When to Step In And Help The Cops

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Deputy Anthony Zimmerer came across a crazed Frank Padilla Velez (aka Florida Man it seems) and two good dudes stepped in to make sure the situation ended with the right guy winning.

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39 thoughts on “When to Step In And Help The Cops

  1. As a former LEO myself, I will never assist an officer in the apprehension of a suspect again. As a civilian, you are not protected against lawsuits for intervening, and in this day and age, those lawsuits will come. I assisted an officer on the side of the road in getting a suspect in custody and the suspect ended up suing me over a supposed injury to his shoulder that occurred during the almost 5 minute long physical struggle to get him restrained. An officer is protected against those lawsuits, but a civilian has no protection at all and I had to spend quite a bit of my savings in attorneys fees to fight that frivolous suit.

    So, from that experience, as I said, I will never again help an officer in need unless they change the laws and protect civilians from liability as officers are protected.

  2. Here in Texas:

    Art. 2.14. May Summon Aid.[55]

    Whenever a peace officer meets with resistance in discharging any duty imposed upon him by law, he shall summon a sufficient number of citizens of his county to overcome the resistance; and all persons summoned are bound to obey.

    Art. 2.15. Person Refusing to Aid. The peace officer who has summoned any person to assist him in performing any duty shall report such person, if he refuse to obey, to the proper district or county attorney, in order that he may be prosecuted for the offense.

  3. Much respect to the citizens who stepped up and helped the officer and don't just stand there with their cell. phones, recording like happens far too often these days❤

  4. My BF was walking downtown and happened to see a cop in the middle of an arrest. The suspect was attempiting to resist and the cop managed to get the suspect on the ground but couldn't reach his cuffs because it took both hands to hold the guy down.
    My BF asked the cop if he needed help and the cop said, "can you get my cuffs for me". My BF got the cuffs out of his belt and the cop then asked him to cuff the guy too, so the suspect couldn't escape.
    Back up arrived, and after the suspect was in custody the cop thanked my BF.
    They became friends and still hang out to this day.

  5. Not too long ago a female Deputy was talking to a guy. He was getting excited and squaring off. I was behind him. She noticed me … made eye contact and I just gave her a nod. She knew right away I had her back. He eventually looked over his shoulder and saw me and I guess he understood his situation and calmed down a bit. Two more Deputies showed up. She gave me a nod and I left. I'm 65 years old, barley 5'8", but, him knowing she wasn't alone was enough I guess. Just a note. NEVER walk into a situation or approach a cop without letting them know you're there and there to help. They have no clue who's on their side.

  6. I helped a police officer today get a snapping turtle out of the road. He was worried that his finger would get bit off and here I am this 30 year old girl go and pick up this snapping turtle by the back of its shell and move it to the otherside. He was very grateful! I did ask him if he needed help first hahaha.

  7. Just a week ago I was driving and all the sudden traffic slowed down and a guy was running from the cops right in front of me in the middle of the road. I saw he was not brandishing a weapon so I decided it was not a good idea to run the guy over.

  8. Don’t get me wrong if an officer needed help I’m disabled and I would help I would do whatever I had to do to help the officer but I’m just asking does that not open you up as a citizen to liability if something happens during the incident

  9. But doesn’t that open you up to liability if you hurt the person when you’re helping the officer doesn’t that open you up to liability if the guy sues

  10. I tried to help this lady cop, she was 5' 5" and maybe 130 pounds. She was trying to arrest someone 3x her size. I offered help and she yelled at me for interfering with her investigation. I left after that.

  11. Disgusting that the new thing is to keep crying that someone is gonna kill you. Arrests aren't supposed to be fluffy nice pillow-laden conversations. You've committed a crime and you've given up your rights. Screw this guy and this mentality.

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