A cop charged her with failure to obey—his body camera tells a different story

The indiscriminate use of arrest powers is one of the most destructive forms of overpolicing in a country accustomed to aggressive law enforcement. In this episode of the Police Accountability Report, we examine the questionable arrest of a Mississippi woman who was detained by an officer and later charged for reasons that appear to contradict what was caught on body camera—an analysis which reveals just how potent police powers are, and why the ability to arrest requires
more scrutiny.
Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!
Pre-Production: Stephen Janis
Studio/Post-Production: Stephen Janis, Adam Coley

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33 thoughts on “A cop charged her with failure to obey—his body camera tells a different story

  1. this cop wants to remove her freedom of speech. If she had been rich, I bet they don't mess with her also if the cop knew the law which in turn means he does not know his job !

  2. @stephen J. When giving the field report, try putting your left hand in your pocket. You wave it around a bit, distracting from the otherwise excellent points.

  3. Another good book to read is called" The Fixer" it's about (RUSSIAN LAW)a Russian Jew who is arrested in Russia for allegedly killing and draining the blood out of a 10 yr old boy.
    Note: the part where he is accused of draining the boys' blood is also a psychological motive to infuriate the public,similar to accusing a black man of raping a white woman in the States! Years ago,just for being in the vicinity!
    And he's put in a 10×10 cell with a tiny window,let out into a 10×10 grassy courtyard where he can't see anything but the brick wall.
    Then his "LAWYER " finally shows up after he waits for him for a year!
    I should mention his clothes are taken away and through the winter he suffers from the cold.The guard gives him bread and water as his meals!
    Here is the interesting part of Russian law,he's informed by his "LAWYER " that he's also the "PROSECUTING ATTORNEY"!!!!!
    HE'S HELD IN JAIL FIR 10 YEARS WAITING FOR HIS TRIAL,his lawyer comes and says there's no evidence, so they release him!
    He walks down the road only to see Russian soldiers, and one stops him and asks him for his release papers,which where not given to him,so he's sent back to jail for that,for another year,a crime caused by his jailers!
    (I met a man out in New Brunswick that chose 2 weeks jail rather then pay 250$ from his low paying job,but when I asked him if he had to have release papers ,he said yes,he was to carry them on him fir a month,just like Russia!)
    Now ,if you don't understand that being your lawyer ,you can not be the prosecuting attorney at the same time,this is called a " conflict of interest"!
    Since the prosecuters job is to convict you,his evidence is against you,but your lawyers job is to defend you, as much as possible with contrary evidence that proves your innocence.
    My country Canada 🇨🇦 paid and bought the Russian state system and paid Russia 1.1 million $ from information I read online back around 2005!
    Canada ,Is practicing Russian socialist law on its ppl!

    Also,the US practices this type of jailing,we here in Canada did not keep you on jail till your trial and or conviction for your offences,but now we do,and back in 05,it was said,Canada would use more American style law!
    Back in 2005 the Toronto star reported the Canadian constitution was destroyed in favor of the European constitution (club,as they call it in there 500 page constitution, read the last line,all that join our CLUB must comply with our wishes).
    A building inspector told me to remove a wood stove last November, or if I didn't,he'd bar me from living in my home and declare my home " unfit to occupy"! Over failure to obtain a building permit for a wood stove! And removing it at the start of winter,with no concern as to how I'd heat my home, it's the law,comply,even if you freeze to death! And the new prosecuting attorney warned me he was set to declare my home unfit to live in ,because I didn't get a building permit for a wood stove! Or remove it this spring
    Over a wood stove, an ontario building inspector, and he's being backed by the prosecuting attorney!
    The old boys socialist network and goosesteppers are back!
    Way too much power,our govts are screwing us!
    Also my mother was charged back i0

  4. 3:15 while it is not unreasonable for police to ask for ID, you are not required to provide ID unless you are the suspect of a crime. Imagine a world where you can't report a crime anonymously. In some parts of the country, you could get killed for not bein anonymous… and it's the LAW of the Constitution.

  5. Here's a tip to get cops to admit to lying. Act concerned about their mental health while they are under oath. Don't let them get away with claiming to be "just mistaken". Ask them if they normally suffer from these severe delusions like the one caught on video. Any other answer besides no question how many times their body cameras have shown such a different version of events that this is no longer shocking to you.

    When they say it's not severe point out exactly how wrong their version of events is and how it's very concerning someone with a badge and a gun can be suffering from such severe breaks from reality.

    Ask them what they would think if they came upon someone with a gun with such a lose grasp on reality. If that armed person was resorting to violence based on these delusions what they would do.

    Straight up ask them whether they were lying to make an arrest or just so delusional they really thought the defendant acted that way. There's no good answer to that. Either they're crazy or lying.

    Yes I know you say you were mistaken but you've also said this isn't the first time you have been caught in a delusional state on body cam. This is concerning behavior wouldn't you agree? I mean a cop on the streets armed with a gun just imagining crimes isn't exactly a comforting thought for the jury or the public right?

    We need to deal with these cops in a way that makes it seriously concerning to their superiors. Instead of being angry these cops lie go to their superiors concerned about public safety. No individual should do this only lawyers. Individuals doing it gives them time to think up excuses.

  6. Until these unethical sucklings living off the taxpayers' welfare while violating citizens and their rights are held accountable for their crimes against citizens both monetary with lawsuits coming from their pockets and prison time the maximum allowable things will never change. END QUALIFIED IMMUNITY

  7. Abolish qualified immunity. Make any crime done by a police officer punishable by death. That way if they break the law they know the consequences are gonna be much worse for them cause of their position of power. I know 4 things that would result from this.

    1. Malicious People with the intent to abuse power will more often avoid becoming police officers due to the risk.
    2. There will be alot less officers committing crimes and abusing the rights of the people.
    3. There will be an increase in false police abuse accusations causing an increase in the time it takes to investigate the validity of accusations.
    4. There will be more honest police officers as the majority of people applying would be people that want to do good, who know that the content of their character will prevent them from breaking the law.

  8. Sooo true with probation officers here as well I had my son constantly retaliated upon because I questioned her consistently.Mostly to clarify n understand but she didn't like me at all n told me so.yrrs done easy turned into 5yrs of stupid stipulations, nonsense,disrupting our whole familes foundation.Very abusive,manipulation,lies ..I was afraid even afterwards to do anything,with an underlined threat that family would suddenly start getting pulled over…just can't afford the bs .so We moved on,but it's disgusting!!!

  9. Baltimore has suffered for decades from the largest percentage of heroine addicts in the country. I remember Baltimore from the early 60’s when it was a decent blur collar city. I turned down a promotion in the early 90’s that would have required me to live in or near Baltimore for a job in the city center. No thanks.

  10. Surprised that they had body cameras. MS does not require dash cams in cruisers or body cams at all. Very few areas of the state have them and if they do they're not on. MS has no standard requiring anything. I'm shocked she even got the footage.. They don't like to come off that if it was recorded. Ms has a big issue with bad cops.

  11. 10 million arrests per year results in massive amounts of money being taken from those who can least afford it. This is nothing more than state sponsored human trafficking.

  12. They get protected by the law it's not fair that they're allowed to break rules and abused their power and use deadly force to back it up. Abusive Force within the police.

  13. REMEMBER, there is 900.000 cops in the u.s AND unfortunately there is TO MANY bad cops, the u.s must abolished the qualified immunity, that is a " i do what i want free card " make the cop have PERSONAL responsibility to what ever he do, then there will not be so many case's of police brutality

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