Witchcraft, Anarchy and the Rise of LeftTube

A new generation of leftists are fighting the alt-right and influencing the progressive discourse one video essay at a time. We asked anarchist and libertarian socialist Angie Speaks about engaging with the isolation and loneliness produced by a society colonized by corporatism.

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29 thoughts on “Witchcraft, Anarchy and the Rise of LeftTube

  1. Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

    20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

    21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

  2. I tell you I am anarchist and I'm not communist just an anarchist the reason that I'm not communist is because communism when is build he's missing the part of the anarchism and the anarchism is very important because it's making individualism and for a higher man that's live in a higher society he must be himself so for that we need a anarchism only anarchism because we need to kill all Idol and leaders that live even the one that we want……

  3. Have you ever considered Malcolm X who called for his black people to form their own nation instead of trying to insert themselves into white society ? Malcolm X was a black man who believed in black nationalism . Why not try and run your own nation and form your own culture Free yourselves ….. and do something positive Like building a nation of your own in accordance to Malcolm X

  4. Angie speaks truth. Just engaged in a very lengthy discussion with someone over these same issues. Because I feel we can engage with economic populism, race, and sexism simultaneously in the context of politics, I'm automatically a "black" sectarian. Good luck with that. Black empowerment does not equal Black supremacy.

  5. What a shame, she is a good woman apart from this garbage about witchcraft! Newsflash …… the oligarchs and stars(!) of the world who keep everyone enslaved and distracted (they want to be worshipped as IDOLS) are Illuminati controllers or puppets . That’s witchcraft , a short step away from satanism. Read your bible or Koran etc. depending on your lineage/culture. That’s not to say the old church hierarchies aren’t corrupt in places e.g. the Vatican. But that was written about in Revelation. We are only a short time away from the Tribulation = Depression, WW3, plague (probably a flu epidemic), environmental disaster. 2/3rds of the world pop. Will die. A fake messiah will show up for a few years, then the real Messiah will return.

  6. Anarchism is totally misguided. Just think about the sort of individuals rising to the top now under capitalism, then think about how they might be dealt with in an anarchic structure. Anarchy is basically subsumed into the currently existing structure, so trying to reconstitute it is simply going backward to a place which will then bring you right into the present where, presumably, as Leftists, we don't want to be. Any political philosophy that discounts differences in innate behavior in the human population is pointless. What do you think some predator like Rick Scott would do under an anarchist regime?

  7. ((whom it may concern)) are you saying we should increase minimum wage? We should adjust for cost of living? Do you believe that will bring jobs back? More than half of the items most of us own, eat, use are produced outside of this country for far, far less than they could be produced here. The CORPORATION'S the shareholders, executive, board all look to increase PROFIT.
    Let us think you own a small businesses and are you wanting to grow this new business?? OF COURSE!! You worked hard and are willing to work harder still growing your business. Now 10 years later your business is successful and you take on a partner and have 200 employees. It cost you $4.00 in labor and materials to produce one umbrella.
    Now I live in a third world country with many starving children. We would like to make your umbrellas and can for $1.00 each free shipping with your brand name on them. Your business COULD profit greatly!! You could retire and live fabulously🤔. WHAT DO YOU DO???

  8. "you can't look at what a system calls itself. You have to look at how it behaves." So many more good quotes. I dont agree with everything this lady says (e.g. capitalism as opposed to neoliberalism which is often confused for the same thing), but hats off to her for giving us the privilege of such a deep and nuanced take. My suggestion is to keep religion/spirituality out of such a discussion since it is a deeply personal issue as opposed to economics. Also, best to limit the non-binary references to equal rights, not because its wrong necessarily, but because it has been used as a divisionary tactic. End of day most decent people even on the right will fight for non binary rights as long as its not pushed down their throat by interests that (over the decades) pushed historically fringe issues like abortion and gun rights to front and center for purely divisionary reasons. Fringe meaning most people agreed on abortion rights in the 70s till it became a *political issue.

  9. They are not able to address global warming because it's pole shift and they are too busy digging tunnels for themselves! But at lease, we know where all the money went! As far as the topic in question is concerned people don't know what socialism is they only know what they been told. Research is a bad word in America for the people and the major media. Posted 17 minutes ago and there are posts above me from a week ago.

  10. When people started using the internet in the early 90s, using things like iRC, the internet was very anarchic. People would decide which communities to join and there was little or no corporate influence. It was very nice.

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