1998 mass shooter still used to justify life sentences for juveniles

Kip Kinkel was publicly reviled when, suffering from undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, he shot and killed his mother and father before killing two of his classmates and wounding 25 others in a mass shooting at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, in 1998. Kinkel pled guilty to murder and attempted murder and was sentenced to 111 years in jail without the possibility of parole. Since then, Kinkel’s case has been repeatedly weaponized to justify extreme punishment and sentencing for juveniles. After twenty years of silence, Kinkel finally spoke to journalist Jessica Schulberg in an exclusive interview published in HuffPost in June. In this episode of Rattling the Bars, Schulberg speaks to TRNN’s Eddie Conway about how Kinkel’s story fits into the fight against over-incarceration and juvenile life sentences.

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “1998 mass shooter still used to justify life sentences for juveniles

  1. Oregon has the worst access to proper & professional Mental Health treatment, while it is highly discriminated against, with prejudice & bias, by those same "professionals" within the system. Oregon is a JOKE when it comes to having learned anytbing from what happened in 1998 @ Thurston H.S. & any other rrlated mental health related tragedies or crimes, that could have & SHPULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED had people yaken 2 minutes out of their selfish & narcissistic lifestyles & daily schedule, to LISTEN & HEAR people who are hurting, struggling & desperate fro care, treatment, love, compassion, understanding & access to help.

    Any single kid growing up in the 1990s in Oregon could have been Kip Kinkle ; Especially Boys, and especially Boys eith undiagnosed mental illness that were not only alienated and putcast, the teachers, the schools, the system – was fully invested in alienating you further, with Boomer Psychological Philisphy, Ideology, Methods & tactics that were built upon totally flawed and fallacious socio/psycho constricts that were echoed fragments from a dead and bygone era in America, that not only fueled hatred and violence in youth during the 1980s & then hyper expandeded this further with the ever growing inverted counter culter, anarchy, and ant-authoritative perspective that controlled 1990s youth, BY DESIGN, that was manufactured, expaneded & intentional, just as much & in the same perpetual cycle that continues in 2022/22,

    NOTHING new is under the sun, & the State of Oregon is at the forefront of a catostrophic epidemic of mental illness being used to exploit those suffering, in exchange for faulty government resources & funding, that does NOTHING to serve the larger problem or communities & individuals who have no where to turn or go that is TRUSTWORTHY, PROFESSIONAL & I argue is WIDELY built upon fallacy & terribly constrictive "science" that STILL FORCES ITS WILL OF ENTRY BY BOXING IN A INDIVIDUAL other than meeting them where they are at, to truly begin proper trestment & offer them hope for a life of fulfillment & normalcy,

    I grew up here. I went MISDIAGNOSED & thus improperly trwated & medicated, only furtherung the damage, for 20 years. Then i was finally properly diagnosed, and there are ZERO CAPABLE & PROFESSIONAL services for trwatment here for me, yet I am then FORCED into having to use untraditional methods that are then looked down upon, dismissed & even wholly contridicted with bias and fallacy use their disposition and power to undercut the clients and patients in order to subdue them into a false sense of trust that serves to dostract and confuse the truth behind their subversion.

    The system is broken. Its knowingly broken. And no one is doing anything about it. Not only is it broken but Oregon is constantly in violation of Federal Mamdates, laws, policy and restrictions in the treatment of people with mental ilness and further subvert these people by then ignoring them wholly after they have securred a actual Federal Disability Insurance through Social Security – It is a literal lottery system and racket that is used for money laundering billions of tax dollars by exploiting both social security and the IRS as well as the people with disabilities themselves, whether it is B.S. Housing mandates, COLA, baseline requirements and puahing them out of every ability of qualification bybuaing their own shortcomings against them and their poverty level to hold them in captivity that becomes a perpetual scam and a crime against humanity that goes to the highest rank in Oregon government and social oversight both legally and ethically.

    #FuckOregonMentalHealth & #TheOregonGovernment

    We have no hope. no future and no ability to do anything about it. We are ostracized with prejudice & bias, we are discriminated against socially, economically & legally – and in reality WE HAVE ZERO RIGHTS. You can argue all you want that this is untrue , but tell me – what then do you do and whaere do you turn to when regardless of law and roghts they just simply REFUSE TO ACCOMODATE THIS AND GHOST YOU, ARE MIA and rrfuse to follow guidelines and policy in law?

    The entire burden is now a "he said she said" with a mentally ill person who is suffering and in a state of total survival, flight oflr fight and being actively gaslighted by the system – its thwir word Vs the uber clean & professionally sound "system",

    aka. you have ZERO POWER. YOU HAVE ZERO VOICE. YOU HAVE ZERO RIGHTS. YOU HAVE ZERO HOPE & ZERO ADVOCACY. All you have will be people who are all being paid, to bullshit you back into complacency, send you in a wild goose hunt, and do absolutely nothing to stand up for you & wal on the frontline hand in hand, thinking they are saving the world, doing their part & so compartmentalized & ignorant, they will come to a endgame where they will give up on you or will abandon your case due to their totally inefficent ability to not eagerly walk you into another failed position, due to their own naive incompetence & another glaring open wound of unprofessional inadequacies.

    We are headed for total, whole, & widespread epidemic of social collapse & destruction, the likes of which are unfathomable in the impact & weight of chaos & violence that will occur due to the systems on going failure & fallacious incompetence & their total trust & arrogance in that platform & foundation, that is going to turn America inside out, and into a dystopian setting that will be a nightmare of knashing teeth & horrific suffering, that COULD & SHOULD BE EASILY AVOIDABLE. Accept, we are run by sociopathic narcisits from top to bottom, that hate humanity & are incapable of love, kindness or empathy; Thus incapable of peace, stability, foundation or a healthy society in the "greatest country in the world" – which I argue is THE EXACT SAME LIE THE DEVIL USED TO FOOL MANKIND IN THE FIRST FALL IN ORIGINAL SIN – & REMAINS A MANTRA TODAY OF THE U.S. , whoch is the marker & agency of the truth behind the real intention & foundation of this Nation. It isnt "Liberty & Justice for All", it is "The illusion of Liberty & the Fallacy of Justice for All deemed worthless & without purpose by the elite".

  2. I have a big issue with this juvenile bills banning life imprisonment for them. Are they allowed to kill as many people as they can and still have a chance at parole? Suppose it is a mass shooter under 18. That is insane!

  3. Dear Mr Kinkle,
    You keep trying to play the victim despite the fact you took the lives four people and put 25 others in the hospital. I find that disgusting and very pathetic. But there’s also something that I find rather amusing. It’s that, the first two people who would probably be supporting you the most right now would be your mom and dad. They probably would’ve been the first to forgive. Sadly, they cannot considering the fact that you blew their heads off before you went on your little killing spree. Too bad, it really sucks to be you. 🖕😈🖕

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