Alaska State Troopers: Dangers in Alaska Pt.14 | Extra Long Episode

Alaska is the largest state in the USA. With just 670,000 inhabitants, the “Last Frontier” is one of the most sparsely populated regions in the world. But even here there is crime. The Alaska State Troopers ensure law and order in the Arctic Circle: they track down missing persons in the wilderness, go on dangerous undercover missions and hunt down traffic offenders. The “Alaska State Troopers” series accompanies the officers on their not quite everyday missions.

In this long episode of “Alaska State Troopers”, troopers are put to the test with all types of crime: an illegal home brewing family must be caught in the act, thousands in stolen goods need to be found, and a regular traffic stop becomes a surprise run in with a notorious meth cook and the Alaska State Troopers brings us close to the action alongside Alaska’s law enforcement: Troopers must Taser a hostile man, track down a suspect involved in a machete assault, and investigate a suspicious vehicle parked outside a house – where the power just went out. And they experience the danger and excitement of Alaska alongside the State Troopers that patrol the unique frontier: troopers must investigate suspicious human-like remains are found by campers, brave the choppy winter sea to try to escort boaters to safety, and patrol Arctic Man – Alaska’s wildest, annual festival.

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40 thoughts on “Alaska State Troopers: Dangers in Alaska Pt.14 | Extra Long Episode

  1. 1:4842 Troopers jump this guy, for what, pointing his finger at the camera ? They were obviously worried that the situation wasn't going to escalate, so they made sure that it did, good for the video and their Hollywood aspirations. Nice. The man did not pick a fight, he pointed his finger in a non-too threatening manner, then gets thrown to the ground and jumped on by 3 men, who will claim to be keeping the public safe. Isn't that poor innebriated guy a member of the public too. Please think about what you're doing Troopers, and be honest about it. Also the narrator should describe what we're seeing, accurately and not putting his 'Troopers are perfect and infallible' spin on things.

  2. 1:03:06 – I love this series but the narrator is often stupid in his comments as the human suffered a broken ankle yet he says the building suffered worse. Buildings don't suffer as they're inanimate objects. The narrator is always trying to sound dramatic but we should analyse his comments and I believe that when we do we'll find he's talking shit. Just saying.

  3. 53:55 – "nothing but a human with a badge on" – so true. Let him go home, you shouldn't stop him. It's a shame that Troopers, police don't use their powers to hassle the real problem people in our societies. Still, I suppose that many of the real pos in our societies are the people that are in charge of our police. I shouldn't get stressed as this is the way it is and always has been. I know that the police do many good and essential things that benefit society but still we need to still remember the shit that is or is not done , that should be. Oh well, I suppose we're not in heaven yet.

  4. 47:17 the brothers are now threatening to stab each other and the Trooper says "that's good". Wtf , that's not good. Ha ha , I'm just messing, I know that the Trooper is being sarcastic. Or is he , I hope he's not actually hoping for some serious drama , so that this scene is so dramatic that it won't be edited out of this episode of 'Troopers On Ice'.

  5. I guess there's not much else to do around there but drink and cause havoc. So much drama for the cops. As for the bear situation, why did the trooper not evacuate and send the ppl off instead of them just standing around taking photos which is what could potentially provoke it to turn on them? Wouldn't that be better than having to kill a bear? 🤔

  6. 14:30 this drunk guy makes more sense than the Trooper. He's admitted to being drunk , field sobriety tests are just a stupid waste of time. Just go straight to the breathalyser every time, like they do here in the UK. , as soon as UK police got breathalysers they stopped doing field sobriety tests as what would be the point.

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