Albuquerque Police Shoot ALL The Innocent Bystanders

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Uncensored video of shooting. This video is age restricted for audiences 18 and up. Viewer discretion is advised. It shows the shooting from the perspective of 4 different officers.

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42 thoughts on “Albuquerque Police Shoot ALL The Innocent Bystanders

  1. Hahahaha! How you managed to keep a straight face when you said “I don’t mean to bash cops” is quite amiusin Red! Lying just comes naturally for you these days right? SMH freaking pathetic!

  2. Female half cops, half educated, half trigger happy, half crazy, half trained, half capable of doing the job.
    When they're not leaving detainees on the R/R tracks, they're shooting bystanders, or performing sex acts on 6 of their coworkers.

  3. I wonder why the kid attacked the guy that was driving the car and pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru? I just have a feeling that he might have been doing something or wanting the person to do something with him in a bad way and he protected himself and ran away the way he took off it just makes it look like that was what was going on because he didn't do anything to him until they were pulling up into the McDonald's drive-through he could have if he wanted to hurt the guy on purpose done it when he first picked him up on the road but it didn't happen until they were in a safe place where the guy could have gotten out of the car and ran and that's what he did and and the reason he had the knife I'm sure was protection because he was hitchhiking and like I said we don't know what that person might have been trying to do if anything this is just my reaction when I saw the way he jumped out of the car and ran.

  4. Double edged sword, one you would have to be Rock stupid to stand behind someone, that there screaming at that's about to shoot you. And the police didn't secure the scene good enough.

  5. The problem I'm having with it being a Justified shooting because he was approaching in it innocent bystanders as they ended up shooting those same innocent bystanders oO and if it wasn't for them than what threat were the police in if he was running away ?

  6. Bystander hospitalized for over a month! They're going to wish they'd died when they get the hospital bill. The bill going to be easily over ½ million dollars. It's NOT free and the police won't pay it unless you sue.

  7. The BlueLine Gang is far more dangerous than any criminal…. If a criminal attacks/assaults you, you are allowed to defend yourself by all means. If BOLSHEVIK, Blue Line Gang Thug attacks/assaults you, the Citizen and you attempt to defend yourself, these Blue Thugs will maim you, torture you, cage you, and most likely MURDER YOU all in the name of Officer Safety, Resisting Arrest…… The POLICE STATE will defend the actions of these Rogue Agents of The STATE just like they do with Putin's Secret Police… Truly, can you see any difference in these so called Law EnFORCEment Types…..???? Psychopaths and Sociopaths that are exhilarated to inflict any form of PAIN on the People…. Never ever talk to these Thugs, ever…..

  8. Whom ever fires the gun, they are responsible for the bullet. How many bullets have the police fired at people? You think they all hit their target? Hell, they empty the whole clip into the targets direction. Collateral damage!

  9. No longer any resemblance of law enforcement simply a criminal syndicate filled with thieves, rapist and child molesters in plain view.

  10. Don't these guys have to qualify with their firearms to be a police officer? Aim small Miss small how do you hit people all around the target? These cops must have took training from that Senator that shot his friend in the face while they were hunting.

  11. 😳 I was talking to this filthy barefoot hippie once and he pointed out to me that very few law enforcement agencies actually meet the definition of a “well regulated militia”. After watching the past couple of decades of “ornamental” internal affairs and District Attorneys that won’t prosecute criminal activity by police officers that’s actually been videoed. 🤦 I guess I owe him a beer. Or a smoothie or the vegan equivalent there of.

  12. I’m sure ABQ PD Chief will assert the innocent citizens were shot for their own safety, by shooting them they were harder for the actual murderous criminal to murder. So, you’re welcome pesky citizen with multiple bullet holes in your body…good luck paying your million dollar medical bill.

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