The vehicle appeared to be accelerating at a fast rate. I visually estimated the vehicle’s speed to be in excess of 100 mph. I paced the vehicle at 105 mph, as it passed the Mansell Rd off-ramp. I also checked the vehicle’s speed with my RADAR device and the device read 109 mph. It quickly reached a speed in excess of 115 mph.

I activated my emergency equipment in an attempt to pull the vehicle over as it passed the Mansell on-ramp to GA400SB. The vehicle then continued to accelerate after I activated my emergency equipment. The vehicle was failing to maintain its lane, and at times would straddle the boundary line that divided two lanes of travel. The vehicle was also changing lanes without using a turn signal and weaving in and out of the traffic that it was passing. I checked the vehicle’s speed again with my RADAR device and the device read 155 mph.

I reached a speed of 143 mph in my patrol vehicle and the vehicle was still pulling away from me. The vehicle could not maintain a consistent speed, as it varied between 115 mph and 155 mph. The vehicle braked abruptly several times, but did not stop. As we passed the exit for Northridge (exit 6), the vehicle braked abruptly again and went from approximately 150 mph to 0 mph in a matter of several seconds.

After the vehicle came to a stop, I was able to identify it as a McLaren. I made contact with the driver, identified as Dwayne Pope. I asked him why he didn’t stop when I turned my blue lights on and he stated he did not see my blue lights or hear my siren. He stated that he pulled over when he saw me behind him, which was approximately 5 miles after I initiated my emergency equipment. I noticed his eyes were bloodshot, watery and glassy. I noticed he had a blank stare. I noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage about his breath and person. I asked how much he had been drinking and he stated, “not much.” I asked him how much that was and he stated three drinks. The stop continues from there, and the rest of the report is embedded in the video.


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45 thoughts on “Alpharetta Officer Pulls Over McLaren Driving 155 MPH [With Officer Speed]

  1. That sobriety test looks straight out of some sketch movie for me, are there no blowing devices where you can measure your alcohol level in America? Not to mention the safety of all of them next to the highway ? 4 officers with probably 4 cars (?) for 1 guy going over the speedlimit ? laughable

  2. I can't believe this such a simple test he's making a big thing about it he's drunk he can't do it he drank too much dangerous a dangerous individual he needs to have his license revoked before he kill somebody

  3. The guy is drunk if he can't do that nine step walk and he's falling all over God he could have killed somebody on the road smash into a car doing 150 miles an hour are you kidding me he needs to go to jail and keep him there to take his license from him it's just like having a gun

  4. At 155 mph he put his own life and everyone else's in jeopardy, the hell with what type of car it is. As a firefighter I have been to many accidents at high speed where we were picking people up with a stick and a spoon. Stupid is as stupid gets.

  5. Whats the Point of this Chase?? to proof something to McLaren Company or to the driver ,The Men bought one of the fastest car in this Stupid (sorry) Planet and what he has to do drive 38 miles per hour to Supermarket???,Of course he is Enjoying and " McLarening" The Road)))))..I dont care who is after who but you pay for the car and you just DRIIIIVE.& Driiive & Driive again & again …until someone says NOOOOOO you Cant you cant….We ENVY U….you gotta be stoppped….))))
    This is Not Cheetah after Gazelle ))))) …
    anyway ….
    Sorry Mister McLaren you can drive Only in Germany and dont get Ticket for 155Mph.
    God Bless America we all LOVE!
    thx for the Vid!

  6. America, where you can have a car drive itself or Super cars and all this crazy tech, but a person has to hold a finger up and say follow my finger rather than a 2 second breath test for alcohol…

  7. Before the lights were turned on they where already at 130mph…🤯🤯🤯like what took so long after the 720's passed…😤😤😤 at those speeds the lights should've already pop on…🤔🤔🤔.. js😁😁😁✌✌✌

  8. These cops a foolish. If another car pulled up on my stop I would have my gun drawn in preparation for an ambush and the driver would be in handcuffs immediately. This is a very unsafe investigation

  9. Dispatch: “whats your speed?”
    Cop: “ Im over the bridge”
    Dispatch: “Tell me your speed.”
    Cop: “I had Arby’s for dinner.”
    Dispatch: “ Officer, how fast are you going right now?”
    Cop’s inner monologue : “wheres a fucking Snickers bar when you need one????””

  10. The intention was always arrest….that size of guy given gymnastics walks to do at 3 in the morning……. the guy could barely stand straight with his weight…that is a biased test…he just looked too rich to beat up without consequences

  11. He should’ve kept going. He had to be at least 1.20 Giggawatts… So close before he could’ve jumped back to 1988 and invested in Apple computers and Microsoft! Banged a young Pam Anderson before she had hep C and went hard winning every bet! Shyyytt. Fuckin cops brah.

  12. I’m no expert but putting the guy behind you then turning away every from him to run the plate and letting him put his hands in his pockets before he’s been searched for weapons seems like a bad idea. The old to pursue or not pursue at those speeds is the question. I do have to give it to her she’s as cool as a cucumber under pressure and exhibited more patience and no emotion dealing with that guy, I don’t think most Leo’s could or would have been able to handle it that way after 150mph. It would be interesting to hear the debrief with her bosses.

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