2 Questions You Should Ask The Police?

By all means, people should communicate with the officers they are coming in contact with appropriately and without self-incrimination but the questions as explained by “Ethan Ostroff Law” on Tik Tok is unclear at best and straight incorrect at worst.
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48 thoughts on “2 Questions You Should Ask The Police?

  1. I like this Mike guy, however, many cops do not care about their oath to the constitution. Any form of gun control they enforce is Unconstitutional. They break their oath the moment they betray this directive. I hope you’re not one of these sir. Peace

  2. This is what the deal is
    Here's the thing
    In this day and age
    Not normal
    Weird behavior
    Not cooperating
    I'm just curious
    Hindering an investigation
    Private property
    You need to ID
    Do you have ID, with the ID hand gesture
    You're acting aggressive
    Do you need any help
    Do you need assistance
    Are you feeling alright
    You need permission
    OK listen
    Stop interrupting
    Right here
    Any reason why you're filming
    Failure to identify
    Crime in the area
    Local burglaries
    Why are you nervous
    All kinds of crazies
    We got a call
    You're being detained
    Tell me your name
    Tell me your address
    Tell me your SS number
    For my protection
    You matched the description
    I smell an odor of marijuana
    We can do this the easy or the hard way
    Follow commands
    You have to get out of the vehicle
    Open your window more
    Are you afraid
    Are you scared
    Stop resisting
    Stop tensing up
    Why wont you let me search you
    Is there any reason why you wont give me your ID
    You can make it easier for me
    It's our policy
    I'm going to run the plate anyways
    You don't answer questions?
    Let us ID you so you can be on your way
    Where are you coming from
    Where are you going
    Roll it down all the way
    I'm not asking you, I'm telling you
    Why are you starting this man?
    So what's the deal?
    Are you trying to be difficult?
    Why are you being do defensive and argumentative
    Do you know how fast you were going
    It's not a huge deal
    The deal is man
    You give us signs by not be cooperating
    You could be hiding something
    I'm not saying you are
    It's a little weird
    You have to do what I ask
    I just finished my tour (shift)
    Standing in the spot of tactical advantage
    By law you must ID
    You're impeding our investigation
    Just listen, let me talk
    I just want to know who you are
    I just want to get some info
    It appeared suspicious
    Why are you shaking so much
    Listen, don't make it any worse
    Are you lost
    Where do you live at?
    What's your name again
    I'm trying to determine if there is a crime
    You don't want to talk
    Is this your car
    Is this your current address
    Were just curious
    People try to push limits for no reason
    I didn't say you committed a crime
    Did you get your law degree on Facebook
    Your behavior was erratic, aggressive and confrontational
    We don't want to hurt you
    Where are you currently staying now
    Seeing if you're OK
    Leave or else
    Can you step over there
    Sir, could you do me one favor?
    Do you need anything from us?
    I'll explain why I stopped you after you give me your ID
    You're detained until we figure whats going on
    At the end of the day
    Times are a little weird right now, wouldn't you agree?
    If you want to play this game that's fine
    For my safety
    Am I able to get your name
    I have suspicious grounds to detain y'all
    Do you understand the climate right now?
    We can go one of two ways
    Are you lost?
    So what brought you here today?
    Do you know why I pulled you over?
    Are there any crimes you would like to preemptively confess to so that I can charge you with them and meet my quota?
    How did you get here
    I'm trying to find a good reason why you're here
    I'm just trying to help you out
    People do bad things
    I need to know I'm speaking with a real person
    How do I know you’re not wanted?
    We got a burglar alarm down the street
    I'm just trying to do my job
    Just wondering what you're up to
    The question is what are you doing out here?
    We got a call with your description
    It's a very sensitive time right now
    Under the circumstances , during the heightened awareness
    Well, when you walk around a police facility, obviously, it brings a little bit of extra attention to yourself, maybe you want that attention
    Now you're blocking the sidewalk
    The law requires you to identify yourself whenever we make contact
    Sir you're under investigative detention, can you just provide ID
    Investigating for suspicion
    Is there any reason you're wearing dark sunglasses
    I'm just asking, people sometimes try to not be identified
    I'm just asking you a simple question
    You're very defensive

  3. Keep asking "Am I being detained?" Insist they answer it. If they say "no". leave immediately if you wish. If you stay, question the cops and let them talk, but answer none of their questions. They may hang themselves. Most will say or do something stupid. Their egos can't help it.

  4. "Am I under arrest?" is not the question. "Am I being detained?" is.
    And only morons consent to searches of cars/homes.

    To all those sovereign citizens, stay off America's roads, sidewalks and easements. Sit in your little castle of a home until the auctioneer's hammer drops and you lose that for non-payment of taxes.

  5. I dont think it's fair to associate people who ask if they are "Free to Go" with Sovereign Citizens. Not everyone who knows or tries to understand their Constitutional Rights is a Sovereign Citizen. — You won't be a Cop forever, so I would hope you would support the Average Law-Abiding Citizen's expectations to not be treated like a Criminal during each interaction w/Law Enforcement.

