Will Maryland Join Other States In Releasing Prisoners Due To COVID-19?

Gov. Larry Hogan has earned praise for his response to COVID-19. But Maryland leads the nation in jailing young Black men, and advocates say he’s failing to protect Maryland’s prison population.

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Update: After publication, TRNN received the following statement from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services:

The Department has been continuously collaborating around the clock with multiple agencies, including the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

The Department is committed to providing all facility correctional populations with updated information regarding precautions, prevention, and supportive therapy for the COVID-19 virus. This includes all of the prevention actions advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) regarding COVID-19.

Statewide, the Department utilizes privatized medical doctors and nurses who provide on-site care for the incarcerated population at infirmaries in each region.

The Department has robust emergency plans in place that include modified housing options in the event of an outbreak, all designed to protect the incarcerated population, staff and their families.

Total social distancing is impossible in a prison setting. However, by canceling visits, eliminating group programming and contact activities, and modifying movement the Department is working to keep infection from entering its facilities.

The Department remains vigilant, as conditions change the Department continues to work to ensure the safety of its facilities.

The Department has instituted enhanced hygiene and sanitation practices consistent with the recommendations of MDH and CDC.

The Department has been utilizing a front entrance protocol.

The Department is implementing temperature checks at the point of entry and questionnaires during shift change. These are handled by medical and trained personnel.

The Department is monitoring supplies daily, and has provided additional soap to inmates at no cost. Education about personal hygiene and enhanced cleaning efforts are being undertaken throughout the system.

To date, the Department has had no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among its inmate population. 

The Department is in the process of establishing—-likely by the end of the week— a 24-hour hotline which loved ones of inmates and detainees can call to have their questions answered.  Details of the hotline—-and the number itself— are not finalized at this time. Once operational, the hotline will be listed on the Department’s public website.

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20 thoughts on “Will Maryland Join Other States In Releasing Prisoners Due To COVID-19?

  1. Incarcerated juveniles should be released to clincal evidence-based community services providers and group care provided with ongoing distancing and testing. HUD should be involved.

  2. Great work guys!I It's just a shame that it took the governor's failure to be a topic on independent news channel. That his ass finally woke up and at least see what he can do for the prisoners. He needs a slap in the face more than anything..

  3. Asians and Americans have developed a cure for coronavirus which President Trump has been hyping for a week but nobody in the Corporate Media has discussed. Now a doctor has cured more than 350 people without either one death or one hospitalization . Watch Dr Vladmir Zelenko, MD, finds cure for Coronavirus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h9UXkDaI5A. He uses Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Please note that zinc is an anti-viral.

  4. how about a little levity??:
    The governor of Maryland looks like a racist Tom Skilling…(he's a comicly hapless meteorologist from Chicago that Nick Cage's Weatherman movie was very loosely based on

  5. They need to get them out to in order to test or treat them otherwise they could end up spreading it more & killing a lot of Prisoners.

  6. I live in The USA 🇺🇸. Many Black and Latino and Mexicans were not supposed to be Imprisoned in the first place. Many politicians and social workers and legal scholars say this, as well. There is much talk about this horrible fact, but talk is cheap and 🗣 little is done. The bias and hatred against these people are great.

    And these people are also misused for quotas and to make money 💰 for the prison complex and to weaken their status in their families and communities. And to forever stigmatize them. This is said by social and economic panels, but the business as usual often wrongful and hateful incarcerations continue.

    It has taken a deadly bio virus 🦠 to free these oppressed people from many prisons in the USA 🇺🇸.

    The prison in this story has the pride of Japan 🇯🇵 that tried to keep the pagan Olympics going, despite the pressure from world health experts. Japan finally folded this week.

    I am reminded of Pharaoh of Egypt of old. Who refused to let the people go. What will it take for this haughty and proud prison to release these human beings ????

  7. The police Judicial system. Is a criminal entity. That exploits $ time from the poor and disadvantage. When you. Have 100 people a day. Who are barley making it. Standing in front of a judge. That makes 6 figures. Something wrong.

  8. It may be too late to release prisoners. We are short on resources, like test kits. Prisoners will need to be tested before release. Should prisoners take priority over the general public? They don't merit special treatment. So I say, have them wait and let them take their chances, like the many Americans stuck living in quarantined apartment buildings.

  9. I give y'all permission to do what common sense dictates. Don't wait for this president to do anything for you or your loved ones. Get it thru your heads. We are all on our own. Take care of what needs to be done. We can take care of the backlash when it's all over.

  10. When or WHAT has the government EVER done to benifit the PEOPLE?
    These people have been caught with the evil weed and some drove without a license and now the government will release them? What will we do? Now people will be jaywalking while smoking the evil weed.

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