A moment in time

I got to the court house afternoon. The door to the court room he was being seen in was locked, so I went across the hall to the public pretenders/defenders office and asked if Daniel (Tom Zebra) had been seen yet. They looked him up, said no not yet, they will open the doors at 1:30. 1:30 I was back, and the doors were still locked, so i sat down on a nearby bench, a lady came out of the doors, and I jumped up ready to go in when she stopped me asking what I needed, that court room was now closed. I asked about Daniel Saulmon, she said he was seen before lunch, but she just filled out his OR release form.
I was like cool, where will he be released from? There at the court, or back at Hawthorne- She said the court, but did not know what time.
I went down to the basement sheriffs office, because I needed a time frame. They all danced around just telling me a time to get him, till I hear 1 lady say “probably 4:30” I was like thank you and I left, got some food, and went and hung out at Daniels place. Left his place at 4:20 got back to the court house at 4:31. I went down Florence where they said he would be released from. I make the left turn, I’m looking around and every person walking when BOOM there he was, just out the doors and I swooped him up, and that miserable weekend is now behind us. BACK TO OUR LIVES back to cop watching
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39 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. To greatest feelings in the world there's no greater feeling than this first being released from jail I don't care if it was for an hour or 100 days released is released and the second best feeling in the world is having your friend outside picking you up after being released from jail greatest to feelings in life..

  2. ❤️Love you both to the moon 🌙 and back . Seeing TZ free has made my day . Knowing he is safe and out of harms way . A big thanks to all his friends and followers calling the station, letting them know TZ has people that care about him and are watching his back . Stay safe both of you .

  3. Kinda weird that you would make a video like this LauraShark. You dont talk to Ricky because his girlfriend thinks you are cheating with him and the argument Tom Zebra had with Jodie involved allegations of YOU and Tom Zebra cheating. So then you make a video like this with romantic music and signs of affection ? You do this on purpose to ruin guys with relationships with their girlfriends and flaunt yourself. Its like your are intentionally sticking it in the face of Jodie.

  4. I Love You Laura Shark…..you will always be on of America’s True Patriot’s and most Beautiful Hero’s….Thanx for what you do Patriot!

  5. Warriors, both of ya, thank you so much for teaching me even though I'm in Alberta, about my rights and just how police are in general, they are just as dangerous and disgusting here

  6. Amazing moment – I really miss the little story board videos. Maybe a short clip about how you became a cop watcher. Hope you are doing well – take care and enjoy the journey – cheers

  7. I don't really know how to think about this whole situation… I hope he didn't actually physically attack Jodie. It's hard to know where I should stand, when I feel like the information is very one sided, and the information saying Jodie kat was beaten by him, comes from people who clearly hate Tom Zebra. I just hate violence against women, and have no respect for men who use their dominating physical strength against women. I hope the whole thing has been blown out of proportions.

  8. This is great to see and has me smiling. You all keep ‘em straight out there and take care of each other. Peace be with in you two and Ricky…

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