Why Even Debate?

Stir Crazy! Episode 92: Today we are joined by political commentator Marcus Ferrell, political consultant Adriel Hampton, and TRNN investigative reporter Stephen Janis. Hosted by Kim Brown.

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20 thoughts on “Why Even Debate?

  1. "Trump is some form of a demon" this lady is a poor old fool, enjoy your life on the Democrat plantation…. It so happens President Donald John Trump was one of the best presidents this country ever had. He did more for the black and brown in this country than any other person ever with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. Joe Biden is Friends of ku Klux Klan members, and so are many other Democrats. Democrats even elected a ku Klux Klan leader into their party. Democrats formed the ku Klux Klan. I'm sure this wonderful lady will never mention any of that.

  2. Yeah why debate, the Democrat party's best chance of winning an election is to hide. Debates are only good for honest people. An intelligent viewers. If you can't be either one of them avoid a debate like the plague.

  3. Schmuck? Because one refuses to take part in a choreographed event?

    Voting for the lesser of two horrible choices makes one, what? A voter?

    Voting for the lesser of two evils make voters themselves, evil.

    The foolish, the obnoxious, the contemptible or detestable persons voting just because, fulfills the definition of the word.🤦

  4. Biden won my house back last night. No way would we validate Trump's fasc-hateism, but Orangina was wrong when he said Biden lost the left. Thanks for being right on in this report.

  5. It's pointless voting. Both are luciferian zionists working for the antichrist state of Israel and their luciferian new world order that will enslave every man woman and child with their mark of the beast technology vaccines that will change your dna and connects your body and brain to the Internet and super global beast computer. Billions of people will lose their souls and burn in hell, unless they say no and stay faithful to Jesus Christ until death. Do not fear evil men that can kill your body, but fear God who can kill the body and your soul. There's only two sides. You are either with our creater Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, or you are with satan and his luciferian authoritarian bolchevik style communist brutal world dictatorship taking away your rights and freedom, forcing masks and social distancing and vaccine poisons and the mark of the beast covid nanotechnology "vaccines" and other technologies that will change your dna , turn you into a human 2.0 by merging computer technology with humans and make the world of one mind totally enslaved to satans antichrist new world order beast system. Life in the flesh is temporary, life is short, but our souls and spirit are eternal. It's your choice where you want to spend eternity, in the lake of fire being tormented forever, or everlasting life in the kingdom of God Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father in everlasting peace and paradise. Do not fear evil government or police, do not fear prison or death. Say no to satans new world order, say no to satanic ritual face masks, say no to social distancing, saying no to vaccines of any kind. Don't be deceived by Satan's fake pandemic. Virus aren't flying in the air killing people, it can only get you through the blood. That's why the evil wicked elites and government are pushing vaccines, because they want depopulation and enslavement. Wake up people. We are living in the end times. The antichrist false messiah that rules the world from Jerusalem will be revealed soon and will force everyone to pledge allegiance to him and worship him or be killed. Do not fear. Stay faithful to Jesus Christ until your last breath. Behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried, and ye shall have tribulation ten days, be thou faithful unto death, and I (Jesus Christ) will give thee a crown of life. He that tries to save his live will lose it, but he that loses his life for Jesus Christ will save it. Everlasting life with Jesus Christ. All Praise and glory to our LORD God and Savior Jesus Christ.

  6. @Arjun Nagarajan Have you heard how much he promised the Native People>? They have yet to see any money after over 3 months for the Investigation Task Force into the Kidnapped & Murdered Indigenous Native American Girls and Women>
    Have you heard of Hundreds of Thousands STILL WAITING FOR THE FIRST STIMULUS CHECKS> OR TURNED DOWN FOR UNEMPLOYMENT>???? Most of the money that was given to Trumps Stimulus Scheme Payments> Never Make It To Where They Are Intended> Look it up!

  7. NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (29 SEP 2020, Tuesday) 5 Minutes Read – updated at 0650HRS IST

    World: 33,542,559cases, Recovery 24,871,789 (74%); Active 7,664,680 (23%); 1,006,090death (3.00%)

    India: 6,143,019 cases, Recovery 5,098,573 (83%); Active 948,095 (15%); 96,351 deaths (1.57%)

    IPL: Royal Challengers Bengaluru keep calm as Kishan-Pollard storm, win Super Over vs Mumbai Indians

    Astrosat, India's first multi-wavelength astronomical observatory Completes 5 Years Of Mapping Stars, Galaxies In Space

    Rescuers Dig through Ahmedabad's Trash Dump For 12-Yr-Old "Rag Picker" buried for the past 2 days

    Protest against farm laws: Opposition steps up nationwide protest, Kerala MP to knock on Apex Court

    COVID: BJP leader Uma Bharti admitted to AIIMS in Rishikesh; Odisha deputy speaker, 11 MLA test +VE

    Global Covid-19 data analysis indicates every 250th person on the planet been infected by the virus

    400 staffers of Puri's Jagannath temple have tested +Ve for Covid-19; 9 succumbed to virus; 16 treated

    Top US Health Experts: New adviser Scott Atlas giving Trump misleading/incorrect info on coronavirus

    Covid-19: £10,000 fine for those do not self-isolate or breach quarantine regime comes into force in UK

    Pusa Decomposer: 4 capsules, Rs 20; help ready land for sowing of the next crop w/o stubble burning

    Defence ministry clears purchase of 72,000 assault rifles from US; approves arms purchase of 2,290Cr

    Def Min scraps offset clause in (Inter-Govt/Single Vendor) Rafale-like deals in aftermath of CAG report

    India, Denmark elevate ties to ‘green strategic partnership’, PM Modi calls for resilient supply chains

    Eye on China, India goes for Heron tech upgrade, missile-firing weaponised MQ-9B Sky Guardian drone

    Top Lashkar commander, involved in major attacks +1 terrorist, gunned down in Kashmir’s Samboora

    Make realistic budget estimates, ministries told over unused funds issue; 4.72Lakh Cr unspent in 2019

    Tata could soon take on Bezos & Ambani in epic E-Com fight; bringing in financial or strategic investors

    Microsoft ups the ante in 5G war, unveils new cloud platform for telecom operators; to use AI for Ops

    NHAI withdraws TOT-4 as it tests recent policy changes for monetising road assets; No reserve price

    Telcos: Spectrum available in 3300-3600 mid-band for 5G grossly inadequate; want 80MHz per telco

    Railways may charge Rs 10-Rs 35 user fees (AC higher prices) in fares for using redeveloped stations

    Death Count Rises In Armenia, Azerbaijan Clashes Despite Calls For calm; total military losses to 84

    No more ladies and gentlemen’: Japan Airlines embraces gender neutral greetings; would study more

    China holds simultaneous military drills in 4 seas, again; 2nd time in 2 months amid regional tensions

    Researchers have confirmed the presence of one large saltwater lake, which was discovered two years ago, and also found three more lakes hidden under the surface of Mars

    Spain’s top court rules to remove Catalan chief from office over banner that called for the release of imprisoned separatist leaders, was displayed on a public building ahead of 2019 general election

    UK to create 4-month stockpiles of protective equipment for health, social care workers

    US: New fires erupted in famed Napa-Sonoma wine region, in far Northern California’s Shasta County

    World Athletics paves way for inclusion of 'innovative' formats at Olympics, World Championships

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