Why companies say you’re ‘family’ while underpaying you

Karl Marx once observed that “equal rights” under the inequality of capitalism simply means the right of capitalists to exploit workers. Anyone who’s attempted to unionize their workplace has discovered the truth of this—as employers frequently stoop to unethical and dishonest measures to prevent workers from building collective power. Felix Allen, a Lowe’s union organizer based in New Orleans, speaks with The Real News about his experience organizing his workplace for fair pay.

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26 thoughts on “Why companies say you’re ‘family’ while underpaying you

  1. A System Is Corrupt When It's Strictly Profit📈Driven, Not Driven To Serve The Best Interests Of Its People, But Those Of Multinational Corporations Industrial. In ActualReality World, Executiver Are Always ExploitPlotting On Workers. You've No Idea Of All The Crimes People In Business Commiting EveryDay.
    Like It Was Nothing Is Happening. They SetUp A Special Rules For Themselves.
    ‘Corporate Ethics’ A Joke On You, SeeHear Stuff Like Enron & WorldCom is An Aberration? It’s Only A TipPoint. Business Is Like CultReligion Usually Practiced All Over The CorporatedWorld.

  2. good luck finding someone to ask questions at home depot. Every checkout is self checkout- making the customer do the unpaid labor of checkout while screwing somebody out of a job; except one non self checkout at the far end

  3. Youtube is cheeting. First they don't count all likes, socond the don't Shortfeed it. I am shure the subscribers don't get notified as well. Again, what is the reason of supressing the groth of my channel? What type of practice is that? I want to know the reasons.

  4. you realize you may be helping corporations reduce your hours, lower your pay and eliminate your jobs, right?

    keep going, you may get results but they won't be the results you expect or want.

    unintended consequences.

    now "the workers" didn't take the risks or efforts to create "the companies" that employ them. if "the workers" think they deserve more and are being exploited by "employers", no one forced them to take the job and stay there. "the workers" have the freedom to leave and find a better job.

    no one owes us a living; don't like the pay or the job, find another. if you can't find another job or better job that's on you. demanding more from "employers" is an entitlement mindset, you may see some results you want, but it will be temporary at best.

    It's entertaining to watch.

  5. I work for a woke company. I heard a manager in another team tell her team that she didn't want to hear anyone talking about pay or benefits. That's because people hired more recently are paid more than staff hired around 8-12 months ago. A staff member with 1 year or so do experience could be training a new starter on a certain aspect of the job & be paid quite abit less. It caused some trouble when it came out.
    The company couldn't keep enough their new starters as the pay was so low & had to up the salary to attract the newer employees.
    Here the company talk though, its happy clapping woke mantra all the way 🙄

  6. The history of Unions, their great impact upon labor law for Union workers AND non-Union workers is both extensive and highly impactful upon the very creation of the middle class.

    The fact that this history is so greatly ignored, downplayed and even denied speaks volumes about the corporate agenda and their stronghold over every facet of modern society.

    Its not a coincidence that corporate control, reduced standards of living and the decimation of the middle class tend to go hand in hand with reduced Union membership and the open and general vilification of Unions.

    Having said that …….
    Unions do have their own issues, but these issues often revolve around the human personality flaws of greed and thirst of power and how these flaws commonly manifest with the formations of cults of personality.

    Unions work best with many checks and balances in place combined with an informed, active and involved membership.

  7. Just move on. Stop specificity in being an instigator of trouble for you and this around you. YOU just fit this guy fired.
    Your not Forbes to to work there. If you don't like it, leaned and find a better place to use your talents. I think you're into being a control freak

  8. It's part of the BRAINWASHING and TRAUMA BONDING they all do‼️‼️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💢💢💢😓

  9. July 12 one day internet strike

    Call to cut off traffic to major commercial companies like Google (and affiliates), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all MSM sites and all other major for profit sites.

    Tune in, turn off and log out.

  10. Unions aren’t the best solution for workers. Unions have the right to collective bargaining and to strike BUT corporations remain in control as decision makers. The best solution for workers (and ultimately a company’s success) is cooperative ownership.

  11. If it wasn't for Unions there wouldn't be 40 hour work weeks, safety standards in the workplace, child labor law's, fare wages, workman's compensation, Unions today have been politicized and are mostly corrupted for personal greed which has run rampant in this country, that is why independent Unionization is the only choice today, workers are asking for a livable wage and benefits for helping to produce Billions in profits for these companies, loyalty and productivity will never exist therefore causing decreased profits!! It would be cheaper and wiser to just pay a livable wage, it is a fact that a happy employee is a productive employee and less prone to Steal !! Employees due have the right to quit in large numbers and let the company owners and board members work the hundreds of stores and warehouses THEMSELVES !!

  12. Corporate standard tactics: Lower managers pat you on the back and make promises, then middle managers deliver the "no way" message from upper managers, which instantly changes that promise into a lie.

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