70 years after Iranian coup, the British still won’t confess to their crimes | Chris Hedges Report

On Aug. 19, 1953, 70 years ago this week, the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh—who had seized Iran’s vast oil fields from the British and put them under Iranian control—was removed from power in a coup organized and financed by the British and US governments. He was replaced by the dictatorial Shah, who immediately signed over 40% of Iran’s oil fields to US companies. The coup ushered in a long nightmare of repression, buttressed by Iran’s brutal secret police, SAVAK, trained and equipped by the CIA. The Shah not only crushed the democratic aspirations of Iranians, but enriched US oil companies and purchased billions of dollars of weapons from US weapons manufacturers. The dictatorship of the Shah fueled the virulent anti-American backlash that led to the 1979 Revolution and the establishment of a militant Islamic government. The Iran coup also became the template used by the CIA to overthrow other governments around the globe that challenged US hegemony and the exploitation by global corporations. While the CIA has acknowledged its role in the 1953 coup, to this day, the British government has not confessed to its imperialist crimes in Iran.

Joining ‘The Chris Hedges Report’ to discuss his documentary, ‘Coup 53,’ is Iranian filmmaker Taghi Amirani. Amirani’s film uses newly discovered archival material to expose how the CIA and British intelligence worked clandestinely to overthrow Mosaddegh.

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48 thoughts on “70 years after Iranian coup, the British still won’t confess to their crimes | Chris Hedges Report

  1. The lies we tell
    The truth we lie about
    The ever evolving human history it’s all a lie
    Youth it’s your future ?
    What will you do?
    Change of course needed

  2. The current Iranian regime uses the 70 year old coup as an excuse to continue with the suppression of their own people. All your video is doing is supporting the current brutal regime. Furthermore, Iran and Russia are now the closest of allies something that was predicted 70 years ago.

  3. Still no producer dare to distribute this film ! The so called « artist communauty » or Culture world is part of the Ma

  4. I lived in Tehran for 5 years Niavaran/Shemiran right through the revolution 1976 through to 1981 , pre revolution great years, post revolution up at Rasht on the Caspian sea great times , I too used to frequent Shah's family at the palace 3 doors along from where i lived

  5. The Shah was not perfect. He did however try to do things to improve Iran. He had programs attempting to modernize Iran. By the end of his reign he was a threat to the USA. So, the Carter administration overthrew the Shah.

  6. I watch many of your shows Chris but seldom comment (though always like). This was excellent. Born in 1953, I was vaguely aware that Iran had been pillaged by the West, hence the revolution that ushered in the Islamic state. But to hear such detail and learn, once again, how my government (UK) helped destroy other countries whilst claiming to be the 'mother of all parliaments', is enlightening. Thank you

  7. Yeah right, and the French still haven't apologised for setting fire to Britain in 1066. Get real. The Romans (Rome in Italy) haven't compensated us for enslaving us for 400 years beginning in AD 43. Furthermore, the Scandinavians haven't, despite their fantastic sovereign wealth fund, compensated for 300 years of Danegeld. Know your history you silly people. When they all compensate the UK, we can give some to you.

  8. Where was this guy when the last Shah was overthrown? He was sitting on a fence! Too cowardly to face down the mad mullahs who incited the ignorant and politically naive peasants.

  9. This is a business and all the president in us and Europe are businessmen they have promised there people to provide the the best for their countries and they do so. These businessmen are actors they act like a human but inside they are not a humane being remember the last act by Obama when he was reading a Iranian Poem and almost crying over NEDA the girl who was kilted by dictatorship in Tehran but a few weeks later he send millions of dollars to the dictator in Iran. Don’t try to convince me the human rights is exist for Iranian people. The smell of oil cover every ting

  10. What disgrace. When will this end, the demonic behavior of the CIA ??? JFK wanted to dismantle it, but they got to him first, by blowing his brains to the curb. It was not Oswald. He was a patsy. The world has suffered too much for too long in the hands of that diseased institution. How long will it take before it is exposed, openly and taken down as a criminal set-up ?

  11. Confession purifies conscience and soul. Let’s confess and relieve our conscience. Or otherwise, it’ll corrupt our minds and souls further more, and subsequently it lets us down and down again and again. It applies to the nation states too.

  12. The British r dirty colonial criminal they try to mess up Iran but the Iranian people and the honest spiritual leaders forcefully eject and kick them out of Iran and took full control of there God given blessed resources which is soo good and now Iran is a very strong and powerfull Islamic country and God blesses them allllll the way and no one can keep them down God is great

  13. Crime after crime which effected the destiny of whole nations and the future of generations, from iran to Guatemala to cuba to chile to argentina to palestine to the DRC that's what the british and American governments has done and still going on, the middling of national affairs is going on to this day by propping dictatorships and supporting military occupation and apartheid.

  14. USA & UK no surprise. Yet many countries still wanna be the US stooges, and only the leaders know why they do that, but the blinded nations just believe the lies the West fed them.

  15. The Turkish journalists have been claiming that some CIA officers have harmed Turkey in every possible way for decades.The last coup failed in 2016 and 251 civilians were killed by the fettullah terrorists . Fetulla Gülen terrorist organization is an intelligence service working with pkk,ypg backed by the states.This devilish man was said to be registered in the army in 1959 and start a gladio work first in Turkey and Kırgızistan,Kazakista etc.

  16. Thank you. Please put this film online so everyone can see this historical work you have done. Thanks Tagi for your brilliant work and all the writes.

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