A Walgreens Employee Refused To Sell Birth Control & Condoms To A Couple On Religious Ground

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Author: phillyfinest369


35 thoughts on “A Walgreens Employee Refused To Sell Birth Control & Condoms To A Couple On Religious Ground

  1. I see nothing wrong with religious people to hold fast to their convictions. The craziness of these other groups such as non binary who stand on their convictions.

  2. Just keeping it a buck. There is NO difference between CVS and Walgreens. And they always conveniently right across the street or down the block from each other.

  3. If you work for a company that sells items like birth control and alcohol then you know you will need to sell it. A huge store like Walgreens (all over the country) sells them all the time. If you have a moral objection then YOU should not work for that company. Period.

    For some reason a certain demo thinks America is only for them. This country is for everyone that is why our forefathers recognized religious freedom (granted it took a lot of hard work and many years to get closer to a free union for all). The fact remains, people from all over the world come here to practice their faith freely.

    There are so many places to work, if a company sells something you are uncomfortable with that's on YOU. Others do not have to bend to your beliefs, you have to walk the walk and not work where they sell items that are against your morals.

  4. These fucking people. How hard is it to understand that someone else’s sex life is none of your goddamn business…unless they make it so?
    I’m not catering to a bunch of religious nutjobs. They need to go join a commune or something, if they can’t adjust to normal life.

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  6. If they kindly referred them to another employee, then there is no reason to be upset at that person. It's called freedom of Religion. Folks in this world are soft! If that was the only cashier on duty and they refused, go to the next store?????? Damn y'all be making mountains out of mole hills.

  7. This is why there's a separation of church and state. We all have a right to religion but not to control others by law. Wasn't slavery justified because of religion or am I tripping?

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  9. This is just the beginning. These so-called "pro-lifers" telling us to "just use birth control", like they're not trying to outlaw that, too! 🤦‍♂️SMH Gaslighting at its finest…
    Walgreens should be ashamed, bruh!

  10. Although I respect people's religious beliefs, create a self-checkout or a specific line so patrons don't have to deal with this bulls**t. Next thing will be race, pets, "x"…. my religion doesn't bathe, so I can't sell you soap. Just scan the barcode or get someone that can thoroughly do the job. The lunacy.

  11. While I don't agree with the employee's religious views, I respect them. If they provide the customer with good service & politely refer them to another employee/ supervisor, I don't see a problem. I think the couple is choosing to be offended/ clout chasing.

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