A cop pulled them over for a minor infraction, then the encounter took a bizarre turn

The story of one Minnesota couple’s ongoing problems with police provides a pointed example of the systematic overpolicing of rural communities across the country. In this episode of the Police Accountability Report, hosts Taya Graham and Stephen Janis describe the couple’s most recent encounter with cops, then they provide updates on a number of previous investigations into police overreach that they are committed to following.

Pre-Production/Studio: Stephen Janis
Post-Production: Adam Coley

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38 thoughts on “A cop pulled them over for a minor infraction, then the encounter took a bizarre turn

  1. Hi Taya here! I wanted to let you know there is a Patreon link for donations to support our work- https://www.patreon.com/accountabilityreports Please consider supporting we don't run ads on our videos or take corporate dollars we depend on people like you! –

    And If you would like to watch our documentary on small town policing, The Friendliest Town you can see it here for FREE!


    And I want you to know that if you have evidence of police misconduct please email it to us privately at par@therealnews.com Thank you so much for watching and for caring about police accountability and justice for all!-taya

  2. We need to absolutely defund the badcops and give a substantial raise to good educated common sense officers doing thier job. This would eliminate the cops gangs it takes for one of them to try to do their job.

  3. Bad cops bring problems to citizens to their government and to themselves. And they wonder why they are not being respected. Who is to blame?

  4. Dude to the right is kinda funny; he does drop the occasional clever line and does provide a good and honest assessment, but, goddamn it, he just looks like some random ass guy…..i suppose all reporters are just random ass guys and gals with pretty faces and the voices and the fake ass mannerisms of Dave Chappele's white face; and i do appreciate that this channel is maybe trying to pull away from that dumbass cliched persona, but I just cant help but smile when i see him grimacing at the sunlight. its almost as if he kinda hates being the "on scene" reporter and knows its kinda stupid to have him out in front of the police station every time a member of the parasitic class brutalizes a member of productive society.

  5. No officer … we don’t want to talk to you. And being a jerk about it is a not your green light to punish people … and not talking to you is not disrespectful and you don’t deserve respect …
    You earn it …

  6. talk to me look at my great hair. cop knows he has a hard ass and got caught, feelings hurt. then the cop splaining, in these days no respect is hard….then he states clearly one can talk into a ticket.
    His best action was to just issue the TC as he had decided before his squad. He knew what level of TC he was going to issue. then when the verbal engagement training did not work he got made. If i asked a quaetion and they said I dont answer questions, My reply: Thank you I understand that. in this case add "love you dog, I'll be right back."

  7. It is sad that there are so mamy cases of bad cops in texas. Our federal government is corrupt and out of control but Texas can't even clean its own house.
    Do better!

  8. One moment please, as a Cop walks up on a driver of a vehicle and sees that the driver is wearing protective body armor and has pockets loaded with ammo clips and is armed, who the hell wouldn't lose their composure.
    This is why the US has lost its collective mind, I understand that the driver has a 2nd amendment right to go about his business dressed up as though WWIII is going to happen at any moment, but this kind of behavior has to make Cops twitchy, so they perceive everyone as a potential threat to their safety and that is why they become over aggressive with every encounter with the Public, they are frightened by the Politicians saying it's cool to walk around with deadly weapons, Cops between a Rock and a hard place, and Law abiding Citizens are paying the price.
    A Snake eating its own tail.

  9. I wonder if a "retaliatory ticket" would sit with a judge? Since when did we have to start "respecting" cops? I thought they had to earn that respect.

  10. RICO has been used against lawful hydroponic shop owners and is about to be used against President Trump. It means 100% legal activity is suddenly illegal.
    Long running cases are malicious prosecution.

  11. Nah. Screw that guy. We haven't just run into each other at a picnic. You pulled me over in your official capacity. Do your job. Don't expect me to kiss your butt.

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