  6. I got arrested for 'failure to obey lawful order by a police officer' in Austin Texas after an officer told me to 'dance like a chicken' then arrested me when i refused. is this a crime and how can i fight?

  7. Cop speak for “you really have no rights” it’s unfortunate that we have come to a place where temporary detention “for no longer than necessary” has become synonymous with we can hold you for as long as we want until you incriminate yourself. Keep your mouth shut, don’t “explain” anything. At least then if you are arrested your lawyer will have a chance of defending you.

  8. SO what he should have said is "am I being detained" and then am I free to go. Then the next question is "are you denying me my access to a lawyer because American policing, your department, and yourself have a history of racism?

  9. Be friendly, respectful & truthful. Turn your light on in the car at night, so the cop can see as he approaches the car. Keep your hands on the steering wheel. So the cops not worried. If you get a ticket for speeding & your speeding.. suck it up! Ya know there were many times over your driving life time, ya should have gotten one & didn't. Over the course of my lifetime I've been stopped several times and because I did the above things, I was just given a warning more times than not. Treat cops like people because they are.

  10. The ACTUAL way to ask this is: "am I being DETAINED, or am I free to go"… The officer will then say weather or not you are detained or not…

    Then you could ask: "what crime have I committed or am I under suspicion of committing"… Although, if you were pulled over for a traffic violation, it's pretty f***ing obvious… Most likely the officer will tell you why you are being detained…

    A cop will often times say: "you are not under arrest, you're just being detained until I/we figure out what's going on"…

    Now, if you ask a cop if you're being detained, and he/she says "no", then you're like, "then I'm free to go" and the cop says "no"… Then the cop is in the wrong… But If he say you're being detained… Then NO, your obviously not free to go… Plain and simple…

  11. Why can't people just obey the officers request. Things would go differently if you are polite and obedient. If not, you will get what you really don't want. And you deserve it!
    I am a retired trucker and had many meetings with many City, County, State, and Federal Police. I always left the scene unharmed or angry.
    Remember, if you need the police and call them, the officer you gave CRAP to, maybe the one to show up. He will remember.
    BTW, defunding the police will be bad for everyone. And All Lives Matter. God Bless

  12. Dont break the law and comply with an officer's command and you wont have these problems officers put up with enough bs from day to day dont be that person to make it worse for your both respect them because they dont do it for the money or fame the job comes from the heart.

  13. , Royal Oak Royal Oak very snowy, slushy night in february. i am in the far right lane and a police car catches up to me and is riding me into the curb. i slow down, he slows down…I speed up, he speeds up. I cannot imagine what his purpose is. so eventually he slides behind me and stops me. after the formalities he wants to search my big jeep. I say no, you have no reason. dude puts me in cuffs in 20 degree weather and calls canine unit which takes 45 minutes to arrive. meanwhile I am sitting in the back of his cruiser jammed in like a sardine while he shoots the shit with his bored midnight shift buddies. german shepherd does his job and finds nothing. no apology for forcing the situation nor wasting an hour I'll never get back. took me 3 days to get the kinks out of my back. how about not looking for trouble where none exists. worst part is that my disabled wife needed me and I couldn't get to her. it should be a little conspicuous when your entire sheet is from one jurisdiction that you don't live in.

  14. How about you don’t be a dick to a cop and it probably going to take you on to a better path? I got pulled over one day for speeding, guy asked me what was going on, I flat out told him I was having pretty bad day and after he ran my DL, he told me to try to take it easy and let me go… “thank you officer, I truly appreciate it” I was not a good kid in my 20’s so run ins with cops was the norm, I did learned that the truth and being nice is way better then being a dick….. so don’t be a dick hahahahahaha

  15. Correct.
    It's important to realize that the police officers have an extremely large advantage over the common… individual.
    To 'comply' can be perceived as
    'Working with' a policy officer or citizen on patrol for the sake of easing their mind even when it may be biased or fabricated to create the reason they act on their suspicions and interrupt your life.
    Most times it's easy to tell if the situation is going to escalate on behalf of the officer and just like dealing with a dog, composer and demeanor become everything on the side of the road.
    While these policy officers are just human beings only a distinguished by paperwork and an abundance of resources and coworkers, your life is in danger and could possibly change For Better or Worse depending on the situation that you are in in the circumstance that happens on the side of the road.
    Basically one must be able to play the game and have the credentials to play the game to navigate through it successfully and if it's something as simple as a traffic ticket, there are many ways where you could test the waters and find out what kind of Officer you're dealing with without causing problems for oneself….. and you could always dispute the ticket later.
    ….. but if you have a record of being violent or committing crimes we're not paying citations and tickets after trying to deal with them correctly, you're taking a Gamble and which many cases you're not going to win.
    so many people learn one or two things off the internet or by talking to others and throw around the term Severance Citizen and my 'rights' in a careless manner.
    I appreciate you alive rating on this for the …. ones with learning and experience deficits.

  16. What I have always found works best is show some respect. show some respect sign a ticket say thank you have a nice day and you're able to drive away and continue on, or be a dick get handcuffs stuck on you and end up at the precinct your choice, so show some respect use your head have a nice day, bye.

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