Why Defunding the Police Hurts the Criminal Justice System

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Officer Ashley from Season 6 of 60 Days In discusses mental health and defunding the police. Listen to the full episode wherever podcasts are!
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28 thoughts on “Why Defunding the Police Hurts the Criminal Justice System

  1. Hey, Colombian here, over here people with the same inclinations pushed Your government to defub our police, since Colombia gets some founds for the drug war and other defense related purposes. But now, our anti riot squad and other wings are getting financially hurt. Soon our police officers will roam around on bikes with foam batons. You would not belive how bad it is since we are on constant riots since 2020 on every mayor city,daily no joke. I hope your system prevails, we are $&*Ed here

  2. I know 3 different people who have been committed, and every single one came out worse and less stable than when they went in.

    S3xual assault, r@pe, and stalking all occur at these places, and their underfunded facilities cannot afford to hire enough quality doctors and nurses.

    One of the people I know had to wait 4 extra days before being released only because the doctor didn't have time to see them yet. That's 4 extra days living in an insane asylum.

    Even if they're not put in jail, our mental health treatment in the country is TRASH.

    I'm not for universal health care, but if there was one group of people who deserved help, it's those who are physically and mentally disabled and afflicted.

    Edit: The way we have these 'psychiatric facilities' setup is not for rehabilitation not helping those afflicted with severe mental illness. They're currently set up to allow society to sedate and ignore those most in need.

  3. Please, go ahead and defund police. Their call volume will be cut by 2/3…no more responding to suicidal subjects, or mental health subjects, or people OD'ing on drugs, or verbal domestic, or suspicious subjects, or landlord dusputes, or unruly kids…. And plenty more

  4. This sounds like it's just part of a larger conversation, and I may be missing something. But it sounds like this officer from a small department is making very broad (and untrue) generalizations based on her very limited view of the world. The population of my metropolitan area is just under 2.5 million people, and we have some truly caring and professional mental health and drug treatment facilities. Sure there are some con artists out there, but in my nearly seven decades I haven't discovered a single calling that doesn't have a few crooks. Maybe Officer Ashley needs to do 60 days in as an employee of an urban treatment facility.

  5. We are always backing the blue and this is how they reward all of us by arresting everyone that’s backing the blue ya all cops gona find out what happens when Americans no longer back the blue

  6. Eric just made that BS up about getting texts to get out of the jail quickly. Give me a break. I'm sorry but your shifts, Eric, weren't non stop action 24/7. lol.

  7. I dont live in america in my country the cops are very chill but i do knpw about the riots and the defund the police movment and i just want yo say thay aint a good idea without cops crime will be very high espesialy when u are alpid to have an assult rifel in my country only small arms fire are aloud

  8. I've been in a methadone clinic for over 10 years and never ONCE DID THEY TRY TO GET ME OFF METHODONE OR HELP ME WITH MENTAL HEALTH!! Thank God ive never broke the law and been caught

  9. We have to redefine our lines on malum en se or what is criminal(with a victim) and what is mental illness. Then we need to come up with different treatments for each

  10. Bring back mental asylums and you won't have to worry about mentals being on the street or in jail. At least when we had em open, our society was running smoother.

  11. There should be no Defunding of the police and Mental patients need better help and I will tell u why. People fool theses counselors and psychologist I have seen it happen the patient has looked up symptoms of bipolar and fooled them thinking she is but the actual problems was street drugs and prescription drugs. Also drugs given to patients to get them off drug they shoot it up. So Defunding the police is Wrong

  12. I support law enforcement most of the time, but why don't y'all ever cover the bad cops? There's a lot of cops out there even within the US who enforce all sorts of unconstitutional laws, like red flag laws. Just look at Australia.

  13. Forget defunded in the ("badge wearing criminal's👮‍♂️👮‍♀️"), how about completely abolishing and government's completely… "FEDERAL", "STATE", "COUNTY" and CITY, get rid of every bit of it 100%❗Then we'll all know what true freedom's is here in/on earth-stupider❗Government's equal enslavement… ("NOT FREEDOM'S AT ALL FOLK'S")❗

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