23Pct NYPD Anti-Crime Officers / Fuck Your Rights If You Are Black Living In East Harlem / No Mask


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The NYPD Anti-Crime Unit are back violating motorists of color in East Harlem..If you are a young black person in a vehicle, then you are a target for the NYPD…also, officers are mandated to wear their required masks to protect citizens from contracting Covid-19, however, officers are violating that mandate when they are in contact with people without their masks on, like these officers in this video…Black lives don’t matter when it comes to the NYPD…It has already been established that the majority of officers on Active Duty has already been exposed to Covid-19, and now they are spreading it to unsuspecting citizens that they stop on a daily basis…WEAR YOUR MASKS NYPD…STOP SPREADING THIS VIRUS AROUND, YOU ARE THE 1ST RESPONDERS AND ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR YOUR MASK.. #nypd #copwatch #copwatchers #copwatchpatrolunit

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